More LEGO Bullet Testing

Last month I test fired some LEGO heads out of my .40S&W Glock 35 Gen4.

A few days after I posted that article, my friend Joel helped me reload some with some gun powder. As many had surmised, it did not work in cycling the Glock. However I wanted to test it and here are the results.


Well this phenomenon has been picked up by Taofledermaus and he had a friend test lego heads as well. They used a chronograph and got over 400 fps as well as some decent penetration into clay.

In the video below, you can hear Ron mention the Spider-Man Lego Head is 19gr. Lego heads are only 8.5gr. I commented on the video and Taofledermaus said lead shot and epoxy was added but he did not find this out until after the video.


Nicholas C

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  • DanGoodShot

    Get the cheap chinese knock offs. I’m sure those are loaded with lead. Ha! Lead head legos. Great for home defense. No worries of over penetration.

  • BattleshipGrey

    I think I prefer my hot glue bullets propelled by primers only. Much more economical. Once I work out the exact cost per bullet I figured I’d do a write up on it and submit it to TFB if they want it.

    • thedonn007

      The bullets are made of hot glue?

      • Will P.

        Yup I’ve made some of these before myself. Take your lead bullet mold, lightly oil the inside of the cavities, and fill it with a hot glue gun. Put the mold in the freezer for a little bit to harden, swing open the spur cutter, and load them into a casing by hand with just a primer. They are really neat, I was shooting them in my basement at cardboard boxes. You can collect them up and reload the “bullets” several times *Note they will go through 2 or 3 layers of cardboard so I wouldn’t recommend shooting them at your buddies or not having a good backer if you have drywall.

        • Moonman45

          are your buddies cardboard cutouts of WWE characters?

          • Will P.

            Nope but if it’ll go through a few layer of cardboard it’ll leave a nasty bruise, possibly break skin. It’ll definitely shoot your eye out kid.

        • guy

          I would imagine epoxy would work even better, although the cost is quite a bit higher.

      • BattleshipGrey

        Yeah, I use a Lee .358 mold. They’re reusable too.

        • Andrew Duffey

          Have to reply on this comment because TFB closed comments on the Klarus thread. A month ago you asked the price range on the Klarus flashlights. Both the XT11GT and XT12 run around $80.

          • BattleshipGrey

            Cool thanks.

    • Lead Kisses

      This sounds interesting

  • Tinkerer

    Someone needs to make Lego head-shaped lead-casting molds.

  • Mrninjatoes

    Nobody gives a rusty f*** about Lego bullets. Please post things that are relevant, or some girls with guns.

    • Pedenzo

      Geez dood…..what is it like….living a life devoid of humor?

      Although….girls with guns is good…..

      • Mrninjatoes

        Just show me some girls!

      • LGonDISQUS

        Love me some SHOT bunnies, but lets also try to focus on expanding firearms enthusiasm to the quickest growing market demographic, no?

    • Bill

      Yeah, because subjects like that haven’t been done to death already. How about revolvers vs autos or 9mm vs .45?

      • nonobaddog

        How about a super-slo-mo video of a 9mm bullet and a 45 cal bullet meeting in a head-on collision.