The SureFire Field Notes Video Series

The pros at SureFire have put together an outstanding video series comprised of short clips with gunfighters explaining how to better use illumination to gain tactical superiority. The short version? Bad*sses using guns and lights together to make low light shooting look simple. The ‘Field Notes’ series is up to episode eight, and none of them disappoint – free up 20 minutes to watch all the episodes. I promise you it won’t be wasted.

Somehow in a two to three minute period, each guest instructor gives usable information for the defensive shooter. In the latest episode, U.S. Army Green Beret Aaron Barruga explains some very basic weapon light management concepts in a a very usable format. Without explaining the whole video, Barruga demonstrates how some shooters may activate their lights too early or even at a time when any illumination could be detrimental to the good guys.

Most of the time it seems like we focus on shiny new guns and gear and forget to talk about training, fundamentals and the proper use of the gear we already carry everyday. And that goes double for me. Let’s face it, you were already going to watch YouTube anyway, you might as well learn something from a group of experts who know their stuff.

Field Notes: Episide 8 – Aaron Barruga

Surefire field notes

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  • FLdeepdiver

    Before anyone cries “INFOTAINMENT”, remember that anything that gets people thinking about lights as an addition to their guns is good.

  • Dougscamo

    In Field Notes Ep. 8, it shows the trainer firing through his own windshield at the threat….something I never thought of until a friend of mine was able to keep a bad guy away with the same tactic….an epiphany….30 years ago….

    • Norm Glitz

      I’ll bet his ears are STILL ringing.

    • Core

      A windshield is a small price to pay to save your life.

  • Core

    Nice compilation. All good info. Haley’s advice about dynamic illumination and move is critical. I see this as being the most valuable take away form these videos. You ID yourself with the light and it may be a fatal mistake. Using the element of surprise, or speed, and knowing the threat’s position before popping that light is critical if possible.