Thanks to you friend at North Sylva for sharing these pictures. This is a Norinco M1A chambered in 7.62×39. It was imported into Canada where Dickson lives. This seems like a great idea. I would love to get these in the US. Sadly we can’t.

Here are some more photos.


  • Rimfire

    I’d say we fix that issue here so we can get these. I like it!

    • Lemdarel

      Good luck with that. Too much trade protectionism to repeal 922(r).

      • KestrelBike

        I got 99 problems but giving a f about 922 ain’t one of them! Fight tha power!

      • Twilight sparkle

        922(r) isn’t really the problem here.

      • Maxpwr

        George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are the problem here before 922r with their 1989 and 1997 “Assault Weapon” Import Bans on top of bans on rifled weapons from Red China. Trump could do away with them, but he probably won’t.

        • Lemdarel

          My mistake, I thought your lack of Chinese guns was due to 922(r) and not a separate issue.

          • Andrew Miller

            Some Chinese guns get in the country, but Norinco is specifically named.
            Lot of those lever action and 1897 pump shotgun reproductions are made in China, for example.

            But not by “Norinco”.

            Possibly by a “subsidiary” but not blatantly.

          • No one

            Shotguns have a special exemption from the law, the ATF themselves will even write it on any import documents of theirs if you take a look at them.

        • Danielboy

          Eh, I say keep Norinco banned. Its not been long enough in my opinion, since you know that who smuggling thing in the mid 90’s. I think a thirty year ban would be long enough. So how would new Norincos in 2026 sound?

  • Eric S

    All of my want.

    • Ebby123


    • me

      Would give my left nut for one of these

      • Felix

        Testicles go for about 35k I hear so you’d be covered for the gun and painkillers

  • billyoblivion

    We have that here.

    It’s called a Ruger Mini-30. Well, except for using the AK mags.

    • iksnilol

      Kinda the whole point is using AK mags.

      • DW

        Meh, VZ58 uses its own mag and wouldn’t have it any other way.
        However there’s no excuse for Ruger not to make 30round X39 mag for the Mini30

        • No one

          Hontestly there’s no excuse for the Mini 14/30 to even exist at this point as it’s a terrible rifle.

          Just spend the same amount of money on an SKS or a good AK or possibly a Vz58 and be done with it if you really want a reasonably priced 7.62x39mm semi auto.

          • J.T.

            Ya. The mini was great back during the AWB when they were $500-600 and any decent AR was over $1000, but now those prices have nearly swapped.

          • ChiptheBarber

            I found a like-new stainless/polymer Mini-30 for 5 bills at a gun show (from an individual) about 4-5 months ago. It eats anything I put in it. I’m not going to win any competitions with it, which has as much to do with me as the gun. But it’s more accurate using this garbage-steel-cased crap that we’re forced to buy now than my old AK Legend was, using decent ammo. It’s light, handy, points well, and “accurate enough”. I’m old now, I’m thinking an old carbine concept is just what I need.

          • StL John

            VZ58 is an excellent weapon, although no longer in the SKS/AK price range. AK ban in Canada has driven up demand for VZ’s, doubling their price over last few years. As noted, mags and other accessories are not interchangeable with their S-Bloc cousins, also hiking prices. Zahal/Fab Defense offer good mil spec products.

      • Zebra Dun

        I don’t see a need for a 30 rd banana magazine on an M-1A1.
        That’s what a Magazine release and stripper clip guide are for.

        • iksnilol

          Yeah, nobody is taking those away.

  • Vhyrus

    We would have won vietnam if we had these.

    • CommonSense23

      Please be sarcasm.

      • Vhyrus

        Sarcasm? Me? NOOOOOOOOOO

    • Zebra Dun

      No democrats would still have existed.

    • Wow!

      Technically we did win Vietnam. The goal of Vietnam was to hold the french owned presence in order to prevent the spread of communism. We actually eradicated so much of the north vietnamese presence that foreign mercenaries and forces had to be brought in to keep the US back. This goal was fulfilled and then we left, which let the country fall.

      We had a similar situation in iraq. The problem isn’t that we have trouble winning wars, but that we have politicians that don’t know what to do with victory. Weapon selection and tactics aren’t are problem, it is endgame strategy, and PC is suppressing a winning mindset in Washington and Langley.

  • Twilight sparkle

    Never had much desire for a ruger mini 30 but this thing is cool

  • Moonman45

    I was going to ask why we dont make these stateside, but lets face it would you pay 1300-1400 bucks for a M1A springfield with ak ballistics?

    • Friend of Tibet

      Less than 600 USD in Canada here.

