Britain’s Growing Practical Shooting Sport

Our first episode with Callum from English Shooting covered the intricacies of the laws and regulations that govern firearm and shotgun ownership in the United Kingdom. But in this episode, we discuss the growing sport of Practical Shooting. Essentially based on Three Gun, or Two Gun in the United States, the sport is appealing to British shooters for a number of reasons, one of which is that it offers a diverse and changing environment for shooters to compete in, unlike anything that has been available before.

Apart from the pistol rifle, and the restrictions on semi-auto centerfire rifles, the equipment and firearms are virtually identical to what American shooters would be used to in competing through the various action match sports we have available to us today. Although the British shooters are much more limited than their U.S. counterparts are, they have still managed to build up a passionate community that is devoted to safety, accuracy, and passing on the sport of competitive shooting.

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  • Contemplation

    Kinda sad they are gimped but at least shooting sports are picking up steam over there.

    • Gary Kirk

      “Gimped” is a bit of an understatement.. More like a one legged man in an A$$ kickin contest..

      • Porty1119

        The shotguns are non-gimped at least. Brits can own Saiga-12s.

  • Sgt. Stedenko

    You dont need to go to Britain to get your hair highlighted.

  • Anonymoose

    Needs moar Cowboy Action.

    • Porty1119

      I’d consider an 1858 Remington, Winchester ’66, and coach gun to be a good combo. Brits can own muzzleloading handguns, including revolvers, and a cap-and-ball is still a formidable piece.

    • Edeco

      RASS: Roundhead Action Shooting Society. They can dress in buff coats and use guns with pre-cap ignition.

      • HenryV


  • Kevin Craig


    Please stop waving the microphone around!

    • Y-man


  • Edeco

    Poor Old Blighty 🙁

    *whips M&P22c out of pants, pokes into video on phone screen as if to pass through*

  • J-

    I have to say I am a tad jealous that 12 inches is th minimum length for a rifle in the U.K. I wouldn’t mind adopting that definition here in the US.

  • John

    Uh oh…the Red Coats are coming….again…


  • BRT

    They havent any rights, and when this practical sport start being a political concern, stablishment will take actions to restringe also p… .22 semiautos and replace them by slingshots.