Thompson Center Encore .600 Nitro Express

Logan Metesh, the Firearms Specialst at the NRA National Firearms Museum, was brave enough to shoot a caliber converted Thompson Center in .600 Nitro Express. According to the video, the barrel was made by Match Grade Machine.

The recoil and muzzle climb looked much tamer than I had imagined it would be.

Does anyone know what that confetti looking discharge was? A paper wad?

I was expecting recoil and muzzle climb similar to this example 9 years ago.


I was unable to find .600 Nitro Express as an option on Match Grade Machine. But I’m sure you can just call them to special order one.

Edit: This was a Thompson Center Encore. Logan contacted me to correct himself which he misspoke in the video.

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  • John

    I believe .600 nitro is the only ammo that comes just one to a box!

    • iksnilol

      5 to a case!

  • derpmaster

    I’m sure the recoil all comes down to the powder used.

  • it’s just Boris

    As greater than .50 cal, would not our friends at the ATF classify this as a destructive device?

    • raz-0

      Is has a sporting purposes exemption. That was the answer I got based on my research into the same question.

      In theory, making a pistol for it should remove the exemption, but at that point I’m way over my head in the bureaucratic minutiae and understanding the functional limits of BATFE being crap at everything they do.

      • This thing is clearly a toy, so maybe they base a ~~sporting use~~ exemption on that?

  • Kyle

    I’d assume that was a light loading for the new video and a full power load in the older one. Either that or that rather nondescript looking fellow is built like a dump truck under that fleece.

    • XT6Wagon

      Its a garbage tier round from black powder days. Modern magnum rounds are far superior not only in ballistics, but in every way. Weatherby made a whole range of high velocity big game cartridges after WWII, Don’t like their lineup? Well everyone and their dog made and keeps making a variety of hot rounds in big game sizes.

      • iksnilol

        You do know that you can load 600 nitro express with modern powders.

        • XT6Wagon

          It was designed in 1899. Its crap. Just “settle” for .50bmg with its 50% higher energy if you don’t want to use a traditional hunting caliber.

          • iksnilol

            why settle for 50 bmg? it’s pathetic compared to 14.5mm or 20mm.

          • XT6Wagon

            well, maybe you are soft and think of your safari guides when selecting between giant rifles and think more than 30lbs for just the rifle is a little mean. You are right though, best to just grab the 20mm when going deer hunting.

          • iksnilol

            No, for deer we use 7.62×39.

            But for safari, I’m driving in a truck, hell naw like I’m going out into the bush and getting my face gnawed off.

            My point, nothing wrong with elephant guns.

          • Anonymoose

            You can hunt a lot of safari animals with a 7mm Mauser. The Big 5 usually (legally) require .375 something-or-rather, and for a stopping rifle you want something at least .416 or .458 or a semi-auto shotgun loaded with magnum slugs.

          • If you’re gonna drop twohunnitbux on every round, you might as well go full petard and use an 88mm mortar.

          • Friend

            I get it!

          • Friend

            Full petard… that’s the best…

          • Robert Bigando

            Pretty sure you don’t have to drop twohunnitbux on every round. Did not know they made a 88 mortar

          • Anything in 14.5mm or 20mm is rated as a Destructive Device, as is each individual round; it’s an expensive hobby.

          • Robert Bigando

            That is not true, guns are the DD not the ammo unless you are shooting explosive ammo

          • You’re right, my mistake– a projectile must have a quarter ounce or more of explosive capacity to be considered a DD, and not all 20mm HE/HEI rounds have that much.

          • LGonDISQUS


          • LGonDISQUS
          • Clancy was great; the only American in the show, and the only one whose character design actually looked particularly Japanese.

          • LGonDISQUS

            VA also did Sayla from MSG, and that b!tc# Sheryl from Ideon. I would have never gueessed.

            Too much bombay tonight… sigh

          • Anonymoose

            Or use .700 Nitro Express. It’s relatively modern and is chambered in double rifles and bolt-actions.

      • DrewN

        Uh, it was never a black powder cartridge, which is why it’s called .600 NITRO.

        • XT6Wagon

          true, uses cordite. Not sure why I thought it was a pre-smokeless powder, but whatever. Its bad.

  • Phillip Cooper

    Would that be a paper-patched bullet maybe?

  • nova3930

    Probably not getting anywhere close to full powder burn, significantly reducing the recoil….

  • Sianmink

    Nice touch by Match Grade Machine, making the barrel with rings and a profile reminiscent of a blackpowder cannon.

    • Edeco

      …or Queen Anne pistol.

      • JD

        it was an encore, you can tell by the profile of the frame.

        • Edeco

          Bamboozled again!

      • Anonymoose

        I’d rather think of it as a literal handcannon.

    • Blake

      looks like a hand cannon to me:

      • Stu


  • iksnilol

    If you were looking for sheer balls to the wall stupidity, then I am sad to say that this is not it.

  • MrBrassporkchop

    Normally wouldn’t be hesitant to shoot on someone else’s dime. I’d give serious pause for .600 Nitro Express pistol though.


    Hahaha, you sick bastard. Well done!

  • JD

    the confetti might be a result of a paper patched bullet.

  • politicallyincorrectshooter

    I would guess a “reduced” load, possibly with wadding to keep the powder in place. Traditional rifle round had a 900 gr bullet maybe at 6-800fps in this role?

  • Edeco

    Hey, maybe the confetti is oatmeal, I’ve read of that being used as filler.

  • Bullet caster

    Probably a Dacron over powder wad. They are used in reduced power, large capacity cases. I use Dacron wadding in my 45-70 reduced loads with 2400 pistol powder. Works great.

  • PersonCommenting

    Is my internet bad or was this shot with a potato? Amazing what time does.

  • vwVwwVwv

    this is exactly what i like about gun people, you wouldn’t never expect this from such
    decent looking guy’s. 600 NE, what’s next a handhold howitzer?

  • Sunshine_Shooter

    I think the biggest difference in recoil between the two guns is the way the guys are holding it. In the old video, the guy is holding it like a jackwagon, he’s using basically one hand and using his support hand like you would with a rifle, giving him zero recoil control. The new video’s shooter is using a two-handed grip. There may be load differences between the 2 rounds, but the grip is the thing I noticed

  • jerome

    Was that made for Rip Taylor?

  • Robert Bigando

    Both the older video and the newer one was a “light load” the newer video was a whole lot lighter with a lot of filler. Really can’t shoot a full powered 600 nitro out of a handgun and hold on to the gun

  • Greg Beals

    The post does not include how many grains the ammunition was in either video clip… =