Top 5 Underrated and Obscure Concealed Carry Guns

In this episode of TFBTV, James talks about five guns that he believes are under the radar in terms of being viable concealed carry options.  While there are a lot of great concealed carry options out there (and while there are a lot more than five underrated concealed carry pistols, so…sequel?), all of these are worth a look even if they are niche guns geared towards users with particular needs.

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James Reeves

• NRA-licensed concealed weapons instructor, 2012-present
Maxim Magazine’s MAXIMum Warrior, 2011
• “Co-Director” [air quotes] of TFBTV
• Former Regional Sales Rep, Interstate Arms Corp., MA
• Champion, Key West Cinco De Mayo Taco Eating Competition
• GLOCK® Certified Pistol Operator, 2017-2022
• Lawyer
► Instagram: jjreevesii
► Twitter: @jjreeves
► Vimeo: JJReeves
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  • MrBrassporkchop

    It would be funny if they just had the 5 most popular concealed carry guns but in FDE.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Well, well, Your Majesty!

    Shirts with buttons!

    • James Reeves

      AND a collar. I got gussied up for the big return vid.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Youre making the rest of us look bad, dude.

        • James Reeves

          I get back to my North Florida roots in the next two vids.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            I know somebody around here whos looking forward to that…..

            Good video BTW.

            Keep it up.

          • James Reeves

            Thanks man. You all are going to see more commentary vids from me this summer since they (surprisingly?) do better than reviews, although I do love pistol reviews. Next week is the 2017 version of the Springfield TRP Operator FWIW.

          • Gary Kirk

            Yeah, Iksni must be working hard on the college thing, or else he passed out soon as he saw a James R post, and just hasn’t regained consciousness yet..

          • DW

            Comrade Iks is admitted to ICU for sudden loss of consiousness, it is said on his desktop there is a paused TFB youtube video featuring James R. Hope he gets well soon!

          • iksnilol

            Hold yer horses, pardner, I was busy asleep whilst TFB updated.

          • Dougscamo

            I believe that….I was bedding an action and stiffening a forearm….on my rifle….

          • iksnilol

            I did the same… but not on a rifle.

          • Dougscamo


          • iksnilol

            It was on a pump airpistol 😀

            (also, Crosman, get your s### together, plastic breech?)

      • iksnilol

        Oh yeah, don’t mind seeing you with a collar 😉 😉 😉

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    That Bersa looks promising.

    • Rick O’Shay

      First thing I did was search my local gun classifieds…

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Me too.
        Nothing local.

        • Rick O’Shay

          Same here. 2-3 hour drive. I’m interested, not THAT interested.

    • adverse4

      My 12 yr old Bersa Thunder .380 still shoots like right out of the box. No reason it shouldn’t really. Think it was $250 when I bought it. Very simple firearm, double action/single action, 6 + 1, de-cocker/safety. The sight set at 25 yards from factory was dead on. I’ve lately started waiting for the $$$ to pop up to buy the 9 mm version. I have my personal quota of two firearms, but, I think I’d like to have that Bersa 9 mm also.

  • Don Ward

    The Chiappa has got to be the most overrated revolver on the market.

    • James Reeves

      Donnie, if your comment gets a like it’ll be overrated, too.
      Kidding. I agree that it’s a controversial pick, but I stand by it. I think it is underrated because most of the people that trash it have never shot it. Plus the whole 6rd small-frame bit.

      • Don Ward

        Hey slick. I don’t call you Jimmie. You don’t call me Donnie. If I wanted to go by Donnie, I’d join a New Kids on the Block tribute band!

        Ummm… You don’t happen to want to start a New Kids on the Block firearm themed tribute band do you?

        Nah. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t disagree with your other four picks. It’s just that the Chiappa has SOOOO much attention online. Yeah, we get it. It has a low bore axis. And it looks weird. And a certain YouTube personality with a homicidal anthropomorphic Glock likes it . *Finger twirl* Everyone knows what it is.

        At the price point, I just don’t think it does everything that people make it out to be for self defense revolvers.

        • James Reeves

          Haha, yeah, I hate being called Jimmie.
          LOL I understand that! Overhyped, maybe, not overrated imo. Shoot one some time, you’ll be blinded by the light. And possibly crippled by the cylinder blast, but forget that for now. Dollar for dollar I think a lowly S&W 642/37/38 etc. in .38 beats it at half the cost, but when you start talking well-made .357s, it is a pretty good value at $700.
          I will get back to you on the NKOTB thing, however.

