UTG Announces USA Made PRO S4 Stock & Assembly

UTG, typically known for their off-short inexpensive offerings, has been making a hard push into US Manufacturing. Their UTG PRO rails have been well received in both MLOK and Keymod profiles along with a few OEMs starting to pick up on the Model 4 buttstock kits, which directly compete with various extended cheekweld stocks on the market.

Recognizing the trend towards sleeker and lighter weight designs, UTG has announced the S4 series. The S4 clocks in at 7.2 ounces. Total pad height is 4.75″ with the length of the stock at just a hair over four and a quarter inches. When installed, length of pull runs from 7.58″ and 9.53″, which is slightly less than “normal” making the stock ideal for compact builds.

For those concerned about cheek weld on such a short stock, don’t be. A removable extended cheek rest is included for those with fat cheeks like me or wanting to get all up in their gun.

UTG touts the design steps:

The S4 is the end result of tight tolerance control procedures and relentless product development. Many steps were taken to develop a smaller foot print stock, while remaining structurally sound with snag free performance exceeding functionality of other full size variants. You will find our S4 stock equipped with features such as: fully dehorned corners and melted contours, little to no flash and mold marks, a reversible QD sling swivel housing, and an ambidextrous standard sling loop.

The features are most welcome, but most will find real value in the features plus the pricing, with the stock itself at sub $35 MSRP. Shooters may also opt for the full Stock Assembly Kit which adds a 6-position mil-spec buffer tube, buffer, buffer spring, receiver end plate, and a castle nut. The full stock assembly kit MSRPs for $62.97.

For more details, check out UTG’s website here. 

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Do airsoft ARs even have removable buffer tubes?

    • Bradley

      have you used anything from the “pro” line? I have one of the handguards and I have to say it is not even recognizable as being from the same company as all the cheap plastic crap and optics they’ve made for years.

    • Ebby123

      UTG PRO is an entirely different line of products. Don’t confuse the two.

      I have an aluminum keymod rail, and it is every bit as good as my Midwest Industries rail, but about $40 cheaper.

    • Jeremy Hendricks

      With the exception of the cheapest Walmart guns, all electric airsoft ARs have removable buffer tubes, but they’re not usually threaded into the receiver like on a real AR. In the case of gas blowback airsoft rifles, they’re removable and in general, interchangeable with real AR parts.

  • Graham2

    I got to handle a lot of the new UTG gear at IWA in Germany and it looked damned good to me. I’d be more than happy to put their accessories on my ARs.

  • 22winmag

    If I had a dime for every clown on Armslist who slapped some UTG accessories on their gun and listed it for near double it’s market value… I’d be buried in dimes.

    • roguetechie

      They’re definitely a company that it’s best to buy or not buy on a case by case basis when it comes to their regular line, but their pro line is solid!

  • GPSrulz

    It’s nice to see a company go from novelty tactifool stuff to value components. I use their Pro line on my kids airsoft and they held up to a 13 year old’s abuse (literally, it’s just a step up from military abuse; left in the rain, dropped for no good reason, dirty as hell, never cleaned). So I’m using thier pro qd scope rings on his AR rifle and these work great. Only if others would now do the same. **cough cough** ProMag **cough cough **

    • Mmmtacos

      That definitely has me suspicious because I always thought UTG was more airsoft-tier stuff. Then as I occasionally browse gun components and accessories I see something cool and see it’s UTG. Then I see this, which also looks pretty good, but am skeptical because it’s UTG.

      Maybe they’ve turned a corner, maybe it’s worth checking some of their stuff out.

      • Ebby123

        Don’t confuse UTG with UTG PRO. They’re two completely different families of products.

      • PersonCommenting

        I think when airsoft started using real gun stuff on their air guns that is when quality in airsoft only companies had to step up. Too many people buying the real deal. UTG has definitely made big strides with their pro line, heck even their UTG line has made milestones. I dont own too much of it but the stuff I have seen at the range has appeared to be great quality.

      • Brian Fulmer

        Have two of the UTG Pro Superslim freefloat forends. Bought one, liked it so much, bought another. My next 308 AR upper, I will be looking at their M-LOK Superslim. NOT junk, for sure.

      • roguetechie

        I’ve physically held and examined a couple other pro line items and all I can really say is buy some of it now before they realize how good it is and jack the price into the stratosphere!

  • Juggernaut

    Looks nice- but they need to get the price closer to the $40 that MFT is getting for their (excellent) Minimalist Stock

    • Bradley

      The article lists $35 msrp

  • Phillip Cooper

    What does off-short mean?

    Not snipping, I don’t know the expression.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Failure to proofread.

      Off-shore. Short for Chinese garbage you shouldn’t buy.

      • GhostTrain81

        Hate to sound like a PC snowflake, but I caution against assigning a quality (or lack thereof) label to a whole country or group of people.

        Quality as a scientific discipline is not a top corporate or national secret and the statistical methods they are based on have been available to everyone since the mid-20th century (good read if you’re interested, google Deming, Juram, and Shewhart).

        Good quality occurs at a corporate and not a national level.

        This has led to historical contradictions between what countries we perceive as producing quality goods and reality.

