Buzzfeed Trained To Shoot Guns Like John Wick

Buzzfeed sent two people to Taran Tactical to train just like Keanu Reeves did for John Wick 2.

Here is the viral video of Keanu whipping thru the course of fire.


They were trained by Taran Butler and had the goal of beating Keanu Revves’ time of 19.21 seconds. That is a tall challenge. Re-watching Keanu’s video above. I can see some moments where a professional shooter could be more efficient and beat Keanu. However to have two non-shooting newbies train and shoot the course in just one day? Impossible. I am not sure how long Keanu Reeves had trained up to the point where that video was filmed but I’m pretty sure it was not in the course of a single day.

If you watch the Buzzfeed video, Josh lost a bit of time because he forgot to switch off his safety. Well if you go back and watch Keanu, he sort of did the same thing. Watch him at 00:15 into the Keanu video. When he picks up the shotgun, there is a moment wasted trying to get the safety off. When you watch 3Gunners do it, everything is efficient and smooth as possible. Bringing the gun up and switching the safety off is all done in one fluid motion. Keanu could have also shaved off a second or so when he unholsters and reholsters his pistol when he transitions.

I am curious to see what Taran Butler could do this course of fire in. Or perhaps Lena or Jerry Miculek.

Nicholas C

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  • TDog

    From what I’ve read, Keanu Reeves has been doing a lot of his own stunts and action for a while, so chances are he’s been training for quite some time.

  • The real question I would like answered, are the still gun hating liberals or have they had some sort of epiphany that its evil people not evil guns that are the issue?

    • koolhed

      They’re probably more committed to civilian disarmament than ever.

    • Cal S.

      If they want to keep their jobs, then they’ll keep their mouths shut for the time being.

    • John Yossarian

      “Failing pile of garbage” feed

      • rennsport4.4TV8

        Are they failing? They seem to have blown up in the past few years. Not that anybody actually takes them seriously.

  • koolhed

    “Taran Butler is like the Michael Jordan of shooting…”

    Nope. There is no such thing. But Rob Leatham probably comes the closest.

    • Wolfgar

      I would say Jerry Miculek, but there is no player in the NBA that would be the equivalent of Jerry Miculek. He is that good.

    • Nicks87

      If he’s not Michael Jordan than he is at least Shaq, Kobe, Tim Duncan, etc. The man has some serious credentials/accomplishments.

  • santi

    I am pretty happy with the way Buzzfeed approached this for once. Not the normal “I felt the shock of the rifle and wanted to cry, when really I reacted this way to impress my anti-gun friends, even though in all reality had an amazing time” type of reaction….”Heavy Breathing”

  • Michael

    They just like clickbaits. Complaining all day about manspreading, mansplaining and the privileges of being born a straight white male in the western world probably is getting them more cringe than ad revenues these days.

  • John

    Oh to have thousands and thousands of dollars to spend on training, what a great life it would be!

    • Mike

      So go out and make thousands of dollars…. then you could also spend it.

      • John

        YES! I could get facial reconstructive surgery to be as cute as a bug just like Keeanu Reeves! Then I could do unspeakable things under the table to Hollywood casting directors to get some juicy parts! Then I could make millions and when I have time off, take lessons in gunfighting to be in the movies I audition for!

        Or, I could just do my job with the realization that not everyone gets to be a millionaire in this world and I can achieve partial happiness by complaining on Internet forums about the people that are.

        • SPQR9

          Its sad to watch your dream die in two paragraphs ….

        • Orion Quach

          Thousands and thousands of dollars is not that much though. Just a few thousand dollars (less than 20K?)

          • pun&gun

            Definitionally it’s $4K or more. You need at least two thousand of something to have multiple thousands, and “thousands and thousands” implies that there are at least two groups of multiple thousands.
            I need coffee.

          • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

            Technically any quantity other than exactly 1 is addressed as a plural. If we are sticking to positive integers then you are correct, but if I said “I have .017 thousands of dollars.” it would be grammatically correct. If I had that twice I would have thousands and thousands and only have $34.

