FightLite Partners with Wolverine Supplies in Canada

FightLite, the manufacturer behind some fairly novel AR platforms has selected Wolverine Supplies as their official distributor in Canada. FightLite makes the MCR, an AR upper capable of feeding from linked belt amunition, as well as the SCR a “not really an AR” straight stock setup without the traditional AR buffer, and most recently at Shot Show 2017 demoed their MXR family of pistol caliber carbines.

Some of you might remember the MCR (Mission Configurable Rifle) as the Ares Shrike back in the day. It will be interesting to see how these fair in Canada. As an upper receiver, they’re a non-firearm that anyone could put on their existing AR lower, but technically the disintegrating belts used in this are supposed to be limited to 5 rounds in Canada. It’s a shame because we have a provision for unlimited belt capacity on firearms designed before 1946. I’m also awfully curious (or possibly terrified) to see how the RCMP might plan to enforce a 5 round limit on belts.

The SCR probably holds the most potential for the Canadian market with rifles like the Troy PAR being embraced as “legally not ARs” and hence available to a wider audience. The classification of the SCR could be tricky though: in the past the RCMP has classified anything that they can wedge an AR upper onto as an AR variant, even going so far as to classify the Akdal 1919 as a 12 gauge AR-15. They had to walk back from that decision last year though, and Wolverine does have a history of taking the RCMP to task, and sometimes getting successful approvals.

I actually traveled 800 miles last year to visit Wolverine Supplies and shot one of those “unlimited belt” 1919 clones at their annual range day event and drool over their main office:

Find the full text of the press release below:

FightLite® Industries Announces Canada Exclusivity for Wolverine Supplies

(Melbourne, FL) March 9, 2017 – FightLite® Industries, the small arms division of ARES Defense Systems® Inc. is pleased to announce that ARES® has awarded Wolverine Supplies of Manitoba, Canada with Exclusive Representation and Distribution rights for all ARES® Defense and FightLite® Industries products throughout the entire Canada Territory.

Under the Agreement, Wolverine Supplies is the solely authorized and recognized representative of ARES® Defense and its small arms division FightLite® Industries for Canadian buyers including Military, Law Enforcement and Sporting customers. Additionally, Wolverine Supplies will also be a stocking distributor for Canadian firearm dealers interested in carrying and selling ARES® and FightLite® brand products such as the MCR® (Mission Configurable Rifle), SCR® (Sport Configurable Rifle), MXR™ (caliber and magazine convertible – pistol caliber carbine), GXR™ Gas-Piston kits for M4 type carbines and SCR® rifles and other innovative products, parts and accessories manufactured by ARES®/ FightLite®. And finally, as the Exclusive Representative for ARES® Defense and FightLite® Industries products; Wolverine Supplies will be the solely authorized service center for product support including repairs and warranty returns to the manufacturer.

“We’ve known John and Pat Hipwell for many years and we’re really excited to be working with them again for representation, distribution and support of our products for Canadian Military, Police, Sporting and OEM customers throughout Canada.” said Geoffrey Herring, President-CEO. “The relationship that we’ve developed and entered into will streamline the availability of our innovative and high quality products for all Canadians. They know our products very well and I can’t think of a more qualified team to represent our brands in the Canadian space than the Hipwells and their excellent team at Wolverine.”

About FightLite® Industries

FightLite® Industries is the small arms division of ARES Defense Systems® Inc., a privately held company that designs and manufactures lightweight and technologically advanced firearms and firearm accessories for Military, Law Enforcement, US civilian shooters and Foreign Governments.


Headquartered on the USA’s Space Coast in Melbourne, Florida, FightLite® Industries is equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machining centers, 3-D solid-modeling and manufacturing CAD/CAM systems, a dedicated quality control department and an experienced manufacturing team that is committed to developing and manufacturing superior products for its customers. Engineered and manufactured with the highest quality American-made materials, FightLite® products are produced on state-of-the-art CNC machining centers in an ultra-modern facility by a highly skilled workforce.

Edward O

Edward is a Canadian gun owner and target shooter with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Crawling over mountains with tactical gear is his idea of fun. He blogs at TV-Presspass and tweets @TV_PressPass.


  • mrsatyre


  • Brian

    Id love an mcr, Ive been wanting one since I first saw them years ago. they are very expensive and would totally be worth it but having the belts limited to 5 rounds really ruins it and makes the very high price unjustifiable since I wont be able to enjoy it as it is meant to be used even at the gun range. 5 round belt limit means its easier just to stick with 10 rnd LAR 15 mags or 14 rnd .50 beowulf mags. liberal fear mongering ruins so much fun in Canada

  • Anonymoose

    Make it a belt-fed AR pistol and you can have 10-round belts. :^)

  • georgesteele

    I wonder how well it would work with a bump-fire stock?

    • jcitizen

      I’d think that new dual action trigger would be just as fun. However, since snail drums seem to work okay on bump fire stocks, I’d think this would too, but the charging handle may get in the way.

  • FT_Ward

    “The CFO won’t approve it for civilian shooting”.

    That’s right in Canada you can own a gun and ammo for same but 1) need permission to target shoot with it and 2) have a bureaucrat be able to forbid permission.

    You’ll also notice on the mag change demo he was changing after five rounds. There’s a mag limit but you can pin a high cap mag to only hold five. That’s right the government is under the impression that criminals obey mag pinning laws (really they don’t it’s just part of a sad attempt to make shooting less fun which is the main goal of Canadian firearms law).

  • jcitizen

    Gonna have me some fun! Gonna have me some fun!! Wow, now I can finally shoot up all the M249 belted drum box ammo I have!