Serbian & Croatian 40mm Grenade Launchers in Syria

This past week a Serbian product, the 40mm/6 M11 made by Yugoimport SDPR J.P. was seen in use by the Safwa Islamic Brigade & Suqur al-Shamal opposition groups in northern Aleppo. The launcher isn’t very prevalent outside of Serbia and thus it’s presence in Syria indicates a line of supply that might lead back to Serbia. The 40mm/6 M11 is essentially a copy of the South African Milkor 40x46mm Low-Velocity MGL 6 round grenade launcher developed in the 1980s. Currently Milkor still produces the MGL, licensing the launcher out to various companies across the world.

However, along with the Serbian 40mm/6 M11, there has been a large number of Croatian RBG-6s seen with numerous opposition groups as well. The difference between the Serbian 40mm/6 M11 and the Croatian RBG-6 can be easily seen from afar through the design of the stock. The Serbian version has a telescoping AR stock on a buffer tube, while the Croatian version has a folding AKMS style stock that folds over the sight. The possible connection is that the two launchers both come from countries that almost have borders with each other, thus opening up the possibility that either overtly or covertly, there might be a sole source supply that both are coming from, to Syria. Yugoimport is on record to have had a 400 million dollar deal with Iraq in 2007, so the possibility that these launchers are coming from Iraq isn’t that far off.

Although these launchers can be very effective and capable area fire weapons with HE solutions under 400 meters, the fact remains that the operators of these launchers appear to be poorly trained and aren’t using the sights at times. However, the grenade launchers themselves present a highly mobile and portable, lightweight, indirect fire asset that so far appears many of these groups don’t have when it comes to area fire weapons.

40mm/6 M11

  • Caliber                                                  40 mm
  • No. of grooves in the barrel                    6
  • Groove pitch                                         Progressive
  • Barrel length                                         300 mm
  • Drum capacity                                      6 rounds
  • Drum length                                        140 mm
  • Type of fire                                           single
  • Triggering mechanism                          Double-action
  • Grenade muzzle velocity                     ≥76m/s
  • Weight without ammunition               ≤ 6.0 kg (without sighting device)
  • Length with extended stock                 800 mm
  • Length with insterted stock               725 mm
  • Height                                            335 mm
  • Width                                               160 mm
  • Type of ammunition              40x46mm (NATO-standard)
  • Rate of fire                       ≥12  grenade/min
  • Sighting device                Reflective type
  • Sight scaling                    50m to 350m


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  • Juggernaut

    The best equipment the CIA/mossad can buy! They should at least be required to buy ‘Murican.

    • EdgyTrumpet

      But muh plausible deniability bro.

  • Big Daddy

    It sure helps when you use the sights and aim.

    • derpmaster

      I often feel like the various middle eastern factions got their combat marksmanship training from cokeman2423 on youtube.

      • koko

        It is whats called insha’Allah school of marksmanship, spraying and praying will never get old among truly pious folks.

  • bojan

    Turkey and UAE are buying them and forwarding to “moderate headcutters”.

    • MeaCulpa

      Well that has been something that has been kicked around Washington and every European capitol “we should arm the rebels!”, “some of those resells are pretty keen on genocide and theocracy”, “you know, we just arm the moderate ones!”, “yeah, ‘those’ rebells, sure We’ll let Father Christmas deliver the guns and let the Easter bunny deliver the ammunition”.

      • bojan

        Basically “moderates” want to kill everyone non-muslim, hardliners want to kill everyone not their brand of Islam.
        Only sane ones are Kurds and they are hard core commies.

        • EdgyTrumpet

          pick one

        • MeaCulpa

          Yeah, but the Kurds has that whole tribal/clan thing going on so sane might be stretching it a bit.

          • bojan

            Well, most sane, which kinda explains whole ME mess when most sane ones are tribal hard-core commies and bloody secular dictators.

    • Anonymoose

      These may have started out as imports to the Iraqi Army. Zastava is known to have deals with Iraq before and after 2003. On the other side, Croatia is known to supply Islamist militants and have friendly relations with the Turks. In this war we’ve seen a lot of Israeli weapons stockpiled by the Syrian Army for 50 years and then captured by the rebels, as well as a lot of more modern NATO weapons funneled to the Iraqi, Egyptian, and Libyan governments (pre- and post-2003 and post-2011) and rebels.

      • bojan

        This one (M11 revolver GL) was not exported to Iraq, production just started last year and Turkey ordered almost every one produced. Expect to see more and more of them among “moderates”.
        There are cargo planes regularly flying from a Belgrade airport loaded with ammo and guns, Zastava and PPU are working 3 shifts.
        BTW, M11 is not Yugoimport product as such, it is only marketed by them, it is produced by Prva Petoljetka Trstenik.

        • MeaCulpa

          Zastava involved in shady arms dealing?!? That was unexpected;)

          • bojan

            Not shady, they have regular end user certificate, but if Turkish army loses those weapons…

    • Mario AK

      You forgot Saudi Arabia

  • Sianmink

    * Sighting device Reflective type
    * Sight scaling 50m to 350m

    Irrelevant stats, given the pictured users.

  • SP mclaughlin

    Kebabs removing themselves using Serbian equipment! What will they come up with next?

  • Riot

    Croatia and Serbia do have a border.
    No almost about it.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Guy off camera: “Uh, how about you not point that at my face, dude?”