          • Don Ward

            OH. MY. GOD. (Becky)

            You’re using slightly different terminology than I used in describing the firearm equivalent of whether a glass is half full or half empty. We must settle the difference in a 47 page back-and-forth Internet flame war belittling the other man!

            I opted for the Ruger SP101 and haven’t regretted using it as my EDC. It’s stainless steel and built like a back-up dancer in a Sir Mix-a-Lot music video.

          • James Reeves

            The SP101 is nastay. I definitely would have considered it in this video, too. I feel like Ruger doesn’t get the attention it deserves on the merry-go-gun side.

          • Hugo Stiglitz

            The rhino 200ds was an impulse buy for me a few years ago…I already had a 340PD that I had ported (I know that makes me a bad person but I don’t regret it). The rhino is lots more pleasant to shoot but the last time I had it at the range, I had some light primer strikes with some cheap .38 ammo. I’m going to check it with some other brands. I may be treated to Chiappa’s customer service which I hear is not stellar. Bottom line, if I had to do it over again, I’d get an SP101 and send it off to Gemini Customs. I like the reliability of Rugers and S&W’s…even if I lose one round in the cylinder.

          • jonp

            Had one of those and carried it for a couple of years. Full house 158gr get’s very uncomfortable with the snub but I never felt undergunned. I did manage to get some pretty impressive fireballs with handloaded ammo. If I missed I would have set the perp on fire. Double win!

          • NotStroDamus

            Charter Arms Pitbull in .40s&w (6 of ’em!)
            No moon rings needed.
            Made in USA. Lifetime warranty. Accurate as heck. Runs like buttah!

          • Juan J Galan

            Sorry to get in… James how about s&w model 60 2.25″ shoot .357 magnum with a very manageable recoil and street price under $650. yes only 5 shoots but still comparable or even better than Chiappa. Just my opinion I’m not an expert like you. By the way congrats for your videos, good quality.

        • Edeco

          Gary the Glock! TYM is annoying, plays with his own opinions too much. I love Gary tho

          • Don Ward

            Gary is the star of that channel. Which is why Yankee keeps him locked up in a crawl space.

      • gunsandrockets

        One thing you didn’t mention about the Rhino, particularly as a CCW, is the fact the bizarre single-action cocking system means it could be pocket fired DA just like a hammerless DAO revolver (assuming you could find a pocket big enough to wield the Rhino that way!)

      • Gary Kirk

        The one thing I noticed, you kept mentioning the lower recoil.. If you’re shooting the same ammo, it has the same recoil.. It’s the lower bore axis of the Chiappa that gives it less muzzle flip, making it more controllable, not giving it less recoil..

        • jcitizen

          Let’s just say it looks really controllable.

      • Keiichi

        Here’s a like for Don just to push those rare buttons on your shirt ;^)

      • SPQR9

        I’ve shot it. Not a fan. The trigger system is very problematic.

      • jcitizen

        I’m interested in the Chiappa design, but wasn’t sure I wanted just another long barreled revolver just because it was a cool design – now that I saw your film and how light but controllable it is – I now want one! Looks like my next favorite CC choice!

        I’ve been holding off buying a Scandium Smith&Wesson for years because I was unsure whether the frame could take the guff.

    • MarcoPolo

      It’s a neat concept, but it’s a gigantic brick. I was really surprised by the size the first time I handled one.

      • James Reeves
        • It really is surprising to see a 200DS and a J Frame side by side; the Rhinette doesn’t actually take up any more space, but it fills the space it takes, so it seems much bigger even though it has roughly the same footprint. Or pocket print,as the case may be.

          • gunsandrockets

            And the Rhino is a six shot, compared to the five shot J-frame. So there’s that to consider when judging the size.

            The Rhino is certainly intriguing. I’m interested in shooting one sometime. But not interested enough to buy one of the pricey things!

          • noob

            filling the space in a wallet shaped square is how the Taurus Curve plans to avoid a recognizable through-the-jacket print. I guess this is how the pocket gun hides – by taking up the space where your money used to be.

          • [golf clap]

        • Gary Kirk

          Is that what she said??

          • James Reeves

            yes lol

      • David Silverstein

        The Rhino is very intriguing to me. Very few guns come out that have true innovation. Firing from the 6 o’clock cylinder position to reduce muzzle flip and felt recoil is quite clever. I really want to try one out, but they’ve priced me out of their consumer class.

