Winchester SXP Turkey Shotgun

Winchester SXP Turkey

Winchester Repeating Arms introduced a number of new pump shotguns in the Super X Pump, or SXP, line this year. One of the newest is the SXP Turkey. As one might guess from the name, this scattergun is designed with turkey hunting in mind.

The SXP Turkey is available in both 12 gauge and 20 gauge. For the 12 gauge, the shotgun has a 3.5″ chamber. The smaller 20 gauge gun has a 3″ chamber. Both guns have a 24″ barrel that is back bored. Winchester ships these guns with the Invector-Plus extra full turkey choke installed. Both the chamber and the barrel are chrome lined.

These shotguns use a cross bolt safety. The trigger is a drop out design. As with the company’s other SXP shotguns, the gun is made with a rotary style bolt with inertia assisted pumping.

On top, Winchester uses rifle style, fiber optic sights made by Truglo. Additionally, the top of the alloy receiver is drilled and tapped should you wish to install an optic of some nature.

The gun has a matte black finish that matches the matte black color of the synthetic stock. The stock has a traditional shape and is fitted with an Inflex Technology recoil pad to help absorb some of the kick. The MSRP on these guns is $439 regardless of chambering.

These guns are very similar to the previous SXP Turkey Hunter shotgun. However, the new guns do not have the Mossy Oak camo pattern and also have a significantly less expensive MSRP.

Richard Johnson

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  • Rimfire

    A very decent gun, by all accounts. Mine was a little “stiff” out of the box but after a brief break-in period it runs so smooth.I’m liking it in matte black, I think the camo only fools the hunter, not the bird 🙂

  • Twilight sparkle

    I’m glad to see some attention given to this line of shotguns, they’ve been very under appreciated and they’re a very good alternative for someone that doesn’t want a freedom group gun. FN really should have advertised these better.

    • CS

      FN Owns Browning. Are you sure they own Winchester too? Last I checked, a box of Winchester Ammo said Olin Corporation.

      • A.WChuck

        The arms company and the ammo company have been seperate for years, AFAIK. Olin owns the name and trademark, Browning and FN license the trademark from Olin.

    • Hoplopfheil

      Agreed. The SXP is a pretty nice range of guns. Not as nice as a Mossberg 500 in many ways, but the forend doesn’t wobble!

  • A.WChuck

    It’s a turkey gun, made in Turkey.

  • uncle fester

    I got a good deal on a camo version around Christmas. In testing at the range, I have been very happy with the action and the pattern. The build quality was significantly better than a similarly priced 870.

    My only gripe: Winchester/Browning has done a piss poor job of making sure there is a good supply of accessories.

    For example, I had to work hard to find a scope mount that would fit mine. (During Deer–Shotgun season, I plan to use my SXP with slugs)

  • Omerli

    Nice article and a great gun. I can’t believe the price or the great quality. The Turks are certainly giving everyone a run for their money. They will make us all better gunmakers.