      • Moonman45

        nice reading comprehension buddy.

        • iksnilol

          Not our fault you’re stupid/desperate enough to buy an actual Springfield.

          • Moonman45

            nice reading comprehension buddy, where did it say I was gonna buy a m1a? lol what a sad cuck

          • iksnilol

            Better than being a pinko commie liberal like you.

          • Moonman45

            oh god youre just trolling. you had my blood pressure up

            lol yep im a commie lets take you to gulag

        • Ben

          He’s not your buddy, guy.

    • SP mclaughlin

      It’s a Norinco, so it should be cheaper than an M1A.

      • Andrew Miller

        But it’s also not available in the States because reasons.

    • Emfourty Gasmask

      Mini-30? c.C

      • Andrew Miller

        I heard the newer ones made since Bill kicked the bucket are better, but still, it’s a solution looking for a problem.

        • Emfourty Gasmask

          Bill Ruger kicking the bucket was the best thing that ever happened to Ruger, tbh.

          • Andrew Miller

            I can only “upvote” that comment once.

    • Paul White

      I won’t pay that for an actual M14.

    • No one

      Why would anyone pay money for a Spingfield M1A period? better question.

      • Andrew Miller


    • Georgiaboy61


    • Arnold Ziffel

      It’s $725.00 Canadian. The true M-14 clone $649.00 Canadian. You can’t get post-ban Chi-com clones in the U.S. because of corporate control of our government. The people want them but the gun manufacturers here don’t.

  • abecido

    I’d rather have the Type 81s that are available in Canada.

  • FT_Ward

    Who was the importer?

  • iksnilol

    SOmebody, please shorten it to 26 cm barrel.

  • TDog

    Ooohh… me want… so purty!

  • UWOTM8
  • MrBrassporkchop

    This is like a tofu hot dog.

  • Vitsaus

    No stripper clip guide? Pass.

  • insertjjs

    That looks like 1 expensive sks

    • Peter Nissen

      My thoughts exactly – a SKS runs reliable enough without the added weight of being a M1A copy??? Or is Norinco saying there’s a “”local”” market just waiting to shoot a M1A but – gosh! – can’t cause America wont sell them Springfield’s!!! – note the tongue in cheek humor,

      • Andrew Miller

        It’s a “loophole” gun.
        Can’t have AK’s up in Canada, but other rifles using the same magazines are legal apparently.

  • Blake

    If you don’t want a mini-30 for whatever reason, get a PTR-32. It’s a US-made H&K G3 in 7.62×39 that takes AK mags.

    • iksnilol

      It’s also hella heavy and sorta defeats the point. Might as well go with the 308 then.

      • DW

        So is the M14 in X39. Moral of story? VZ58 masterrace.

        • iksnilol

          Something like that, but the VZ don’t accept AK mags.

          • DW

            Nope, they don’t. However AK mags don’t lock the bolt open (the ones that do is a ***** to remove from the gun), so that’s not really a con

          • iksnilol

            It is when I have AK mags but not VZ mags. BHO followers I’ve no issues with.

          • mazkact

            or glock mags sadly 😉

      • Blake

        Very true that it’s a lot heavier than a Mini-30 (which is why our Mini-30 is our primary deer rifle), but it weighs less than a pound more than the M1A featured in the article…

        • iksnilol

          Yeah, but you can enjoy rollerlocked 308 for the same weight.

          • Robert

            But 7.62×39 is far less expensive to purchase than 7.62×51. I don’t think it is about choosing the cooler option, but the more cost-effective one.

      • Stan Darsh

        Exactly. I understand the savings gained by using the PTR91 as the base, but I really wish they had invested in the HK33 flats, tooling, etc. Then they could be selling a 3.62kg HK93 clone in your choice of 5.56 or 7.62×39.

    • Doom

      A match barrel for my bottom of the barrel ammo Ill be spraying out of it. lel. Sure as hell wont be buying any US made 7.62×39, the prices are insane.

      • Blake

        If you’re just looking for brass cases, then Prvi Partizan & Fiocchi are quite good & pretty cheap. Hornady Steel Match is a little more but it’s really match-grade & uses an SST hunting bullet.

        I haven’t seen a PTR-32 shot for groups from a bench, but if you have the occasion try shooting some cheap Russian ammo (preferably the “better” stuff like Tula HP or Vympel/Golden Tiger) out of a CZ-527 carbine sometime, you’ll be surprised at the results.

