Philippines Gets A New SDMR

Thanks to Azril B. for sharing this new rifle development in the Philippines.

This is what newest firearms development from our neighbour Philippines. 
On 28 February 2017, Philippines’s Government Arsenal (GA) , The Philippine government agency under Department of National Defense handing over to Philippines Armed Forces (PAF) their new refurbished M16A1 rifles upgraded to “Squad Designated Marksman Rifle” in GA headquarters in Bataan. According to GA website, about 50 unit refurbished M16A1 handed to PAF consist of :- 
1) 46 units of 16 inch Mid-Length Carbines
2) 10 unit with Aim-Point Sight
3) 04 units of SDMR with ACOG optical sight
From the look at it, apparently the rifle is refurbished with new picatiny rail, flip front and back sight, new coat and new barrel (on SDMR variant). If you ask me, it look very similar like Canadian Diemaco C7/8 rifle.
Although Philippines arms industry is seem kinda little than giant like H&K or Beretta. But still they could produce some interesting firearms. For example joint American-Philippines built Ferfrans SOAR was proven and used by Royal Malaysian Police UTK as general service rifle (FERFRANS_SOAR_UTK_PDRM Credits:Wikipedia). 
Still. This is an interesting development.
(p.s :- I not sure if this a refurbished or newly built rifle since (picture :002) you can see the rifle box is marked as “Rifle, 5.56mm, M16A1 (Refurbished))



Here is the Ferfans

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  • Hellbilly

    They sure are getting a lot of mileage out of those M16A1 lower receivers. They seem to be holding up very well.

    • Mike N.

      I wonder if they still make new production A1 style lowers? Their M16A1s are/were licensed built in the Phillipines, so they probably just kept using the tooling, instead of retooling to the A2 design.

      Also, that handguard looks very Daniel Defense.

      • Ben Loong

        The old Elisco line was unfortunately sold off when that company was liquidated in the late 80s. However, the arsenal does actually have the original Colt technical data package so they could in fact make new receivers. Though a lot of the ones they’ve used so far are either from old rifles or new-old stock spares.

  • neckbone

    Is that Noveske bazooka green color?

  • Caffeinated

    That’s definitely a M16A1 lower so it probably is refurbished. Those lowers are probably older than the end users.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Holy sh-t!
    Those guys can shoot one handed with no sights. We better not mess with them.

    • Ominae

      Colonel Jonathan C. Martir (Philippine Marine Corps) is the guy shooting with one hand. He’s in charge of the MSSR rifle project.

  • Jan Moszczuk

    I still want that ferfrans bolt carrier

    • Twilight sparkle

      I don’t see a benifit unless you have full auto

  • lannna

    Probably no need for the 7.62 due to them operating jungle with little concrete cover, so less need for greater penetration and distance. Logistics to supply ammo would probably be a big burden as well.
    Given the budget constraints here, perhaps a 16 inch barrel with suppressor is the better option. The lessened, noise, blast and recoil will increase accuracy in the field. (more so with troops with less training) And give one guy a night option with nvgs. (and silent option if they have subsonic ammo handy) The suppressor will increase velocity and velocity only really starts to dip at 18 inches so the velocity loss will be very small. The suppressor can be pinned to prevent theft, cleaning can be done by dipping it in solvent. Just alot more capability for not much more weight, length or cost.

  • Cynical_Asshole

    yep. those SDMRs use mid length gas systems and DD barrels. the handguards used are definitely from DD as well. we got a lot of roughed-up M16A1s in inventory, so this upgrade/refurb program makes a whole lot of sense. swing over to the Government Arsenal’s FB page, if you want. they got a lot of pics of the rifles in question, among other things.

  • Ben Loong

    These refurbs/upgrades have actually been ongoing for a couple years now. The 16-inch SDMR was actually a special request from the Scout Rangers for a more compact weapon than the 18-inch SPR that was developed for the army (from what I saw of that it seemed to be patterned after the Daniel Defense Mk.12) and the newer Marine Scout Sniper Rifles. The other mid-length carbine is what’s supposed to be the standard service rifle* that they’ll make once a new production line can be set up where the old Elisco factory used to be.**

    The DMRs/SPRs are based on previous experience with the development of the MSSR (no coincidence, since the current arsenal director used to be the marine officer who led the development of it), which was originally just supposed to be a stopgap measure because of budget constraints in the mid-90s. As it turned out, its performance in actual combat made it the primary rifle of the Marine Corps snipers.

    *The outline for the rifle manufacturing project outlined three basic configurations: Recon/SOF (M4A1), service rifle (mid-length carbine) & DMR/SPR.
    **Funny story, apparently when the Colt license for the M16A1 expired, Elisco was supposed to destroy the TDP. What ended up happening was that all the documentation got lost in the archives of the army LOGCOM. A couple years ago the arsenal was able to get its hands on the documents as well as all the new-old stock Elisco spare parts.

  • Ominae

    The guy shooting with one hand is Colonel Jonathan C. Martir (Philippine Marine Corps). He pioneered the creation of the MSSR.

  • Ominae

    The guy shooting with one hand is Colonel Jonathan C. Martir (Philippine Marine Corps). He’s in charge of the MSSR rifle project in the 90s.

  • mazkact

    OD is the new FDE.