This is my friend’s wall of NFA fun. He is an FFL. This is only 1 of three walls. Mostly everything there is select fire or NFA of some sort. Most have been converted while the KRISS Vector and H&K UMP are bonafide machine guns from factory. I took this photo while filling out paper work for an Alpha Dog silencer that I am getting.


  • Twilight sparkle

    I wonder how that Tec 9 receiver has held up to full auto

    • PK

      Usually, they hold up just fine. The original pistols were open bolt, the PDW/SMG were open bolt, and the only real problem guns were the closed bolt striker models.

      • Twilight sparkle

        Interesting, I wasn’t aware that the issues started with the closed bolt design. I haven’t ran into an original open bolt gun

        • PK

          The KG9 was the original pistol, but the BATFE started saying “no-go” in 1981. The KG99 came out shortly after, and various modifications and copies of that led to the Tec9 and so forth. Basically, the originals (both NFA and semi-auto pistols) are all open bolt and dead reliable. Most of the KG99 examples are reliable, and shortcuts were taken after that which led to more and more reliability issues.

          • Twilight sparkle

            I’ve read of the history about how they had to change from open bolt to closed because of the atf but I didn’t realize they changed the design enough to cause receiver issues.

          • PK

            The closed bolt guns tended to have the bolt moving much more briskly to the rear, and the more violent reciprocating causes problems over time. That’s especially the case with hotter ammo.

  • A bearded being from beyond ti

    That AK makes my soul bleed

    • Suppressed

      Is it a Saiga-12? I’m just going off the muzzle device, I’m no AK expert.

      • Justin

        It looks like it has an adjustable gas regulator so maybe. if so it looks to be a SBS (short barreled Shotgun). I can’t really be sure from the picture, if they had a magazine in the weapon it would be easy to tell

        I had to take my Saiga 12 down to the frame three times trying to get it to run correctly, at this point I could probably build one if I a parts kit.

      • A bearded being from beyond ti

        Looking closer at it, it does look more like a Saiga. Still an abomination though

    • thedonn007

      LOL. I had to look real hard to find it.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Wish my wall looked like that.

    In my experience the MAC-10 is uncontrollable without the barrel extension.

  • PXN

    Oh man… that MCR (drools)

  • Anonymoose
  • SP mclaughlin

    That 9mm AR is missing something lol

  • Brett

    STOP! I can only get so erect.

  • Porty1119

    That 870 SBS is calling my name.

  • Jay Abramson

    Is that a fun-switch I see on that stocked Glock?

    • Gary Kirk

      That’d be on the other side of it.. But may be an 18 nonetheless, don’t see someone going through the process just to put a stock on a 17..

      • Jay Abramson

        I was thinking of the aftermarket pieces that replace the slide plate, rather than an actual Glock 18.

        • Gary Kirk

          Gotcha, was on my phone and couldn’t see the picture well enough to see the backplate.. After a closer look, does appear to be a 17 converted..

    • Stan Darsh

      Looks like a backplate FA conversion.

  • Gary Kirk

    Hope those are blanks in that shrike.. Cuz the giggle switch is on happy…

  • LongRanger

    This is nothing. You should see the attorney’s office who handles my trust that I buy my NFA items from.