  • DanGoodShot

    Great list! Good to see ya back. I missed your hair… mmmm.

    • Gary Kirk

      We may have a new iksni?..

      • DanGoodShot

        No one could replace iksnilol. Truly one of a kind there.

    • James Reeves

      ty Dan
      I think

      • DanGoodShot

        Your welcome. 😉

  • David

    I just got a Rhino. HIGLY disappointed with the fit. Parts don’t line up and machining does not match. Very disappointing.

    • Gary Kirk

      Chiappa, when completely overworked intricate parts don’t work out quite right..

      • BattleshipGrey

        Is that what made it KB? In my head I remember it being an ammo issue, but don’t quote me on it. Either way, that pic and the fact that that shooter’s hand was messed up afterward made me strike the Rhino off my “someday” list.

        • Giolli Joker

          Maybe a squib followed by a full power load putting undue stress on the frame? The cylinder looks fine.
          Edit: I guess I remember a discussion on this blog and yeah, pretty sure it was because of a squib… nothing to do with “intricate parts”

    • Blake

      Their 9mm M1 carbine copy (I hesitate to call it a reproduction) is equally a very interesting concept, & unfortunately of similar crappy build quality & poor function:

      Needless to say, I’m very glad I watched Taeflodermaus’ video before going any further on this hunk of junk.

      • Wetcoaster

        I’ve long suspected that someone decided that the M1-9 needed to use the same receiver castings as the M1-22 (They have the same barrel and overall lengths on the Chiappa site), leading to insufficient room for the bolt to run in the M1-9.

        If they’d also put in an over-heavy recoil spring to prevent hot ammo from battering the receiver (like what happens with semi-auto .22s firing too much hot ammo), that would certainly explain the unreliable cycling with lighter loads. But not the build quality. That’s a separate issue.

  • Gary Kirk

    Bersa.. Buy a Walther, copy as close as possible without violating patent.. Release at cost Walther should be..

    • DW

      Makarov. Capture a walther, copy as close as possible without giving a fuq about patent, released as surplus at dank price.

  • .45

    No Makarov PM? For shame.

    OK, I admit, the Makarov is really only obscure in the USA. One of the most common pistols in the rest of the world…

    Anyway, yes I have heard of Bersa. The Thunder specifically. The way I heard it, it was cheap, and not that reliable, don’t get one.

  • USMC03Vet

    James on location in Detroit.

  • Rusty S.

    Great video, James! I must disagree with the Kahr PM series. I have one, and do not shoot it much anymore. The takedown lever and retention spring have the ability to work themselves out of the gun when it is being fired. Luckily it happened to me when there was not too much snow on the ground. This design flaw disqualifies Kahrs as a serious carry piece for me. I hear you on the 340PD being vicious to shoot a lot. Used to be part of my EDC in warmer climes. I would practice a lot with it, and the recoil, combined with sharp edges on the grip, cut the web of my hand more than once in range sessions of over 50 rounds. Also the cylinder would stick when it got hot.

  • Cal S.

    The Chiappa Rhino is like a reverse Tardis. It’s smaller than it appears on the outside. I think that may be why people don’t think of it for CC. When they see capacity 6 it may reinforce their misbegotten beliefs.

  • Victor Mudrack

    I’ve tried TWO G36 models. I firmly believe the Achille’s Heel with it is the large mag floorplate. Grip pressure from the little finger pushes back on it. This causes the feed lips to drop forward and down JUST ENOUGH to induce the misfeeds that both models had. OTOH, I’ve longed for them to ‘upscale’ this gun to service size. Full length grip, with 7-8rd mags, and the 4.5″ slide. While I am dreaming, I could wish for the thumb-safety also, making a ‘true’ Glock 1911, LOL.

    • Anonymoose

      You can get a 4.6″ Glock 30 barrel from Lone Wolf, which might go on there with a Glock 21 Gen4 slide the same way they make adapters for a G17 slide on a G19, and there are those Pearce +1 baseplates.

      • Fred Johnson

        If you mean +1 Pearce floorplates for the G36, they aren’t made anymore. They cost 3 to 4 times as much as the original price on places like eBay now.

  • Hoplopfheil

    Needs more… Star power. B-)

    Star Ultrastar and Firestar baby!

    • Bugman

      With you in regards to the Stars. Carry and shoot effortlessly. Everyone that shoots mine is impressed. Parts though. If I could get parts I would shoot mine a lot more. I still carry them on occasion.