          • pun&gun

            Pretty sure that’s just a grammatical quirk and doesn’t apply in the same manner without the explicit use of fractions, but we’re really splitting hairs.

          • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

            Splitting hairs is why they made the internet.

          • John

            I thought that’s why the made the Acme Hair Splitter.

  • MrBrassporkchop

    Wonder if Taran Tactical accepts those gold organized crime coins from the movie as payment.I’m going to call them WickCoins.

  • mcjagermech

    good on them for actually going out and getting some on hand experience

  • ProLiberty82

    Best way of recruiting people into our hobby is to let them shot your tricked out AR15 and suppressed tacticool pistol, always make them go “I want one!”.

  • KiwiGuy

    For non shooters, they’re not bad. Seen a lot worse tact-i-coooool shooters about. With obligatory beard and gloves.

    • roguetechie

      Yeah, honestly I don’t know if I could do as well as they did on that course.

  • Nathan Alred

    Wonder how many times they (or Keanu) ran the exact same course of fire. Over and over and over, until it is no longer “tactical” but “choreography”.

    Now if they could shoot that course like that, out of the box, sight unseen, with no misses or “no-shoot” targets hit – well, then I would bow down to them.

    • Wolfgar

      That is the game of multigun, but Keanu did it very well. He is no slouch.

    • TDog

      A lot of actors get training from ex-special forces types. I’m not saying they’re ready to go take out the current leader of Al Qaeda or the Taliban, but they would definitely have more tactical ability than your average bear.

      Movies may be make believe, but having some ability where fighting is concerned makes things a LOT safer. Choreography only goes so far if the person you’re dealing with is a bumbling moron, so my guess is that any actor that does his or her own stunts and/or action sequences will have some decent training and chops.

      • Nicks87

        Some do it better than others. I would say Keanu is one of the better actors when it comes to tactical stuff. Hawaii 5-0 isn’t too bad either. I think the show is cheesy but their equipment and weapons manipulation isn’t bad at all.

  • kzrkp

    give buzzfeed clicks? no, no thank you

  • Rick Grimes

    This is pretty cool.

    …but why does hot re-holstering have to be part of the training at all? Especially for newbies?? I cringed.

    • Bronson

      Are you saying that he shouldn’t have taught them how to properly reholster?

      • Rick Grimes

        Properly reholster for what? Training to shoot blanks for a movie? Military or other training where you are starting with someone who has the “muscle memory” to keep their finger out of the trigger guard as second nature is one thing…but accidents happen there too. Putting a loaded gun into a holster under stress can be dangerous, no doubt about it. Seems crazy to have newbies do it….but I’m no Taran Butler so what do I know.

        • Bronson

          I’m confused. You admit that reholstering is dangerous for even experienced people, but you still think that he shouldn’t have taught it to them?

          • Rick Grimes

            There’s nothing to teach. You put the gun into the holster with your finger out of the trigger guard.

            My point was that it seems needlessly risky to have newbies do it, under stress, without the basis of that trigger finger muscle memory. There was no point in the Keanu video, and there was no point in the re-creation.

  • Joe

    These two did surprisingly well. I’ve shot guns for a while, but never 3 gun. I’m not sure I would do any better. The guy seems like it’s not his first rodeo.

  • El Duderino

    Jerry could do it in -19.21 seconds.

  • raz-0

    “Watch him at 00:15 into the Keanu video. When he picks up the shotgun, there is a moment wasted trying to get the safety off.”

    The shotgun is likely not holding a round in the chamber. He lost time chambering a round. Possibly forgetting that he has to press the little silver nubbin for racking the charging handle to actually put something in the chamber.

    I suspect this is the case because
    1) He passes in front of the muzzle during the course of fire.
    2) Taking the safety off doesn’t require that WTF this isn’t working type handling of the shotgun you see there.
    3) That’s awkward shoulder shrug as you look at the thing to figure out what you messed up is pretty much the same one I’d make when I made that mistake transitioning over from a mossberg to a stoeger which has the same little silver doohickey as the benelli.