Fabryka Broni Releases MSBS Polymer Magazines

Fabryka Broni MSBS

Credit: Milmag

As an update to Miles V’s post from last September, Polish arms manufacturer Fabryka Broni has recently debuted their previously announced polymer magazines for the MSBS rifle. Originally reported on the MilMag Facebook page, the new mags appear to come in both black and semi transparent versions and have the ability to run in other AR-patterned rifles.

Credit: Milmag

Credit: Milmag

Fabryka Broni MSBS polymer magazines – Milmag on Facebook

New Polish 30 round magazines from Fabryka Broni. The magazines are designed for MSBS-5,56 assault rifle system, but they also fits in any AR-15 type magazine well. The Fabryka Broni offers two types of polymer variant to Polish military: green semi-transparent (like Beryl magazines) and black.

MilMag Fabryka Broni “Łucznik” Radom #magazynki #MSBS556

The new magazines also function in the Mod. 96 Beryl AK-type rifle with a magwell adapter:

Credit: Milmag

Credit: Milmag

Credit: Milmag

New Fabryka Broni 30 round magazines checked for AR-15 (NEA15) and Beryl with adapter magazine wells. Everything works just fine.

MilMag Fabryka Broni “Łucznik” Radom #magazine #30round

Mod. 96 Beryl Assault Rifle

The 5.56 mm Mod. 96 Beryl Assault Rifle is an individual selective fire automatic weapon for infantry, airborne and other troops. It is a reliable, accurate, enduring and robustly built rifle, resistant to the environmental challenges.

Sights are open, U-notch type, fitted with integrated tritium-lit night sights, enabling accurate fire both during the day and after dark. For enhanced handling a new, ergonomic pistol grip and optional front grip (fixed to the handguard or detachable using the integrated RIS interface) were fitted.

Beryl has a rifle grenade capability with bullet-trap grenades, enabling live rounds to be used for launching. The stock is rigid, telescoping with optional side-folding stock available. The upper and lower handguard integrated Picatinny rails (MIL-STD-1913 compatible) enable mounting of the different optoelectronic sights.


The MSBS – 5.56 is modular assault rifle system currently under development by the Fabryka Broni „Łucznik” – Radom. It is a state of the weapon platform with unique features.

The MSBS-5.56 is fully designed and manufactured in Poland. The modular firearms system with quick-change barrel is based on a common upper receiver for a conventional (with folding, telescopic stock) or bullpup design.

Thanks to variety of modules the conventional and bullpup design variants can be easily transformed into:

Assault rifle
Assault rifle with underbarrel grenade launcher
Carbine with underbarrel grenade launcher
Designated marksman rifle
Light support weapon

The modular design also allows for adding further configurations in the future. A quick mission-tailored weapon down at the individual end-user level. Highly ergonomic and fully ambidextrous. The MSBS-5.56 assault rifle is fed by a 5.56 mm x 45 NATO intermediate cartridge, but a MSBS-7.62 battle rifle for 7.62 mm x 51 NATO rifle cartridge is also under development.

Past TFB articles on the MSBS and Fabryka Broni


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