No Excuses, Go Shoot USPSA

Keith Russell uses an electric wheel chair to get around. I do not know what his disability is, but it doesn’t matter. This guy can shoot! He appears to be using an M&P9L CORE




Some may think there is an issue here. But that is fear from ignorance. Kevin appears to be a safe and capable shooter. Watch his trigger discipline when he maneuvers his wheel chair. I like his mag pouch leg rig for reloads. He slays those steel targets and makes the Texas Star look easy.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • Alan Perez
  • guest

    Do you want accidents? Because this is how you get shooting accidents.

    • plumber576

      Do you want to encourage ignorance? Because this is how you get ignorance.

      • guest

        The man in the wheelchair is holding the gun wrong. Some RO and/or his buddy that got him there didn’t instruct him in proper firearms handling, which especially for someone new to shooting has to be done from the very outset as a wrong habit that takes root early is the worst.
        Hence I assumed that since there is that example of wrong firearms handling the assumption that even more wrong training/handling is involved.

        And what did you imagine little snowflake bunny, that I tried to assault the man for being handicapped, didn’t you? You just assumed that, didn’t you?

        • some other guest

          “The man in the wheelchair is holding the gun wrong…I tried to assault the man for being handicapped”
          Assault, no. Imply he shouldn’t be practicing. Definitely.
          Is his weapons handling unsafe or does his stance not conform to your opinion of perfect? Is he capable of assuming that position? What are the results of his use of this stance?
          -some other guest too chicken to use his name or at least come up with an alias

          • guest

            Oh, there we go: I clearly explained what I ment, I went on to explain what I concluded from the video, you still put words in my mouth and now complain about my anonymity? You and bunny here, hold hands and go back to school where you can have a second honest attempt at growing up.

          • Phillip Cooper

            The ad-hominem attacks coming from you- as well as the use of the guest account- tell us everything about you we need to know.

          • Nicholas C

            His “grip” is not dangerous. While bending the elbows may not be ideal, did it occur to you he physically may not be able to extend his arms out straight and that may be the limit to his reach?

            All that matters is that he can shoot without harming or endangering anyone.

            What could go wrong with his grip? so far I have not seen him lose control during recoil or muzzle climb. If he had a better ported/compensated pistol all of that would be mitigated.

            I still don’t see how his grip is unsafe.

          • guest

            What, even TFB staff has become stupid now?

            Let me explain again: your website featured another article about unsafe gun use by another man in a wheelchair (the over-the-180-angle one). I am NOT saying the way this man holding the gun is unsafe – I am saying it’s wrong. Now here comes the difficult part, please use as much of your mental abilities as you can to grasp it: judging by how perhaps the man has not been instructed in how to hold the gun properly (extend the arms and/or lock elbow joints) I am ASSUMING that probably this video shows another example of idiot ROs or whoever else who have a man clearly not very well prepaired for shooting doing just that at the range, just for the sake of “you can do this!” which should really apply for something else than handling firearms.
            Do you understand that?
            Now, I may be wrong, but for the lack of opposing evidence I will assume I am right.

          • Nicholas C

            Ok so I misunderstood you. According to you he is holding the gun wrong.

            And because he doesn’t shoot the way you think he should, that he shouldn’t shoot at all? Why? What does his shooting form bother you so much?

            You make a huge deal that everyone is not seeing what you are seeing. Myself included. And rather than getting upset about it, perhaps you should explain yourself better.

            I posted that other article about the guy in a wheel chair. And you missed the point of that article. It was unsafe, not because the shooter was in a wheel chair, but because of how he was being pushed forward while everyone else had advanced down range. He was unsafe because he was shooting with people down range and watching the RO clumsily push him around on uneven ground did not look like he was in control.

            Totally different scenario here, even though Kevin is using a wheelchair on uneven ground, he is in control of his firearm and at no time does his gun remotely come close to flagging anyone, no one is down range while he is shooting.

