More LEGO Bullet Testing

Last month I test fired some LEGO heads out of my .40S&W Glock 35 Gen4.

A few days after I posted that article, my friend Joel helped me reload some with some gun powder. As many had surmised, it did not work in cycling the Glock. However I wanted to test it and here are the results.


Well this phenomenon has been picked up by Taofledermaus and he had a friend test lego heads as well. They used a chronograph and got over 400 fps as well as some decent penetration into clay.

In the video below, you can hear Ron mention the Spider-Man Lego Head is 19gr. Lego heads are only 8.5gr. I commented on the video and Taofledermaus said lead shot and epoxy was added but he did not find this out until after the video.


Nicholas C

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