Launch 7 Automatic Knife from Kershaw

Kershaw LAunch

KAI USA Ltd announced a new automatically opening knife under the Kershaw brand. Called the Launch 7, the knife opens with the push of a button. All of Kershaw’s automatic knives use the name Launch, with this one being the seventh distinctive design.

Made in the United States, the Launch 7 has a 3.75″ long blade with a clip point. The blade is made of CPM 154 steel with a diamond like carbon (DLC) coating. In addition to being hard, the coating should help prevent corrosion and abrasion damage. To fold the knife, you release the lock by pressing the same button that was used to open it.

Kershaw LAunch

The handle is made of anodized aluminum with an integrated back spacer. Kershaw machined the handle to give it a modern, industrial look. The pocket clip is reversible to make it easier for right and left handed carry.

This Tim Galyean designed knife is 3.2 ounces and 5″ when closed. When opened, it has an overall length of 8.6″.

Due to various and arcane laws surrounding the ownership of automatic opening knives, Kershaw is not selling these knives online. Instead, the Launch 7 will only be available through local dealers. [insert rant about knife rights here] The suggested retail price of the Launch 7 is $159.99. For a made in the USA automatic knife, that price doesn’t seem too bad.

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  • sawta

    Disappointing to hear about the lack of online availability. I’ve had the Kershaw Funxion for a while now, which uses SpeedSafe tech. It’s worked really well for me and has the features that I expect in multitool-like knives; bottle opener, screw head, hex wrench, rope cutter and carabineer.

    I’ve been looking for a nice, non-serrated blade for a while and was picturing something like this one, but if it’s not for sale online I don’t see the point in bothering. It would probably just cause too many concerns when crossing state borders while traveling. Maybe next time, Kershaw! 🙂

    • Henry Reed

      You can buy them online, just not directly through them, which would be stupid anyway.

  • Will

    I carry a Kershaw “Brawler” as a backup to my CCW.
    I carried this knife, for more years than I can recall, as a uniformed police officer. It has served me VERY well.
    I would recommend a Kershaw to any one looking for a good knife.

  • Frank

    You can buy these online. It’s just up to dealer discretion where they ship to and Kershaw doesn’t sell them directly, but buying direct from them is dumb anyway. Checking google Blade HQ, Blade Ops, and GPKnives all have it in stock. You should really edit the article to amend that.

    • Dan

      It never said you couldn’t get them online. He said Kershaw is not selling them online. Why edit something that doen’t need it? Why should we make it easier on people who fail at life. I guess that’s why businesses have to tell people their hot coffee is hot. Keeping stupid in the gene pool.

  • Bradley

    There are plenty of online dealers you can order these from. You just can’t order them from the manufacturer. Even if you could why the hell would you want to pay retail price. I’m not sure what you think “abrasion damage” is or how the coating would prevent it.

  • Mark Horning

    $160 and you can’t reverse the pocket clip for point down carry. Sad Kershaw.

    • Henry Reed

      Who on earth would want to carry this tip down?

      • Steven

        After you have been cut a few times by point up knives you appreciate the virtues of point down.

      • Nunn Yabizz

        Uh, anyone who wants to be able to pull the knife out of their pocket and have it ready to go without having to switch their grip on it?

        • Henry Reed

          Dude you’re definitely confusing the directions up and down. My knives have all been tip UP for the exact reason you listed.