Firearm Industry Jobs: H&K Looking For Staff

Heckler & Koch are hiring!

Heckler & Koch, a leading designer and manufacturer of small arms and light weapons, located in Columbus, GA, currently has immediate openings for the following positions:

  • Senior Design Engineer
  • Production Supervisor
  • Quality Engineer
  • Team Leader

For a full job description and additional requirements, please visit our Company website,

A career with Heckler & Koch Inc. offers the excitement and growth potential you would expect from a firearms manufacturer with such a rich and successful history as ours. We offer a competitive starting salary and benefit package. Interested parties may submit a resume by email to or online at

Equal Opportunity Employer

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Steve Johnson

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  • Major Tom

    I know I’m not qualified for any of those. After all, I don’t think you suck, nor do I hate you.

    I wouldn’t be compatible with them.

    • ostiariusalpha

      Go hang out in the TTAG comments section and Arfcom GD, you’ll pick up on hating the U.S. shooting community pretty fast.

      • ZMD

        No kidding.

      • Where’s that Colonel Kurtz guy talking about “the horror” when you need him?

  • Person

    Urgh, they got so un-innovative over time, not an interesting company.

    • Peter Nissen

      I have say I agree – HK’s glory days are behind them. Once cutting edge – it seems that since the accountants and corporate pirates have taken over and Heckler and “Coke” (pun intended) are going to slide down the same slippery slope as Colt — into bankruptcy.

      • Spike

        They never really was that innovative (rifle wise), G3, based on someone else’s design. MP5, based on G3. HK33, same. G36, AR180 in drag. HK416, AR-15 and AR180 (less drag) have a baby.
        Only thing they ever tried from scratch was G11, didn’t that end well!?!
        And this from someone who would love to work for them!

        • Klaus

          Your first three sentences are BS. If you took the time to actually research Cetme and HK you would agree. On the other hand the rest of your statement is pretty accurate. Just saying.

          • Spike

            So your saying that HK designed the G3 ALL on their own? And the MP5/HK33 don’t use ANY designs based on the G3? …Your right I do need to go back and read a few things.

  • USMC03Vet

    Too bad they aren’t an equal opportunity seller.

    • Ranger Rick

      Excellent observation.

  • KestrelBike

    Incoming flood of applicants from the Ilion and Huntsville areas…

    • Gary Kirk

      And then H&K became Colt, bankruptcy pending

  • CS

    I can’t get hired at HK because they hate me. ;D

  • Russ

    Wait! This isn’t “BREAKING NEWS”? Whhaaaaaa???

    The struggle is real on this one.

  • I suspect it was a matter of cost; at the time of its introduction, it was advertised as “The most expensive pistol in the world.” (google HK P7 Advertisement)

    Meanwhile, with the advent of polymer, more conventional designs have plummeted in cost, with VP9’s going for $600, Glocks for $500, Canik’s for $350, and Witness Polymers for $250.

    Even the superbly made, Swiss manufactured Sphinx SDP is struggling for sales – and thats only $850.

    HK probably figures that for $1500-$2,000, not to many P7’s will be sold.

    Now, if they somehow made a polymer frame version that shot as well as the old version for $800-$900, I could see that selling well.

  • Scott Wagner

    Because you aren’t going to pay 3k for them, that’s why.

  • Vhyrus

    I am going to submit my resume. Under skills and achievements I will put:
    “They suck, and I hate them.”

  • Steve

    They have any positions open for loading ammo in magazines backwards?

  • Geoff Timm

    The Walther CCP is the equivalent of the HK P7 and runs about $380..on sale.
    Who might be tempted.