Firepower United aka Phuc Long posted this photo of a Volquartsen tactical .22LR pistol. Volquartsen is well known for making high end versions of Ruger’s popular 10/22 and MKIII/IV pistols. The Scorpion is one of their pistols base do off of the Ruger MKIII.

there are not many .22lr pistols that come with a top and bottom picatinny rail for lights and optics. On top of that the barrel isn’t threaded for suppressors. Typically you only get two of the three options. Pistols like the Sig Scorpion, M&P 22 have rails for lights and can have a threaded barrel but they  don’t have an optic rail. Ruger MKIII/IV pistols have threaded barrels and optic rails but no accessory rail for lights. However Ruger has added some new pistols to their MKIV line. One of which is a tactical model with all three features mentioned above.


  • MrBrassporkchop

    Dang that’s cool.

    I need a 22 pistol and been thinking about a s&w or ruger but this makes the decision even harder.

    • Mike N.

      Well the fact that a Scorpion is a $1,100 plus proposition might help you make up your mind. I put a Tacsol 4″ Trail-Lite threaded barrel and top Picatinny rail (for a holo sight) onto my Browning Buckmark, and still only have well under $600 total in the gun, and it shoots great with a suppressor.

      • Joshua

        I’m in the market too but I have a hard enough time justifying $600 for a .22 that I’m pretty sure I could make, asking $1 100 and over? I don’t think so

        • PersonCommenting

          Get a 22/45 lite, one of the older models with threaded barrel. It should be around 300 now that the new models are out.

          • LGonDISQUS

            I love mine. Will likely never get rid of it. Not a fan of the LCI though, and installed the tandemkross LCI delete, but still…

        • MrBrassporkchop

          Actually the way I see it is you’ll be shooting the 22 more than any other gun anyway.

          And it’s weird that we use this arguments for 22s but not any of the others. Like “why should I get a 9mm for 500 when I can just save up and get a 44 magnum for like 200 or so more?”

          • Joshua

            to a certain extent I do that too….
            I suspect it has something to do with how we regard .22 as “a toy”

    • noob

      Strange how a tubular upper receiver on the Ruger MKIV tactical looks sporting and a square one on this Volquartsen Scorpion looks tactical. Both designs of upper receivers are identical in function – it’s purely style.

  • FredXDerf


    • Twilight sparkle

      I’m wondering the same thing here. Not sure if it’s a typo or if I’m just misreading the sentence

      • Nicholas C

        Yeah it was a typo.

        • Twilight sparkle

          Gotta love auto correct

  • Sledgecrowbar

    I was smitten with the modular nature of the Ruger Mk pistols back when I was new to guns but it’s not really modular if the part you want to be able to swap out for a long barrel/threaded/railed/etc. version is the serialized part. Imagine if AR upper had the serial number. And the barrel was pressed in. I went Glock instead but it would be nice if someone would come out with… oh wait the P320. Just have to wait for the market to make accessories for it. I guess someone would have to buy one first.

  • Gudbuh199

    Ruger 22/45 – duh !!!!! Threaded barrel – top rail – bottom rail – for under $500.

    • jcitizen

      You made me look – YUP!

  • Edeco

    Wishing Browning would do a Buckmark URX Contour 7.25″ threaded and with a light rail (they have optic rails). Might I have some serious mall ninj-ing to do? You bet!

  • itsmefool

    Why did he post it and not Vol?