            His grip/stance is not the problem. He might not be able to physically lock his arms and conform to your narrow idea of proper shooting form,

          • Keith Russell

            Should I hold it sideways next match? Maybe this is the correct way since he doesn’t like my uneducated methods lol

            Maybe just maybe you are correct in that the spinal cord injury dictates shooting form.

          • Nicholas C
        • Cisco

          After watching the videos, I am not seeing what you are. He is no more dangerous or unsafe then any other shooters I see running these courses. When you run these courses there is an increased risk, which means the shooter must be more aware of his surroundings. He practices good trigger and muzzle discipline.

          Also why must he conform to your grip and stance? Is it because you need validation you are doing it corretly? Or is that you are intimidated by his skill and afraid you will lose to him? Because, by your message you already have lost, as he is more confident to go out do what he loves and not care about the judgement of others.

          • guest

            It’s not “my” stance or way of holding a handgun, it is what EVERYONE who has had even SOME training use. If you hold and fire a handgun with that much bend in the elbows you are doing it wrong by ANY standard!
            And then you go on to say:
            “By your message you already have lost, as he is more confident to go out
            do what he loves and not care about the judgement of others,”
            Did I complain about that? Did I? Or perhaps I explained in plain english that the RO or whoever is with him should have paid more attention? Jesus tapdancing Christ you do have a serious issue with understanding people.
            Just some months ago there was a similar case: man in wheelchair, it was an article here on TFB. The instructor went on to push the man in the wheelchair towards the target as he kept firing. The other shooters advanced on foot, and were already ahead of the man in the wheelchair, while he was still shooting, meaning the 180-degree rule was grosely violated. Then the surface of the range that the wheelchair was moved on was very uneven, even rocky, creating another danger – having the wheelchair fall over with the shooter in it.

            Now, please understand me you little oversensitive snowflake: there is just ONE way of running a range. I didn’t invent it, I have not contributed to it. Bur I understand and believe in that practice fundamentally. And when I see stupid s*** I call it like it is.

          • Phillip Cooper

            Why must you constantly call people who disagree “little snowflake”. I think this says a lot about your personality, and I don’t think you’d be welcome in my house.

            Regarding comparing this to the shell-littered range in the previous article you mentioned- yes, THAT was a safety hazarrd, as much for anyone on foot as the wheelchair.. .but your trying to compare this to that instance, where the wheelchair shooter was behind the others on the line, is irrelant.

          • guest

            I wouldn’t step foot in your house as I do not associate with idiots.

          • Phillip Cooper

            Does your mother know you pretend to be a badass on the Internet?
            Karma has a way of dealing with people like you. I only hope I’m allowed to watch.

          • NeoBlackdog

            Did it occur to you that due to his disability he may not be able to shoot any other way, that what you consider to be correct may be physically impossible for him? Get back to your PlayStation.

        • plumber576

          Snowflake bunny? GTFO.
          I’m a pink fluffy bunny. The most intimidating of all bunnies. Carrots don’t forget my wrath and neither should you.

          • SignalFromTheRim

            #respect the pink fluffy bunny!

          • Suppressed

            Whenever I hear/see someone call someone else a snowflake, I just automatically tune out anything else they have to say, and I’m not even liberal.

          • n0truscotsman

            How could anybody be mad at you after that response?

        • Phillip Cooper

          He may very well be holding the firearm to the best of his ability. He’s bound to a wheelchair for a reason, remember..
          I don’t see where he’s doing anything terribly unsafe.
          In fact his engagement of the Texas Star was particularly impressive.

  • Tp

    As long as he can control the firearm, he has as much right to be there as anyone else!

  • Rick O’Shay

    Kudos to him. The Texas star bit impressed me, for sure. He’s clearly put a lot of practice in it, the RO was alert and attentive, and at no point would I have felt uncomfortable on the range as a fellow shooter. Thanks for posting this.

  • 22winmag

    I’d feel much more comfortable shooting alongside this guy than the packs of geeky, giggly Asian guys who seem to always be visit the local public ranges at the same moment I do.

