MK Machining Bullpup Remington 700 Chasis

Right before SHOT show MK Machining announced a bullpup stock chassis for the Remington 700 with posts to various social media outlets including Reddit and Facebook. We have seen a few attempts at a bullpup Remington 700 stock in the past, but there does not appear to be a readily available option to the bullpup enthusiast unless you want to make your own stock. MK Machine promises to change all that.

The MK Machine chassis weighs in at 5 pounds of machined 6061 aluminum alloy and utilizes a v-block type bedding system using the standard Remington 700 action holes. The overall length of the bullpup with a standard 20 inch barrel is approximately 30 inches. MK Machining claims that the trigger pull, which is usually a point of contention with bullpups, is fantastic and that it is as good as a quality aftermarket Remington 700 trigger.

According to MK Machine, initially the bullpup chassis will be offered only for Remington 700 short-actions, but they promise Remington 700 long-actions are next in line. MK Machine also promises additional popular bolt action rifles applications in the future. You can see a bunch of videos of the chassis on MK Machine’s Facebook page.

MK Machining is a Columbia, Missouri based company best known for inexpensive scope throw levers printed out of PETG polymer. You can find out more about all of MK Machining’s products here at

MK Machining Bullpup Rem 700 Chassis

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  • Giolli Joker

    A photo from the bolt handle side would be helpful.
    Personally I’m curious to know if they placed an extension on the bolt handle to allow operation like on a standard rifle or they just moved the action backward.

    • Jeff

      Look at the video on their spacebook page. They admit it’s “certainly not ergonomic without a bolt extension,” which it doesn’t have.

      And it’s not. VERY awkward, and to me, pointless.

    • Tyler Kemp

      Hey Giolli, Tyler co-owner of MKM here. The bolt extension is an optional add-on that clamps on standard aftermarket bolt threads. I’ve attached a pic for you, wish one was in the article.

      For some folks aesthetics supercede ergonomics, and maybe they don’t need the faster followup offered by the bolt extension. Nonetheless, it is an option that is available at launch and works quite well! Consumer chassis will of course be finished, with a black anodized hardcoat for maximum durability.

      • Bierstadt54

        I am going to need to see some reviews before I believe a bullpup has a good trigger, but kudos on focusing on this issue.

        • Sunshine_Shooter

          In another post, Mr. Kemp states that Timney makes a trigger that hooks into their linkage system.

  • Lt. Dan

    Is anyone else concerned about the Remington action vent holes being right next to your face if there is an over pressure event?

  • MikeSmith13807

    Very cool! I love the idea of a bullpup of any kind, mainly because it offsets the added length of a suppressor. Nice to see a more affordable option than DT–I don’t care about swapping calibers.

  • Avid Fan
  • Cm

    is this a solution that’s never going to find it’s problem? I also find not including the bolt extension cheap. it’s bad marketing. this is a niche market item. I picture a common scenario where gear monkeys buy it because it’s cool vs. of real use to them and find it frustrating to use. “why am I going to buy an add-on for a piece of junk?”. bad reputation grows.

  • Secundius

    It tells you something when you can’t find the Price of the Conversion Kit ANYWHERE…

  • Benjamin Goldstein

    Only been waiting two years…….. And still not ready for sale.

    • Secundius

      Website called REBRN dated 28 December 2016, places price from ~$1,750.00 to ~$2,000.00 USD for MT Machined Rem700 Stock. Still Nothing on Possible Sellers…

      • Benjamin Goldstein

        I think i will just machine my own, i have a spare XP100 trigger set floating around

        • Secundius

          I’ll settle for the Waffen-Gregor .30-06 BAR II Bullpup instead. Smaller (~31-inches long) and STILL has a 22-inch Barrel…

          • Benjamin Goldstein

            i wish i could own a BAR in my country..

          • Secundius

            What Country? If you don’t mind me asking…

          • Benjamin Goldstein

            Australia. It was a awesome country once….

          • Secundius

            Anywhere near New South Wales? As of 11 March 2010, “Security Guards” are allow to carry High-Powered Arms (No Specifications Given on Types), which “Bent” the “Green MP’s” Out of Shape as a Overly Relaxed Enforcement of the Established Laws. Are there ANY Australian Restrictions on the Physical Condition of a “Security Guard”? Just Saying…

          • Benjamin Goldstein

            I know allot of guys in the security industry, I wouldnt class a 5 shot pump action 12 gauge and a Glock19 as High powered… And they can only carry those in Cash transport…

          • Secundius

            Just a thought…

    • Tyler Kemp

      You haven’t been waiting for years. This hasn’t even been in progress for two years. I started machining the first prototype less than two years ago.