        • Doom

          Tula HP as in hollow points? as far as I know Tulammo is one of the cheapest manufacturers. I would shoot Bear or Tiger brand ammo for the best cross between reliability and cost. I have had 3moa groups with brown bear out of my SGL 21 off hand. So I am semi confident the “fancier” golden bear would be a little nicer. In the end though Id probably stick with an AK or SKS for 7.62×39 and get a G3 from PTR in 7.62×51

  • Southpaw89

    Practically speaking an SKS that takes AK mags would be better, but this does have a certain cool factor, too bad they’ll never be legal in the states.

    • iksnilol

      Those exist. Don’t know if the Chinese stopped making them though.

      • No one

        If you’re referring to the Type 63, those haven’t been in production since the late 70s. It also used a rotary bolt instead of the traditional tilting bolt of the SKS but ultimately the weapon wasn’t well liked so the PLA just went with the AK design.

        Any you’d see would be old semi auto only converted exports or old parts kits at this point.

        • iksnilol

          Nah, SKS-D and SKS-M are bog standard SKS’ that accept AK mags.

          • Andrew Miller

            I had one, forget if it was an M or a D.
            Was interesting, except for the whole “proprietary parts” thing.
            They haven’t been imported to the US since the middle 1990’s when “all” rifles capable of accepting a larger than 10 shot magazine stopped coming in.

            Should have kept mine, but at the time I was out of safe space and wanted something else.

            If I’d kept all the “wish I’d kept that’s” I’d have at least 4 more full size safes of dusty rifles.

          • mazkact

            And the thumbhole stock , had one in the nineties wish I had kept it.

  • No one

    You mean that man who actually served in the war and got 3 purple hearts, a Bronze Star and a Silver Star for his actions during said war? and had his own crew members say that the people who tried to question his service record during the election were basically full of it and out to assassinate his character?

    Yeah, people like him were the reason we “lost”. How many wars have you fought in again? (Say what you want about his political stances, but if you actually respect our veterans, you may not want to talk —- about them just because they don’t agree with you politically.)

    • RobertNorwood

      It was the Lib Democrats in congress, public opinion fueled by folks like Walter Kronkitus cough cough and not just going in and sticking it solidly to the North.
      Finally, Teddy “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy lead the fight to defund and cut loose South Vietnam. If there’s any shame from our exit it’s all his doing. Not us, we kicked ass.
      On Kerry, officers got decorated a lot more easily – just sayin’. I don’t know about his service so I don’t judge it. That said, for anyone making a career of it medals were important so the brass looked out for their own. A non-com SP/4 could jump out of his APC, get a thrown track back on with lead flying everywhere and get zip. It’s always been like that. Look at our General officers – you ever see one without a Bronze Star? Just pointing something out. Further on Kerry chose to shame his service, shame us, he’s always been a grandstander. He saw the votes in that crowd. The press had a nickname for him here in Mass. “live shot” because if there were cameras rolling John was there. In the end his service to Obama for the simple need to be in the limelight is sad and produced nothing, like the eggplant muslim he worked for.

      • BrotherLazarus

        And it had absolutely nothing to do with Chinese support, or Soviet funding–it was all the Democrats.

        Dude. I get that everyone hates the political parties, but there’s a point where it starts getting kinda creepy. You can’t ignore parts of history (Chinese heavy equipment support and their own special operations grunts) just like the worst parts of the left or you -become- the worst parts of the left.

        There came a point when even strictly conservative brass decided it was unwinnable without taking steps that would turn it into something worse than a proxy war–like deploying tactical nuclear weapons (which was discussed and shot down half a dozen times during the conflict for that very reason). Not because of any failing of our soldiers, but because the combined actions of the Chinese and Soviet under the table support undermined our actions more quickly than we could make them. That was underlined until it was deemed “politically expedient” (this is one of the reasons I hate career politicians) to withdraw.

        • RobertNorwood

          Yeah, and that too. But when Nixon mined Haiphong the Russians did squat. No one was going to throw nukes over a bunch of zipperheads in the North. That all said we should never have helped the French try in taking Indochina back. Any commie can be wined and dined.

      • No one

        I could see your point about higher officers getting favored for medals, which does often seem to happen, but keep in mind that lieutenant (his rank at the time he left Vietnam) really isn’t considered that high of a rank in the navy.

