TorkMag Launches The G-Block Mag Well Conversion For AR-15 To Glock Mags With A Video

Our good friends over at TorkMag have launched the new G-Block mag well with a video showing the new conversion block in use. Our very own Ray got a chance to catch up with Jarret at SHOT 2017 and was able to look at one of the prototypes at the show, you can read his post HERE.

Since SHOT Jarrett has refined the design a bit to bring the price to a palatable level and is planning a roll out this summer. The two-piece design allows it to fit into any standard 5.56/.223 AR mag well and use standard 9mm or .40 S&W Glock magazines depending on what caliber you have. TorkMag also includes a jig to modify your Glock mags so that they utilize the factory AR mag catch.

I have high hopes for the G-Block since I am one of the many short barreled rifle owners out there that have a 5.56 lower that I would love to quickly convert to accept a 9mm upper and Glock mags to run one of my AR SBRs in a pistol caliber carbine match.

Check out the G-Block Mag Well over at the TorkMag website, it appears that the MSRP is going to be $74.95 and will include the mag cutting guide with the two-part mag well.

Patrick R

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  • Audie Bakerson

    Anyone make an M&P magblock/lower?

    • Big Daddy

      I wanted one that took the Sterling mags that were going for $15 a piece a few years ago. Said to be the best SMG mag ever made.

      I’m still waiting for the QC10 MP5 mag lower and upper. It’s suppose to be out in summer 2017.

  • Gary Kirk

    Jig to modify your Glock mags to work with the AR catch huh?? But, will they still function reliably in the Glock they’re actually for?

    • Thomas Bennett

      it only removes a portion of the polymer at the back, no where near the standard Glock Mag catch. Also, think about Gen 3-Gen 4 Glock mags. They removed polymer for the SF Frame Ambi Mag catch, and then removed polymer on the opposite side for the Gen 4 Ambi Mag catch. This simply removes polymer in a different spot.

      Only issue with this block I can see is that you are limited to OEM and similar metal-with-polymer-over-top magazines. P-Mags, ETS, and other all polymer Glock mags may need to be completely cut through. Whether or not that can cause undue stress on the mag body remains to be seen. I’d rather not cut a hole in a solid polymer magazine. Not a big issue for me, since I only have OEM mags.

      If I didn’t already have a dedicated Glock Lower, I’d be VERY tempted to try this out at $75.

      My only concern is that as with MOST Magwell adapter drop in blocks, failure to feed can be an issue (see anecdotal evidence of RRA, Hahn, Spikes, etc etc etc).

      Maybe they have perfected the art.

      • PK

        “If I didn’t already have a dedicated Glock Lower, I’d be VERY tempted to try this out at $75.”

        Exactly my thinking. TorkMag may still be early enough to grab a lot of attention, and of course they’ll attract the registered receiver market as well.

        • John

          Indeed, the attraction to me is I have two RR M-16 receivers which I would love to be able to use this in.

      • TorkMag Inc.

        That’s correct Thomas, the mags still function in any other Glock-compatible firearm because their original catches are intact. We’re molding our own Glock 17 mags with an integral AR catch too.

        The G-Block prototypes have been run hard to perfect the feedramp and get rid of FTF’s. We’ve fired multiple 500 round stress tests with zero failures of any kind.

        • Thomas Bennett

          On the stress tests, did you run the gamut of different bullet contours and weights such as round nose, flat nose, EFMJs, hollow-points, etcetera?

          Because if you can run different weights and profiles of bullets, flawlessly… I’m sold.

          I only wish that you could incorporate some sort of last round bolt hold open, but I think that’s asking too much of a $75 product.

          • TorkMag Inc.

            Yes to all, but (full disclosure here) we ran primarily round and hollow. LRBHO would be nice but it’d require modifications to the lower itself.

          • Thomas Bennett


            How has this not been a thing for years? Thanks for making this, and keeping it affordable!

        • Ranger Rick

          After I saw this at Shot I’ve been anxiously awaiting production. Too many great ideas preview in Laa Vegas and then disappear.

  • John


    I’ve been wondering when this would come out. If I had a machine shop at my disposal, I’d have done it a long time ago!


  • MarcoPolo

    I’m glad they priced this right. Previous magwell conversion kits have cost hundreds, which is just stupid. For $75, I think they will sell a ton of these if they work properly.

    • Cymond

      Yup. The price of magwell adapters drove me to look at dedicated lowers.

  • Sledgecrowbar

    I think I’d buy PMAG’s and paint the cutout in the jig, then file it out. PMAG’s have made Glock mags for toy projects obsolete. I use factory mags for things like carry and competition, but PMAG’s have been a real help on the pocketbook. Also, they really aren’t less reliable than factory mags, which is the single most important metric for mags. And it looks like they’re coming out with a 20-round 9mm mag with the cutout molded in at $20 MSRP, so it might be comparable to a PMAG in street price.

  • Rome

    Looks good! Also: “*TorkMag is known to the state of California to cause cancer. Also in CO, CT, NJ, MD, MA, NY, and HI. ” LOL

  • c4v3man

    This looks like it has a huge potential for issues, and you’d all be idiots to order them as soon as they’re released causing backorders. Make sure you all wait till the first reviews before buying this…

    Meanwhile, who has two thumbs and signed up for the availability notification… this guy! Hopefully the preorder doesn’t start while I’m out of town. This summer is going to be awash with new PCC competitors in USPSA/IDPA. Should be getting my scorpion SBR stamp any day now to satisfy my 9mm needs, but I need a cheap plinking upper for my 300 blackout sbr.

  • PeterK

    Yeah I’m interested.

  • A.WChuck

    Peter Tork, the forgotten Monkee.

    This looks promising. Maybe I will build a PCC this year.

  • Sam

    Time to start putting together a 9mm upper and stocking up on 30rd Glock mags… also gotta remember to send another email to my Congressman about the HPA!

  • Stephen Jakubowski

    I’d love it if they put out a version for beretta 92 mags.

  • Cymond

    Unfortunately, I bought a dedicated lower in September, and completed it months ago. Now I’m working on the upper.

    It might still be worth getting this eventually, and building a second upper.