Cimarron’s Bad Boy

Cimarron Bad Boy

At the SHOT Show, Cimarron Firearms Company was showing a new revolver called the Bad Boy. This single action wheel gun is called a “modern classic design” by the company. The one I looked at had a nice finish and felt good in the hand. But, what is this modern classic design revolver?

According to the company, the Bad Boy handgun is intended to bridge the gap between the Old West and the New West. It uses a pre-war frame and Army style grip with an octagonal barrel. It also has adjustable target sights and a flat top. Chambered in .44 Magnum, the gun can be purchased with either a 6″ barrel or an 8″ barrel. The company states the guns are very accurate and are good for pretty much anything from punching holes in targets to hunting to bear protection.

The metal has a standard blue finish. Grips are two piece and made of walnut. The company advised the suggested retail price will be $570.70. However, checking its website, I see the 8″ gun is listed at $697.70.

Cimarron also had the El Malo on display at the show. The El Malo was announced in late 2016, and it is another single action revolver with a great look. That one is available in both .357 Magnum and .45 Colt.

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  • Polaritypictures Ken

    didn’t ruger do it first with the blackhawk?

    • Anonymoose

      Ruger reintroduced the flattop Blackhawks in the Convertible line and is selling them through Lipsey’s, but there’s no .44 Mag option.

      • Bradley

        I believe they only make the super Blackhawk in .44 mag.

        • Anonymoose

          They used to make the regular Blackhawk in .44mag and they had a new regular Blackhawk model (maybe a distributor exclusive) in it recently.

    • Ken

      They did, but the Blackhawks now have a two screw action and that transfer bar safety. I don’t like how the cylinder doesn’t neatly align with the loading gate and how they will end up with a turn line on the cylinder.

      I guess this works for the people who don’t feel like hunting for one of the many three screw Blackhawks floating around. I do like the coil springs in the Blackhawk though. They’re real smooth. I don’t know why they went with an Army sized grip though. Everyone likes the Navy sized grip.

      • Marcus D.

        Because the Navy grip is only a two finger grip for many, with the pinky hanging off the bottom and curling under the grip. This is a .44 Mag after all, something you want to get a good hold of.

        Interestingly (to me any way) is that the longer grips of the 1860 Army, added because of the increased power of that .44 Cal pistol over the 1851 in .36 cal., were not offered on the 1873, though the latter is a more powerful gun yet (initially 40 grains of black powder [later reduced to 35 grains] versus the standard 30 grain load for the 1860. As parts were plentiful, many 1873s were retrofitted with 1860 Army grips.

  • jonp

    I don’t see why I should sell the half dozen Blackhawks I own to get this. I’m sure it’s a fine revolver but a Blackhawk clone is what it looks like and that is not all bad. I’m all for more choices.

    • iksnilol

      Why not have both? Who mentioned selling.

      • jonp

        Why get both? When I blow up or damage a Blackhawk I’ll thing about this clone. I’m betting I’ll be waiting a long time.

        • iksnilol

          Why not just enjoy both?

          Get a bandolier for them so that you can carry half a dozen blackhawks at once.

          Nothing wrong with trying something new for a change.

          • jonp

            1/2Doz? I’m not friggen Ironman! Besides, I don’t want to fall in a puddle and drown

          • iksnilol

            Would be faster than reloading them.

          • jonp

            Dude, I have a half a dozen BH’s and aint as young as I used to be. Lol, if I wanted to roll like an extra in a Sergio movie it would be with lighter artillery

          • iksnilol

            That just sounds like a boring way to go, hombre.

        • Chi Sam

          The word thing is not a suitable substitute for the word think. In fact, it’s a lousy substitute.

          • jonp

            ok, your going to be my internet troll? Have fun being bored but living in your moms basement eating cheesy poofs and playing the comp all day is pretty boring in itself

          • Chi Sam

            a. I do not live in my Mom’s basement. That’s counter-intuitive on your part.

            b. One does not ‘play the computer’ as though it were a musical instrument.

            c. The word you needed to use, is you’re, which is a common contraction of the words you and are.

            I’ll give you ‘cheesy poofs’, given that I do like Cheetos. Is one out of four typically a good score for you?

          • jonp

            I rest my case

  • Anonymoose

    They should make this with the El Malo finish and call it the “Bad Hombre.”

    • John

      Or make them with sandalwood grips and call it “The Gunslinger”.

    • Hoplopfheil

      Sorry NotoriousIUD, but Anonymoose is my new favorite commenter.

      • Anonymoose

        I’ll have to post more anime crap so you go back to liking him better. 🙂

    • Gary Kirk

      Make one in 500 S&W and call it El Muerte de muñeca..

  • Tinkerer

    Ok, if the Cimarron is “the Bad”, that would make the Blackhawk “the Good”, and the Chiappa Rhino “the Ugly”.

  • Edeco

    That’s neat. Like others here my first thought would be Ruger SBH for a 44 Mag SA. But oooh, octogon barrel and 1860-ish grip 😀

  • gusto

    single action as bear protection? no thanks

  • El Duderino

    I wish them luck, but with Ruger Blackhawk .44s under $600 out there, tough sell.

  • retfed

    Do the Cimarron people know Colt SAAs never had octagon barrels? Cap-and-ball Remingtons and Colts did, and the pre-SAA Colt conversions. So if you want it to look really Old West-y, take off the top strap.

  • Marcus D.

    That looks like a one piece grip to me. (No screws.)

  • Mike

    I want a 2 1/2 inch for CCW. Because I can.

  • Kjk

    Good plug…not obvious at all.

  • DudeSC

    This is the Uberti Callahan re-branded. Nice none the less.

  • mark

    With such an over the top and obvious plug I’m not sure I’m annoyed by it.