        The point was that, even if you ignore the purple hearts (which is debatable), he has well cited sources for his actions on how he got the Bronze and Silver Star, the latter of which Admiral Zumwalt himself was present for both the award and the medal citation, such things don’t come easy even for lieutenants

        • RobertNorwood

          In my world, Army, even a brown bar Lt. starts early by going Airborne, then Ranger if considering a career…next stop, a war zone and a medal. Like I said, I don’t know his record, just pointing something out.
          It goes like this at the end of your hitch, Colonel calls you in, points out “Bubba, you’re Ranger qualified, Capt. with a Purble Heart and a Bronze, stay in and you can name your ticket”. They know the drill, when a guy has that much going for them the temptation to make a career of it is high. In J.F.K’s case – John F. Kerry, a political career and dreams of the White House were quite possibly already in place. Kennedy and his dad knew this which is why he chose PTs rather than a big boat where he’s just another Lt. JG competing with dozens of others. Command of a combat boat no matter the size is a nice egg for the basket.
          I don’t respect Kerry and I believe he’s a fraud. Medals are not always won alone – others die or get wounded, to throw them over a fence is simply shameful.

    • Seth Hill

      You mean the guy that threw/discarded/”gave back” his medals/ribbons but didn’t really? You mean Purple Hearts that were given for “wounds” no matter how slight? Before you attack me, this is from an article from the LA Times:

      “Navy rules during the Vietnam War governing Purple Hearts did not take into account a wound’s severity—and specified only that injuries had to be suffered ‘in action against an enemy.'”

      “A Times review of Navy injury reports and awards from that period in Kerry’s Swift boat unit shows that many other Swift boat personnel received Purple Hearts for slight wounds of uncertain origin.”

      So, while he did go into combat, like many other Americans, those Purple Hearts were given for slight wounds is a slap in the face of all those that truly earned them by receiving major wounds and even dying during battles. It is NOT character assassination to inform the public of or clarifying a candidate’s record when that person is touting their military credentials.

      • No one

        You can question how worthy he was of the purple hearts by the wounds, but not all were “slight” (one is from a large piece of an RPG warhead that struck his boat that’s still stuck in his leg to this day), You generally can’t just try to whitewash the Bronze Star and Silver Star awards away as those have actual citations from high ranking officers. (Zumwalt himself was present for his Silver Star award and signed the citation for it, that’s pretty much impossible to just wash away.)

        I’m more referring to the group SBVT, which was a partisan group basically founded to all but completely assassinate his character during the election, for the record, I don’t think Kerry would be a good president and I wouldn’t vote for him, but SBVT is literally the exact group his ex crewmates came out and defended him against and said they were basically making —- up about his military record to sway votes against him, do I like Kerry’s political policies? No, would I vote for him? No, Would I stoop so low as to try and call him out for false valor despite massive evidence to the contrary? Not enough Nos in the world for that one.

    • Zebra Dun

      Fake news, fake medals and fake actions, one Purple heart was for a scratched finger.
      Kerry was a straight up traitor, he wanted to be JFK in PT 109 but discovered anti war was more Politically better if he wanted to get into politics.
      No I don’t care what Kerry has or got.

      • No one

        Whatever you say. I guess his own crew members who had no reason to testify in his defense but did anyway and the documented record of his citations for the Bronze and Silver Stars were clearly fake plants and only you know the real truth!

        Would you have the balls to jump out of a boat and kill a man with an RPG on shore to save your crew? or rush back to save a man that fell overboard while under sniper and automatic rifle fire? (Which have nothing to do with with the debated “worth” of his purple hearts btw) No? then please shut up, I helped Veterans for years after they got home or from wars long past when I still lived in my hometown for years regardless of their political views. You’ll never have any actual respect for veterans because your political views blind you.

      • RobertNorwood

        I can’t judge the medals, only comment on what I know from my own experience. It’s plausible he got more than he deserved. Certainly for his rank and position he garnered well above the average.
        You are dead on regarding his political aspirations and the PT boat similarity, the JFK thing are simply telling.

    • Wow!

      No One: you can serve and still be an incompetent leader. Anyone who served in any defense profession can attest to that. We honor our servicemen, but honoring does not mean holding a favorable double standard for them.

      Kennedy’s order to destroy the Diem government which was our only ally in Vietnam is easily the single point which eliminated any chance of a favorable outcome. Kennedy is the reason Vietnam became such a mess.

      • No one

        For the record, he was referring to John Kerry, not Kennedy, why he chose to spell his name John F. Kerry (which is rarely done publicly) is a mystery.

        It made sense for JFK because he had a great uncle named John III who died when he was only 1 year old, that was to avoid confusion, mainly in very large families like the Kennedy family.

    • billyoblivion

      So you’re saying that John F. Kerry DID NOT meet with Madame Binh in Paris?

      That John F. Kerry did not throw *someone’s* medals over the Whitehouse fence?

      That John F. Kerry did NOT call on President Nixon to just flat out accept the North Vietnamese peace plan that not only called for US withdrawal, but also reparations?

