Colt Announces Jobs and Expansion of Operations

An official announcement from the Connecticut Governor’s office has confirmed that Colt’s Manufacturing Company, the current, official name of the company we all call “Colt”, is purchasing its own headquarters and manufacturing facility in West Hartford Connecticut. Also in the press release from Governor Dannel Malloy was promised retention of Colt’s current 600-employee workforce and the addition of 100 more jobs at the location.

The official press release comes after Colt’s emergence from Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization last year and right on the heels of the news that Colt had cut its workforce earlier this month, leading this blogger to suspect that the cuts were part of a larger reorganization of the company staffing.

The announcement from the Governor claims that Colt is now embarking on a $23 million “growth project” which includes the $13 million manufacturing facility and land that Colt has been housed in since moving out of the historic Colt Armory in 1994. The expansion project will be funded partially by a Department of Economic and Community Development loan and, if I am reading between the lines correctly, a substantial amount of public money from the taxpayers of Connecticut.

You can read the entire press release from the Office of Governor Dannel P. Malloy here

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  • Sulaco5

    I think I need a neck brace…

  • BattleshipGrey

    “If you hate job security, competent administrators and the civilian firearms market as much as we do, apply today!”

    • Twilight sparkle

      Better than my current job…

  • uncle fester

    1) Has anyone seen one of the new Colt Cobras? My LGS hasn’t seen one and I haven’t found one online.

    2) Occasionally, I drive past the Colt Plant in West Hartford as I go about my business (Home Depot is basically next door). To my surprise, their employee parking lot seems to have more cars in it.

    3) Gov Malloy is a moron of the first order. If he made the loan, it is a bad deal for CT and a great deal for Colt.

    • MrBrassporkchop

      Yeah I’ve been keeping an eye out for those Cobras too, haven’t seen any.

      • David B

        I got to see and handle one at an outdoor show. Finish was was done but not fancy or flashy like some of the old snakes. The trigger was light and crisp single action, a little long but smooth and not to heavy double action. It locked up tight and it felt good in my hand. I don’t know what they’re selling for but it seemed a good little revolver I’d buy.

  • Johnsmyname

    I live in CT and am in the manufacturing industry. Colt has a very bad reputation for not paying their vendors and having terrible manufacturing processes as far efficiency is concerned. It also seems that every year or 2 they fire half the company only to fill those positions back up again 2 months later. Their bankruptcy filings are nearly as frequent too. It’s absolutely amazing to me that even the name “Colt” has floated them this long, cause that’s about 90% of the wind in their sales anymore. Damn shame.

    • Gary Kirk

      Does CT have that stupid can’t pull the plug on life support law or something?.. Cause sometimes it is best for all to just let them go in peace and dignity..

  • RSG

    Throwing good money after bad.

    • Tim

      They’re hiring ‘refugees’, like Starsucks.

      • iksnilol

        Let’s just ignore that Starbucks also has preferential hiring for veterans. Because “muh, rapeugees”.

        • baserock love

          I heard there’s a brown person working at Colt now. BOYCOTT NOW!11

        • Don Ward

          You mean like at every American company?

  • datimes

    If Colt is going to move they need to get out of CT. That will make the residents of the state so much safer!

  • A.WChuck

    “Opertions”? Please, please hire an editor.

  • A.WChuck

    Malloy is a two-faced POS. First he decries MSRs as horrible killing machines, next he lauds the fact that he bribed Colt to stay in CT. Does he not know what Colt manufactures? So glad I moved.

    • neckbone

      Exactly. Must be giving colt a bunch of tax incentives to stay.

  • Gary Kirk

    They hire all the people that Remington just laid off? That’d be great for quality control..

  • Mmmtacos

    Anti-gun state bails out gun manufacturer?

    Just let Colt die a peaceful death already.

    • Sean

      Or put someone competent in charge

      • Stuki Moi

        In order to demonstrate competence, the first order of business is to leave The Hedge Fund State……….

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    Its ok Gov Malloy can approve a loan for Colt without sacrificing his anti gun “morals” since Colt doesnt actually contribute to the firearms industry.

    • baserock love

      Strange considering I got a great ar15 from them sitting right next to me.

      • Stuki Moi

        Doesn’t vs Didn’t….

        Colt has contributed more to firearms than virtually anyone. But today, as a firearms manufacturer, you want to be in a place where firearms enthusiasts actually want to live. And can afford to live. As more and more of the experienced workforce that made New England a viable place to build guns retire, staying there doesn’t add up anymore from a pure manufacturing POV.

        So, CT does the only thing CT knows how to do: Financial trickery, bribes with other people’s money, and no doubt “promises” of putting in a good word to similarly detached from reality procurement officials with influence over agency buys.

        • baserock love

          You’re not making any compelling case whatsoever for why colt isn’t contributing to the firearms industry.

          They make some excellent guns at a good price and they sell them on the retail market. they are literally contributing to the firearms industry.

          Also firearms enthusiasts live in all 50 states, even want to live. Not everybody is a narrow minded single issue obsessive. I was just as much of a firearms enthusiast in california where i lived my whole life as i am now in texas. I just have access to some more fun stuff.

  • Threethreeight

    CT taxpayers bet on the wrong horse.

  • Malthrak

    Why didnt they tie the loan to throwing anyone and everyone in a managerial or executive role out of the company? They’ve been the ones squeezing everything out they can and leaving the rest to rot while refusing to respond to market demands in an insane example of vulture capitalism, yet they keep giving them money to do it over and over.

  • Ambassador Vader

    Apply today before the next bankruptcy!

  • baserock love

    Don’t really get all the hate for colt. I bought my 6920 as my first ar15 because everywhere i looked it seemed to be the reference standard for an ar15. Sure enough it shoots circles around all the other mid tier brands everybody around me has.

    I Wish colt and it’s employees good fortunes in making the company more like what it used to be. They still make a great product.

    • .45

      I find it interesting over at the Primary and Secondary website they basically consider the 6920 to be the bottom of the barrel as far as quality ARs go. Nothing below the 6920 is trustworthy to them. As Primary and Secondary appear to be real doorkickers, I consider their opinion to be a point in Colt’s favor.

      • baserock love

        People seem to consider it the baseline very nice ar15. Just built like a tank to a very high standard with nothing added. That’s pretty much what i wanted. At least that’s what I though, I got an mbt2s trigger, now i’m looking at a free float forend. I swear that’s all i’m going to do to her!