New: Aluminum Chassis for Swiss K31 Rifles by Sureshot Armament Group

Czech company Sureshot Armament Group has introduced a new chassis for Swiss K31 rifles. It is a one piece construction, CNC machined from a solid 7075 aluminum block. The chassis allows free floating the K31 action. It is also extremely lightweight weighing little over 2 lbs 12 oz (1268 grams). Interestingly, it is even lighter than the original K31 wooden stock.

The new chassis doesn’t require any modifications to the rifle. So it basically just replaces the original stock. It also features adjustable cheek rest and buttpad. It accepts AR-15 pistol grips and has a KeyMod handguard. It also has a KeyMod section on the bottom of the buttstock for mounting a monopod.

Here is an image of the original K31 rifle…

…and what you can convert it into.

According to the manufacturer, the chassis will be available in April 2017 and their rough estimation of the MSRP is €1300 (about $1388). The price will also include the optics rail.

Of course, this product once again will spark the debate of whether one should mod the historical rifles or not. From one side “purists” insist on keeping such rifles in their original condition. In the other camp, people say that the gun is their property and they are free to do with it whatever they want to. I think both sides are not completely right or wrong. To me, if the gun has some really significant historical or collector’s value (rare version, experimental etc.), then modding it is not a good idea. You can always trade it to those who cherish its value. But if the old gun is nothing special except being old, then why not to modify it? Also, a chassis like SAG’s one doesn’t make any permanent modifications to the gun and you can swap back the original stock anytime you want.

Hrachya H

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. His knowledge of Russian allows him to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
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  • Christopher Wallace

    but y tho

    • iksnilol

      Make it more accurate and lighter, what’s not to like?

      • Not everyone appreciates space bounty hunter aesthetics?

      • Christopher Wallace

        the price tag, esp when you can shoot lights out with a stock k31

  • Don Howard

    hey, that’s pretty coo … wait … $1300?!?!??!?!?! *closes browser tab*

    • Devil_Doc

      My thoughts exactly… I could buy a Ruger Precision for that much.

  • Wow!

    Ew keymod.

  • iksnilol

    Such heresy. Must have.

  • Heartbreaker

    Literally the other day I was wondering about a chassis for my k31. So when I saw this I got a little excited. That quickly vanished when $1400 came up. Seriously?? The rifle only cost me $500! WTF Sureshot!!??

    • Muzzlehatch

      $199.95 for me.

      • Ben Pottinger

        No kidding.. 500? I need to sell my extra one I got back when they were common! (Already sold my extra case of gp11. I know, terrible. But I just don’t see myself running through 1000 rounds of 7.5 Swiss.. and if I do it loads with 308 bullets and primers so a bag or two of brass will keep it fed forever).

      • Hank Seiter

        $299 for me. Bought two a few years ago and just sold one for $625. Both were tack drivers. In effect I got my K-31 for free and was able to buy the Swiss K-31 match ammo for $6.95/box of 20. Bought 2500 rounds! Absolutely no regrets. Even with iron sights I think I’m good to 400 yards or even further if I can actually distinguish the target. The 7.5 Swiss is an outstanding cartridge standing as it does between the .308 and .30-06. I understand virtually every K-31 the Swiss made is basically a match-grade rifle. I know that’s true about their Sig AMT which I also own.

  • Blake

    Calling Alex C… Please acquire & evaluate…

  • Kyle

    Hmmmm now I need to find a K-31 with a stock that is just beat to all hell and bam, totally have a replacement.

  • Arie Heath

    Kill it with fire!

  • Denis Klemencic

    Is the bolt handle modification part of the kit?

  • Vitor Roma

    Free floating K31 accuracy >>> laser beams.

    • Amplified Heat

      I actually wonder if accuracy might be *worse* for the typical rifle. Those barrels are very long, and skinny, and while wood is not the most consistent, it can actually help stiffen a barrel into accuracy with proper shimming & fitting (both K31s and those Finnish Mosins did this, along with Swedish Mausers and fancy-pants Garands/M1A’s). Obviously a brace or even tensioning-device at the muzzle end of the chassis could accomplish the same if desired.

      These guys picked the right guns for a drop-in chassis, though; I have been told that every single part from every single gun but (some) bolt heads is completely interchangeable with every other gun, such was the Swiss commitment to manufacturing precision. If the chassis fits their gun, it *will* fit your gun.