      Those are the things that “lost” the US the war. That, and as other comments note, the US congress *breaking it’s promise* to South Vietnam to continue providing financial aide.

      Because of people like Kerry millions more Vietnamese suffered and died in “reeducation camps”.

      “[American troops in Vietnam] personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, [blew] up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam in addition to…the normal and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied bombing power of this country. … There are all kinds of atrocities and I would have to say that, yes, yes, I committed the same kind of atrocities as thousands of other soldiers have committed….” –John Kerry in his 1971 testimony before Congress

      John F. Kerry, war criminal.

  • Jason Culligan

    Reminds me of the limited run prototypes of the G43 converted to fire 7.92mm Kurz from StG 44 magazines.

  • Migo

    Just get a SKS

  • Muri

    What’s up with that Battle Rifle bastardization lately?
    Anyone remember the Indian Trichy Rifle?

    • iksnilol

      Works probably better than the INSAS.

      • roguetechie

        That atlatl I was on about earlier will work better than INSAS.

  • Benjamin Goldstein

    OK, So under the Yanky Laws, You cannot import Norinco Arms….. So what would happen, if the Tooling was loaned to someone, And they were built in say the MPEZ in Cebu Philippines by XYZ manufacturer?? Could they be imported into the USA without issue? Since they are no longer Chinese made nor made by NORINCO

    • Alexandru Ianu

      You could, of course, as long as no parts on the rifle/handgun come from a company in the PRC.

    • Andrew Miller

      Since the 1989 “Import Ban” signed by the HW version of Bush is still in full effect, to answer you.
      Not as a complete rifle.
      Look at the WASR-10.
      Has to be imported as a “single stack 10 shot or less magazine” rifle, then “have enough US parts added to comply with 922”, and then…
      Well, it’s still a Century product.
      Ponder doing that song and dance with a milled receiver and you’ll understand why unless the tooling got brought into the US, you’re not getting imported rifles.

  • Derek Huffman

    “Member when Trump was gonna repeal anti-gun EOs his “first day in office”?

    Yeah, I ‘member.

  • nick

    I know its been said already, but with the supply of SKS up here at 200.00 Cdn , its a hard sell for that rifle . Anyways, we are limited to a 5 round capacity on centerfire ( exceptions do apply with certain mag / calibre combos, but that’s a legal “workaround” )…so a AK mag is just a box to get in the way, particularly , prone.

    I have an east German SKS D….and its mags are pinned to 5, but it does have a certain something in “cool” factor , but that’s more the unique stock than anything to do with the mag

  • Zapp Brannigan

    Rambo wasn’t a documentary. Try educating yourself before you sound off. Vietnam wasn’t winnable; they were determined to expel the foreigners and would endure any hardship to achieve that goal, never minding that we shouldn’t have gone to war there in the first place.

    • Zebra Dun

      Look at Korea, picture a DMZ that went all the way around South Vietnam patrolled by who knows how many troops armed to the teeth and then you see what a win would have looked like, it was that or knocking the PAVN flat. Taking on China and USSR in a Peer to Peer war. And more dead American’s for basically nothing.

    • Wow!

      Vietnam was very much winnable. NVA was greatly diminished and had to rely on mercenaries and foreign intervention to try and make up the difference. The problem is that politicians were not ready to take the steps needed to win. Controlling the Diem government as a US proxy should have been the goal. Instead, politicians got intimidated by the hippies organized by associations that we later found out was getting direct orders from Moscow. ACP had a big influence in American history that is conveniently omitted in many texts.

  • Jose

    Where are those modified M-305, M-14 rifles sold? Any links to who in Canada?

    • nick

      Marstar in Ontario is taking pre-orders right now

  • Zebra Dun

    This is like gilding a Key Lime Pie with Horse manure.

    • No one

      No, that would Imply the M14, or god forbid the M1A were ever good rifles in the first place.

      • KitCarson

        Norinco makes a good M1A/M-14. anyone with their nose in the air about a gun, shows basic modern education deficit disorder. BM59 and 62 are good too, but Norinco fills a niche they don’t

  • tiger

    It is just weird. Like putting a big block Ford in a GTO…….

  • Blake

    “Firearms, not politics” please…

  • LazyReader

    China: The arsenal of the not so free world

  • Ken

    I’m guessing that AK mag is pinned to 5 or ten rounds to be Canada legal?

    • nick


      will have to be pinned to 5 to stay legal….rest is just for looks

      • Ken

        Good for gripping at least. It’s kind of hard to grip a stubby five rounder or send it flying while doing a reload.

        • nick

          see above….I use high capacity boxes :-), no fumbling with 5 rounders 🙂

  • nick