Kershaw Reverb: Lightweight Outdoor Knife

Kershaw Reverb

Designed for hikers, campers and other outdoors folks, the Reverb is a new folding knife being sold by KAI USA Ltd under its Kershaw brand.

The knife is lightweight and low profile with an integral carabiner type clip. In theory, this makes the knife easy to attach to your gear and carry without any excessive weight or significant concern about it catching on things while walking.

Even though it does not have a thumb stud, the knife can still be opened with only one hand. Kershaw accomplished this by having a large machined recess on the blade that provides adequate surface area for a thumb to push the blade open.

Kershaw Reverb

The 2.5″ blade has a modified drop point with a plain edge. It is made of 8Cr13MoV steel with a gray PVD coating. The blade is held open by a liner lock. The handle is made of G10 laminate with a carbon fiber overlay.

These knives are available now and have a suggested retail price of $34.99. While that price may be fair, I have found them online for about $10 cheaper.

I’ve had good luck with Kershaw knives in the past. While not as fancy as some of the folders I have in my collection, I have always found the Kershaw blades to be good EDC/work knives that put up with more abuse that I really should ever give to a knife. For the buck, I think they tend to be a very good value.

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  • QuadGMoto

    How many ounces long is it when open?

    • ostiariusalpha

      I dunno’, how many ounces long do you think is should be?

    • Edeco

      This lightweight knife weighs only 5 ounces when opened and 3.5 ounces when closed.

      • valorius


  • David G

    Which province of China is it manufactured in?

    • codfilet


      • Scott Tuttle

        in the Heishittzunot province

  • DanGoodShot

    I picked up a Kershaw 3″ folder with a 1/4 inch drive and 4 bits that all folds into the handle for $12 at Walmart 7 years ago. I still carry that thing with me everyday. I bought a spare one off of Amazon for $15 2 years ago to replace some parts. Personally I think Kershaw does a good job of givin’ a good bang for your buck.

  • imachinegunstuff

    I got this exact knife with Buck on the blade from Shot Show

  • ostiariusalpha

    Hmm, that seems reasonable. I’ll be looking for an assisted opening model, hopefully they can get the unlock time down to a couple milliliters.

  • thedarkknightreturns

    I’d call that more of a reverse tanto blade.

    • User

      no it isnt

      • Scott Tuttle

        looks like it to me?

    • Goody

      Reverse Tanto is just idiot talk for Sheepsfoot. This is just a drop point, which like all knives today takes bizarre design cues from stealth aircraft.

  • Henry Reed

    Just bought a Kershaw Hops. Love it to death.