While I was at Keith Biddle’s machine shop having a barrel re-threaded, I asked if he remembered the price of his Uncle’s scopes. He said he had a price list lying around.

This price list is dated January 1, 1994. Check out the prices of some of his scopes.

His 2″ Programmer ‘200’ cost $688 back in 1994. Adjusted for inflation today puts it at $1,130. John Unertl had a 100mm Team Spotting scope that cost $2,200 back in 1994. With inflation that would cost $3,616.

I wonder how well those scopes worked compared to current offerings? Like how well would that 100mm scope compare to a Swarovski or Trijicon 80mm spotting scope?


  • MrBrassporkchop

    Jeez there’s all kinds of neat stuff there. Bet he can dig up more. It’s like American Pickers for guns. Should see if he has a Glock curtain rod.

  • Cymond

    I was 9 when this was written. I’m more astounded by the ancient type on pre-printed letterhead.

  • retfed

    You whippersnappers!
    When I first became old enough to buy a handgun legally in a store, I wanted a Smith Model 19 because I could almost afford it ($135), whereas a Python went for $246. I couldn’t find a Model 19, so I ended up buying a Ruger Security-Six for $149. I thought I was being robbed.
    That was during Tricky Dick’s reign.