Keep your Glock Tool On Your Glock with Tango Down & Vickers Tactical

Ah… the Glock grip plug. Often overrated or undervalued, its a polarizing little piece. Glock purists will argue that it is not needed (its not) and shooters will argue it does indeed plug a hole and ease reloads by removing a lip (it does both). Both parties are correct, but the argument is likely to continue until the Glock is a mere relic of bygone days and even then historians will make a bigger deal of it than it should be.

But, seeing the open grip as an opportunity, Tango Down and Vickers Tactical have again teamed up on a useful use of the space, the “Vickers Tactical Grip Plug / Takedown Tool for Glock”. The key portion of the name is the Grip Plug / Takedown Tool part which belays the intended usage of the nifty accessory – it’s a takedown tool that fits in the grip. With it, one carries all the tools needed to disassemble their handgun for detailed cleaning.

The tool is available for either Gen 3 or Gen 4 handguns, with only small differences. The Gen 3 unit is one-piece and self-contained and the Gen 4 is two-pieces, with the tool easily removed from the base plug. Personally, I prefer the Gen 4 design as the Gen 3 may still require a tool to remove the plug, though the button is ramped for easier removal from the handgun. Both help index magazines during reloads.

The Gen 3 clocks in at $12.95 and the Gen 4 at $17.95 retail. Both are available in Black, Glock Tan, and Grey. Check them out over at Tango Down. 

Nathan S

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  • Alan

    isn’t there a plug that carries both the tool and the hex wrench for the front sight screw?

    • Edwin

      PSI Tac-Rac Plug-Tool has an ejector remover in addition to the takedown tool (pin punch).
      Unfortunately, neither Tango Down nor PSI make one for subcompact glocks (26 & 27).

  • anonymous

    “But, seeing the open grip as an opportunity, Tango Down and Vickers Tactical have again teamed up on a useful use of the space, the ‘Vickers Tactical Grip Plug / Takedown Tool for Glock’.”

    This is not a new idea. I’ve had one in my Glock for since 1998 or 1999. Although I don’t remember who made it. And looking at it right now, there are no markings on it to indicate the manufacturer.

  • Gary Kirk
    • Xtorin O’hern

      no, that’s a Russian armorers tool

  • Will

    According to Glock that hole serves a dual purpose and should be left open.
    1. It provides an opening for debris to fall from the pistol after heavy shooting. I must admit I’ve never shot mine that much.
    2. That particular area flexes during firing and helps dampen recoil.

    • Gary Kirk

      According to “some experts” (cannot find it now, was not too long ago that it was mentioned on this site).. The grip hole is meant to redirect gasses in an over pressure failure..

      Just to add to your list..

      As well as the unproven wives tale of draining water more rapidly..

      • Seth Hill

        “The grip hole is meant to redirect gasses in an over pressure failure..”

        LOL….. Watch the plug shoot out the bottom and into someone’s foot.

    • Anonymoose


    • gunsandrockets

      I always imagined it was just a lanyard hole.

    • USMC03Vet

      I thought it was a speed hole.

    • JT303

      The story I heard was that in the event of a stuck magazine, or on the early guns with early non-drop-free mags, that hole was for you to stick your thumb in and get a better grip on the mag’s baseplate.

    • Edeco

      o.O deliberately let the backstrap squish to dampen recoil? Not saying it’s not true, but yech, that’s the last thing Glocks need.

      I mean, they all have considerable muzzle energy relative to their weight, so recoil isn’t not (sic) an issue. But they’re plenty floppy anyway and the grip deforming, which I feel even with a plug, is a nuissance to aimed ROF.

    • Seth Hill

      “That particular area flexes during firing and helps dampen recoil.”

      I find that hard to believe given that when a shot is fired the straight-line part of recoil interacts with the area of your hand between the thumb and index finger, then the muzzle starts to rise up.

  • B. Young

    so for the gen 3 version I need a tool like a glock tool to remove it so I can use it??

  • Anonymoose
    • USMC03Vet

      It was at that moment Larry realized that yacht wasn’t going to happen.

      • Edeco

        Aw :C

        actually I find the bromance between LAV and FU a little saccharine. I mean, it’s fine but detracts from FU’s edge. Darn, I’m turning into sonething like a soap-opera-fan.

    • pun&gun

      That was one of FU’s best videos.

  • Franklin

    The gen3 tool comes out same as the gen 4, no secondart tool needed. I like the gen 3 tool in a gen 4 gun as it protrudes a little further.