      • Michael Guerin

        I would be happy to create a movable bedding point on the fore-end and adjust it till I found the perfect spot BUT would probably wait until they had amortized their costs enough to reduce the price somewhat. In the meantime I got an auction catalogue in the mail the other day and they usually have at least one K31 for sale. I also know at least one guy involved with the auction who could help me assess the quality of such a rifle, given that I am more of a Mauser man. Great looking stock!

  • Don Ward

    Having impulse bough a K31 last year, I can tell you I’d much rather they focused on actually manufacturing 7.5 Swiss ammo in enough quantity to actually find it on the shelves.

    • RocketScientist

      I just bought a 480-rd case of GP11 from Lucky Gunner for $249. Still have more in stock. ~50c/rd isn’t too bad for an old uncommon caliber in my mind. Plus the ammo is very high quality.

      • Amplified Heat

        Sadly, there will be no more of the awesome RUAG GP11 for much longer; it’s not being imported, and is no longer in production (I did hear rumors of them gearing up for a civilian run, but that’ll be for the domestic Swiss market , I’d guess –and probably 5$ a round, lol)

        • DunRanull

          Yikes! Now I know why I told myself not to buy one of these! Glad I got a Swede, tho, before SAMCO went belly-up… The Swiss built their rifles like their watches, however..

  • Luke Man

    Is the rail a part of the new chassis, or does it replace the rear sight? I can’t quite tell from the pictures.

  • It’s your rifle.

    Do with it what you want.

    Especially in this case, where it’s obviously reversible.

  • John Daniels

    This is awesome. I want one.

  • Ark

    Public Service Announcement: Don’t bubba your milsurps! Take that $300 and buy a Savage Axis, you dumb bastard.

    • Anonymoose

      dat straight-pull tho.

    • Stephen Jakubowski

      seeing as how it just replaces the stock and is completely reversible I wouldn’t call it bubbaing. But I do agree with you in general about making permenant alterations to millsups. the upshot is the more there cutup by idiots, the more valuable my rifles will be.

    • Facistgunownerseverywhere

      Or how about do what ever you wish with the item you purchased with your own money? Unless of course you are totally against any type of freedom. Is that it? Do you have something against freedom? You must if you wish to tell people what they can and cannot do to their personal property. Im going to go buy a milsurp or two and just beat the hell out of it. Spray paint it with krylon. And let my dremel act out my inspiration. And when im done i will post pictures before and after and then me cutting them into many pieces with a cutting torch. Throw the burnt pieces in my scrap metal bin, then off to the recycle center where all money i get will be donated to one of bloombergs many antigun ventures. All to piss freedom haters like you off.

      • DunRanull

        Facist {sic} gunowner… are you really that brain-challenged/10 years old, or is this tongue in cheek? No one is saying you can’t do anything (legal) to your guns, just that some things make no sense. Owning an antique of any kind carries a certain responsiblility to maintain it.
        So far as the “Star-Wars” stock for $1300+, why bother? The Swiss rifles are renowned for shooting very accurately over distance. The $$$ would IMO be better spent in stocking up some ammo and maybe getting a second Swiss rifle to boot. YMMV P.S., it’s correctly spelled “Fascist”.

        • Dan

          There is no certain responsibility to owning or maintaining an antique. If you own it you can do what you wish with it. It’s up to the owner to decide whether the history of the rifle (of which is probably unknown) is worth keeping the rifle in original condition.
          Much like muscle cars you can keep it show room stock or slap on as much chrome and horsepower as you want. I too am amazed how many people get uptight on how other people treat their personal property. It’s annoying.

          • Dan

            However i do agree the price of the stock compared to the gun puts it into why waste the money category.

          • Amplified Heat

            Eh, people will hate you though, in addition to being jealous. Plus, you know, once it is done, it can never be undone, which leads to regret on the part of many Bubbas.

  • .45

    $1300?!?! I’m with the purists. This is a crime against nature. For that kind of money you could make a Mosin into a thing of beauty that shoots sub MOA, but this is just a stock.