    • crwth

      I’d feel more comfortable shooting alongside this guy than the packs of racist, trigger-jerking rednecks who always seem to be visiting the local public ranges at the same moment I do.

      • USMC03Vet

        Claims racism, uses racist term.

        You must be one of those rare liberal gun owners.

      • Collin Iams

        Nothing in that statement by 22winmag was racist. Purely stating he feels uncomfortable shooting alongside a certain group of individuals who just happen to be geeky, giggly, and Asian is descriptive, not racist. Maybe they annoy him while he’s trying to shoot groups. Maybe they’re unsafe. You didn’t ask, so you don’t know.

        • Ryfyle

          Sounds kinda like the Clark County range here in Vegas, ‘Cept without the Giggly and geeky-ness. Doesn’t realty change much though.

  • Nicks87

    “Some may think there is an issue here” Really? All I see is an American enjoying his freedom.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    I do not know the disability of the specific shooter mentioned, but speaking of shooters with disabilities in general, if he understands the danger of what is happening, exhibits proper safety, and has the emotional stability to be trusted with a deadly weapon then I have no issue.

    But those are my exact standards for anyone who shoots; “disability” or not.

  • Joel

    Kevin, you are an inspiration. Thanks.
    I will train harder and make fewer excuses.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    The only possible safety issue I can think of is that his chair isnt built for off roading.
    Might be a tip over risk.
    They should probably lay down some plywood for him.

    Other than that he looks good to go and also doing some nice shooting.

    • Plywood would make it less safe for other shooters. It is hard to get good traction on plywood and other slick surfaces.

  • Bigbigpoopi

    But I’m too fat

    • LGonDISQUS

      Mart cart ???

    • DW

      Shooting also fix that

      • Phillip Cooper

        Well, shooting sports maybe..

  • derfelcadarn

    The only issue here would be ignorance on the parts of some folks..Way to go, Kevin.

  • Rick M.

    Awsome Shot, fantastic spirit.

  • guest

    I think I will report this death threat, so that some cops can have a word with you about “real life”.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Good luck with that, little boy. You don’t know which cops to report it to, or who “The big bad man on the Internet” is.

      • Keith Russell

        Keith Russell here… the blog got my name wrong it’s not Kevin… first off to those that enjoyed the video I’m glad you like it.

        Now let’s address some points… say what you want about me but the idiot RO comments are just plain ridiculous. At no point did an RO show incompetence in letting me continue because at no point did I do anything unsafe.

        Apparently I’ve never been taught how to hold a pistol – boy oh boy I’ve actually taken several classes in which I was the student and taught several as instructor. I’m willing to bet I’ve done more classes as a student than you. The technique you see is unconventional I’ll give you that but due to a spinal cord injury it’s what you get. You can add me on Facebook there are more videos. I think my accuracy shown kinda blows your argument that I’ve had no instruction. It’s laughable really.

        As far as “this is how you get shooting accidents ” once again I challenge you to go through my Facebook and look at the video I just shared from a match last year. It was full of 180 traps. Watch it then get back to me about safety. I think it’s ridiculous to get compared to the guy in Yaegars class. He operated a completely unsafe range and had students downrange while he pushed the chair. In no way shape or form would that be ok but clearly you know more.

        • Keith Russell

          Yes Phillip, I’m afraid that our guest can’t comprehend muzzle awareness and trigger discipline. Video shows I’m pretty used to those concepts. I think we are all wasting time trying to talk to him.

        • Nicholas C

          Sorry about that Keith. I have edited and corrected this mistake. Thank you.

        • NeoBlackdog

          I’d welcome you at our local range any day! Good shootin’!

        • Phillip Cooper

          I’m definitely not one of your detractors. You can outshoot me any time, and I’ve no problem admitting as much.

  • Bucho4Prez

    No worries from me. I find “Laser-grips mag-dump guy” more of a cause of concern.