      • Hoplopfheil

        No kidding! I’ve shot mine (Firestar and Ultrastar, both 9mm) just enough to fall in love with them, and now I have to retire them.

        The Firestar is a brick, I’m sure it will last forever. But better safe than sorry.

        • Bugman

          My infatuation with the brand is still strong though. One day I will find the holy grail, an Ultra in 10mm.

  • Blake

    The graffiti behind you says

    “I Love Bourbon Street Strippers”

    • Dougscamo

      Oh, there are a BUNCH of subliminal tags on the backdrop if you watch it again….especially the raised middle finger….and the street version of “The Scream”…
      You cherry picked ’em didn’t you James?….

  • Mazryonh

    I thought that the Glock 29 would be on this list. You might find a few people carrying .357 Magnum snubnose revolvers due to that caliber’s longstanding reputation even out of short barrels, but I haven’t heard of the Glock 29 being anywhere near that popular.

  • Noishkel

    Anyone else notice that masbatory scene of a Glock being handed down from heaven?

    Yeah sure there’s no pro Glock bias there.

    • Don Ward

      That scene comes from a previous video James did.

      Plus, it’s not “masbatory” if someone is watching you!

      • James Reeves

        Challenge accepted

  • Pete Sheppard

    I’m curious about the Chiappa recoil. Having the firing chamber and barrel at the bottom does not negate the reaction of firing a hot cartridge, so all that recoil energy has to be absorbed by the shooter’s hand and arm, including the fraction commonly carried away by muzzle flip. You make it look trivial, but how would it be felt by someone who is not in top physical condition?

  • SpartacusKhan

    The CZ 2075 Rami – SA/DA, all metal, and an actual hammer.

  • David Silverstein

    It’ll never make one of these lists, but I love my Beretta Tomcat.

  • OldGringo

    Don’t care for the video format, looks too much like the teenagers making a movie so they can be on film. I carried the SW model 640 and model 36 for about 20 years in law enforcement and 20 years as a CCW. The concealed hammer is helpful for new kids who panic under stress and might snag the trigger on a pocket or clothing. But anyone who has learned to draw the little gun properly it makes no difference. The web of the hand secures the hammer from any snag. And the single action fire provides and easy trigger pull for long ranges. I have work at both state and federal agencies that required proficiency at fifty (50) yards. Currently, I carry glock 43 I can shoot OK at 50 yards, but I also carry a little SW Model 60, 3 inch with adjustable sights. You can shoot the head of a silloette at 50 yards with it. Like a psycho shooter across the Walmart parking lot or walking down the mall. Not a shot you want to take, but as likely as anything. The problem with school shootings and mass shootings, is cops wait too long to start engagement and kids and people dies during the delay. As a now retired attorney, I recognize the legal issue of taking long shots with a handgun, however, it is your family in the mall or Wallmart parking lot where the wandering shooter is creating mayhem, those concerns dwindle quickly.2

  • Pistolero

    I agree with the Kahr inclusion, although I have never shot that particular model. My wife’s EDC is a CM9, and I have been very impressed by the quality of the gun for such a cheap price.
    Still waiting to shoot a Rhino.

  • Raymond Miller

    I have a Chiapa Rhino and love it. Fell in love at first sight. I believe it is one of the safest and most concealable handguns on the market today. My only question about it is why don’t/didn’t they incorporate a laser in the top above the barrel. But it is a close up and personal gun so unless you had to shoot it not using the sights, it isn’t needed.

  • 2ThinkN_Do2

    Under rated over looked, I would pick a Kahr MK series in 9 or 40. Not inexpensive, but built to last, accurate and reliable and some of the smallest in the class; but lighter in felt recoil being all metal. I have an MK40 and it is 100% reliable; I am sure the 9mm version is equally as nice and probably quite enjoyable to shoot; the 40 as small as it is, really isn’t bad when it comes to the felt recoil. If you can handle the extra ounces of weight, they’re worthy to check out.

  • Wyatt Earp

    This ‘5’ series video are really boring. I can’t make it through one without falling asleep.

  • jonp

    small light weight 45ACP…Kahr. I have several CW, K etc..Excellent guns for the money

  • ChiptheBarber

    That may be a great revolver but, holy cow, that’s gotta be a gun only it’s Mama could love. It makes my Glocks look like a piece of artwork. Just my opinion, never shot one.