        We associate Japan as being experts of quality due to its adherence to TPS concepts (Toyota Production System – Kanban, Kaizen, JIT Inventory systems, etc), yet Japanese firms have had serious lapses of quality in the past decade – namely Toyota’s auto-acceleration problem, and Takada’s airbags which took serious financial and human tolls on consumers.

        Closer to home, the American business landscape is full of examples of when a company totally nailed it, and when they totally botched it, and instances when a single company did both.

        I would probably not trust a red dot made in China vs an Aimpoint for serious applications but I would also not discount everything that came from a specific country as garbage.

        • BillC

          America thanks you for your brave dissertation.

          • GhostTrain81

            Just another quick historical tidbit 😀 – the guys who pioneered statistical quality management were all American, but at the time they were asked by corporate America to take their “numerical mumbo jumbo nonsense” elsewhere.

            It was only after the domestic auto industry finally came to terms with its abysmal quality when there was a renewed appreciation and interest in these techniques.

            Anyways, back on topic, for those who didn’t know, UTG Leapers is a company based here in Livonia, Michigan a few miles away from Detroit. I have spoken to their reps quite a few times at the Novi gun show and they have always come across as good people and receptive to customer feedback.

        • PersonCommenting

          Eh Lucid makes some good stuff and they are chinese made. Vortex as well. Its about where the money comes from not the quality even though that is what most people sight as their main problem. I prefer buying american again not because of quality but because I want to support americans and the customer service is usually better.

          • roguetechie

            I admit that I buy lucid vortex and some other Chinese stuff, especially optics related stuff.

            I’m also going to take the plunge on a Di-optics item or three depending upon my experience with the first item.

            Though I’m very happy to have read this article before I bought furniture for my next AR74 build. This stock combined with a magpul slimline handguard seems like just the ticket for that build!

            Especially since the combination will be nice light and compact!

            Also, since I’m fairly short the reduced LOP actually works for me.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          That’s nice. But UTG is cheap Chinese trash.

          “Toyota’s auto-acceleration problem”… You know, being in the automotive industry, I can promise you have NO IDEA what you are talking about.

          • GhostTrain81

            I also work in automotive (but admittedly on the Finance side), so I’m interested to hear your thoughts on that particular example I brought up.

            But even if I’m wrong on that one particular example, it still does not disprove my assertion that country of origin does not equal good or bad quality.

            Also… hasn’t it been mentioned that the UTG-Pro line is made in the US? 🙂

            I’m just providing some insight into my consumer filter, but it’s a free market, apply whatever standard you wish in judging product quality.

          • roguetechie

            Yes, apparently reading comprehension failures are causing certain posters to miss this.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            I’m not going to get into it here. But if you think Renault has better software than Toyota, you are fooling yourself. It’s the same garbage. 1200 globals in an RTOS with no stzck protection, no one ever even discovered why the Toyota pedal issue happens. They’re all the exact same.

          • roguetechie

            Except for the fact that the article straight up states that they are making this in the US.

            FWIW I seem to remember an article from awhile back that indicated their entire pro line is made here in the States…

            So no it’s not cheap Chinese trash, it’s made in America gear both geographically and in the quality standards they adhere to at made in China prices.

      • PersonCommenting

        Ive never gotten why we trash Chinese products so much. A lot of it is excellent quality it is just chinese made which is what bothers people. It bothers me too, I try and buy American because I want to support local people and fully admit that. Lets face it, we use chinese products every single day, every single hour hell we are all communicating over chinese made stuff right now. We need face the real route of the problem its where the money is going not the quality. Yes some stuff is terrible quality but some of it is great.

        • Hoplopfheil

          The iPhone is made in China. (but “Designed in California” is the tagline that gets etched).


  • Phillip Cooper

    Odd, first post disappeared.

    What is “off-short”?? I’m sincerely asking. I’ve never seen the term.

    • A.WChuck

      Off-shore. Yet another typo due to lack of an editor.

      • Phillip Cooper

        Oh. Duh, Haven’t had my coffee yet.

  • Sianmink

    It’s odd not thinking of UTG as “Chinese Airsoft Crap” but I welcome the change.

  • GhostTrain81

    … in b4 – “Where is it made?”

  • Hoplopfheil

    Their new Pro series rails are very good and very affordable, so I’d be interested to try these too.

  • Mack

    their rails and stocks are great at the prices they offer them at. have used all of the stocks but prefer the S2.

  • DanGoodShot

    I’ve bought some utg rings in the past 2c if I’d like my light in a certain spot without breaking the bank. Then bought a good mount that suited. But I gotta say, I’m really digging this stock. I would like to know if it’s actually well built good materials and not all wobbly. Do a review on this stock. The stock is all I’m interested in.

  • I have to admit UTG has been improving quality over the years, and they definitely have invested in America with a manufacturing facility in Michigan. However, I’m not buying their products for several reasons:

    1. Most of their products are knock-offs from quality manufacturers.
    2. Though quality is improving, they still have a way to go before it really is “quality.”
    3. I have personally watched their employees sneaking close-up photos of other manufacturer’s products at SHOT Show. This unfortunately is not isolated at big shows where new products are introduced, like SHOT, but it is still distasteful. Not to mention, that when you go to their booth they swarm anyone with a camera, grabbing at your ID, and making ridiculous demands about what pictures can and cannot be taken.