  • Tassiebush

    Any modifications that aren’t permanent seem pretty harmless but once you get into permanent changes you’re probably going to regret it sooner or later from a value perspective. Realistically the surplus trend that seems to have shaped civilian gun ownership for the 20th century seems to be in a completely different phase to what it once was. The stuff hitting the age where in the past it was going into surplus is much less likely to end up in a civilian market because they rarely are in a configuration that would be lawful to own. Maybe a few exceptions around handguns in the USA but on the whole it’s not like it was.

  • This isn’t quite as horrible as those gunbortion aftermarket tacticlol stocks that require damaging a Garand to install, but it’s still pretty gross.

  • pun&gun

    That actually looks pretty awesome. I don’t think I could do that to such an already gorgeous rifle though.

  • SPQR9

    Seems to cover the bolt ring, so I wonder if it supplies any other form of safety?

  • Cal S.

    “Hey, cheap Mosin Nagants are a thing of the past, what’s the next cheap surplus rifle that people are buy-OH!”

    Make it polymer and for 10% of that MSRP and then you’re talking. They’ve made a niche product even…erm, niche-er?

    • Amplified Heat

      At least it makes sense to accurrize a K31; for a Mosin it’s more of a silk purse/sow’s ear proposition.

  • Amplified Heat

    A) Should be a quasi-ZFK conversion that rotates the action & loading/ejection path out of the way of a scope, or positions the scope off to the left
    B) Should be a bullpup, because the straight pull is far more suited for it than most bolt action designs
    C) Needs 12-round mags developed for it
    D) Needs drop-in gas piston semi-auto conversion, lol

  • Joshua

    Nien! Gewher is fine!

  • Fabrications Metal-idees

    I have long been dreaming about something similar for an ag42b…… It is a giant leap in the right direction!

  • Mike

    Nein, rifle is fine.

  • Benjamin Goldstein

    Hmmm do i spend $2000 on a stock for a $500 rifle?

  • Secundius

    Do they make one for the 8-Mau…

  • Humpy


  • Pumpkin King XXIII

    I paid less for my ps-90 and mpx, and those were complete firearms.

  • Andrew Hobby

    “don’t worry honey! The bank will get the mortgage next month. They’ll be fine.”

  • Hank Seiter

    I love my K-31. With its factory/military match ammo, hits on steel plates at 300 meters 100% of the time and that’s with its iron sights and my 63 year old Mark I eyeballs with astigmatism.
    $1300! No thanks. I’ll stick with my 3/8 MOA Ruger Precision Rifle in .308.

  • Charles

    Total waste of money. For that kind of money, you can have a modern military firearm, with all the bells and whistles. Why screw with the antique?

  • Jackson Andrew Lewis

    for the price ill go buy a newer rifle and good glass……

  • ChiptheBarber

    I really don’t like it when old guns are modified. It’s absolutely none of my business what someone does with their property. But think of the thousands upon thousands of old Mausers and Enfields that have been sporterized. They used to be really affordable with the original military furniture, matching numbers and all. I bemoan the sale of many guns that I have owned in the past but none much more than a super sweet Husqvarna Swedish Mauser and an all matching K98K. I will have to spend REAL $$ now to replace them. If I understand this article correctly, Mr. H. said no mods necessary for this stock conversion. This would actually not change the gun at all, just hang on to the wooden stock and preserve a really nice Swiss weapon for posterity. And, yeah, that’s a little steep on the price.

    • Secundius

      So “Frankensteining” an “AR” or “AK” is Totally Acceptable, but not a Vintage “Battle Rifles” of Two World Wars?/!

      • ChiptheBarber


  • RickOAA .

    That is cool…though about $400 too much.

  • Mark Walker

    Amazing, we almost got through these comments without getting personal or political. Beauty (and value) tends to lie in the eyes of the beholder. May our 2nd continue to provide the freedoms of the 1st.

  • Lyle

    Could that telescope be any higher over the bore? Shouldn’t it be at least a foot or two over, so you can shoot from the hip and still use your Chinese 40x scope with select-color illuminated reticle?

    • Secundius

      How would Elevating a Scope Help, in the Aid of Firing from the Hip? Just get yourself a CCTV Scope with Adjustable Viewing Monitor or Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Projected Glasses. At least that way you can see where you’re walking…

  • Keith Thomas Locke

    OMG that is sexy…..