Suarex International Adds Another “Firearm” To Its Offerings

Suarez International, quick to recognize the market opening for “firearms”, has announced a new “firearm”, the Remington 870 Stakeout 12 Guage. The new shotshell shooting “firearm” features a 14″ barrel and a club-style grip bringing the overall length below the statutory definition of a “shotgun”, making it an unregulated “firearm” in the eyes of the law. Unfortunately, making it a firearm does not make it entirely useful.

Principal improvements over the base 870 include a fully ported and polished barrel to reduce recoil and add “…predictability of pattern.” Further, the action are “tuned, polished, and coated in Aqua Terra Plus Teflon Nickel finish” (similar to the well-known NP3 coatings). Further, the loading port and ejection port have been opened up and polished for ease of operation and reloading.

Base capacity of the Pistol Grip Only firearm is 4+1, though there is the option for a 5+1 capacity using a plus-one extension. Shells are loaded into the receiver from an extra-power stainless steel spring and pushed by a high-visibility non-binding follower.

For operation, the firearm includes a fiber optic front sight (for one to easily see what they are missing), and a Suarez Safety “installed to improve engagement from Safe to Fire positions.

Retail pricing starts at $829.99. Those interested can check out more details over at Suarez International’s website. 

Stakeout Details (Courtesy of Suarez):

  • Remington 870 Barrel 14″  – Ported and polished for recoil reduction and predictability of pattern
  • Bolt and Action Bar components tuned, polished, and coated in Aqua Terra Plus Teflon Nickel (like NP3) finish
  • Trigger group tuned for a crisp break, new springs added
  • Receiver loading port and ejection ports are de-horned, opened and polished for better ergonomics
  • Steel Extractor installed for increased reliability
  • Textured Forend is standard – Optional Textured Magpul Forend and Optional “Stakeout Strap”.
  • Textured Shockwave PGO Non-NFA Pistol Grip
  • Suarez Safety installed to improve engagement from Safe to Fire positions
  • Optional Plus One Magazine Extension installed for a 5+1 Capacity (4+1 is standard)
  • High-Visibility, Non-Binding Follower
  • Extra-Power Heavy-Duty Stainless Magazine Tube Spring
  • Fiber Optic front sight in Green
  • Grey rust resistant finish for lubricity and durability under all conditions
  • Rigid Magazine Tube Sling Mount

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • thedonn007

    What is the overall length difference with an 18″ barrel and AR15 style pistol grip vs a 14″ barrel, and tbe birds beak style pistol grip? I woild rather have an 18″ barrel so I could put a stock on it without paying $200 for the privilege.

    • Joe

      I can’t give you stats on a PGO Remington, but for the Mossberg it’s 38.5″ with 18.5″ barrel, 26.5″-ish with the Shockwave and 14″ barrel.
      Ian over at Forgotten Weapons recently posted a video comparing the 14″ Mossberg “Firearm” to a stocked 18.5″ shotgun, and determined that a stock far outweighs 4.5 fewer inches of barrel.
      I want to see a Mossberg SA-20 given the “Firearm” treatment, seems that eliminating manual loading and going to a less powerful shell could help the concept considerably.

      • thedonn007

        Thanks for the reply. I did not think to take a look at the Mossberg website before asking. I see a 18.5″ PGO only JIC shotgun with an over all length of 28.75 inches. The 590 shockwave as a OAL of 26.37″. So, as I stated above, I would much rather have a 18.5″ barrel, vs the 14″.

      • nova3930

        I think the trick is to take a “firearm” and build it with a “brace” that most certainly and definitely would never be put up to a shoulder. At least that’s how I keep thinking about building one….

    • Tassiebush

      I think it’s claimed to be kinder on the hand in this grip configuration. I’m curious about the intended niche for this though.

      • BaconLovingInfidel

        Extreme close quarters

  • Hellbilly

    Gabe Suarez… I can’t say anything nice about him so I won’t say anything at all. I cringe every time I read or hear “Suarez.”

    • anonymous

      > I cringe every time I read or hear “Suarez.”

      What about “Suarex”?

      • Hellbilly

        Suarex is not as bad, thank goodness. Suarex sounds like an off-brand soap. Suarez sounds like a slimy ball of sleazy-ness – probably because it is.

    • supergun

      Thank goodness we have a right to make comments without getting our heads cut off.

  • TGM

    A short barreled shotgun with a birds head or pistol grip falls into the range toy category for me. Really best used for breaching but not much else.

  • Gary Kirk

    That porting… Hand injury waiting to happen???

  • It’s a fine booyah.

  • Thank you for that second photo illustrating why this thing would be ridiculous even if it didn’t cost almost twice as much as a new Mossberg Shockwave and wasn’t based on a garbage gun like a Freedom Group Remington. If I want to flame broil my left hand I can do that for free with a strike anywhere match from the kitchen or a disposable lighter I found on the sidewalk.

    • salty

      looooolz, winner of snarky comment of the day!!!

      • supergun

        Excellent comment from Texas.

    • Gabriel Owens

      Dang bro, u mad?

      • supergun

        He is telling the truth. Good info.

    • supergun

      I was wondering about that also. Never like the ported stuff, especially on a pistol. If you need a port on this gun, then you should not buy it.

  • For every product he sells, Gabe has an interesting philosophy of use that falls somewhere between “that’s really innovative” and “this feels like a marketing gimmick.” I think this release was timed to coincide with Mossberg’s 590 Shockwave. I’m curious to see how big the market for “Stakeout” shotguns really is and if Gabe effectively positioned his 870 in that market. Also Suarez not Suarex.

    • Cymond

      Yeah, although I do really like the Glock PDW concept. I like it enough that it confirmed my desire to SBR my Glock eventually.

      If you’re not aware, it’s a Glock with an ENDO adapter and arm brace. He also recommends a slide mounted red dot and a suppressor.

      • Bigbigpoopi

        I wanna try it but I’d be a cheap*ss and use the Mako frame mount with a PA red dot.

        • Cymond

          I haven’t even gotten around to mounting any red dot, or even aftermarket sights. And I’m hesitant to shoot it because I don’t have anywhere private to go.

          But yeah, do want to SBR it eventually.

          Also, in this case, Suarez isn’t really selling anything, just promoting a concept. Every part of the Glock PDW is from aftermarket companies.

  • Moonman45

    you know how some people are getting those skeletonized aluminum ar grips? that would be sick as hell to have one here.

    • Xtorin O’hern

      um, OUCH

  • lakdjfld

    – Encounters in the home are probably less than 3 feet, which is the average distance of civilian encounters. THREE FEET, your telling me you can’t point shoot someone at 3 feet.
    – The idea is it greatly increases maneuverability, inside cars, on the ground and so on. Can be transported much more easily, a lanyard is an option.
    Someone should try putting a birds head grip on an AR.

    • DW

      See XO-26 from Franklin armory. Not exactly birds head grip but still is Just a firearm.
      Is it even possible to put birds head grip on an AR ?

  • Vizzini


  • TennTexan

    It’s not an NFA item because ATF considers it too long to be “concealable.” Put a buttstock on it, making it longer and LESS concealable, and suddenly it’s an NFA item. I hate our damn gun laws…

    • supergun

      It is the required 26 inches, so no stamp is needed. The unusual grip makes it the required length. Considered a pistol, not a shot gun. If it was less than 26 inches long with a pistol grip, then a $5 stamp would be needed. Still classified as a pistol and labeled AOW (I believe). If it has a stock on it and was shorter than 26 inches, then it would be a short barreled shotgun with a $200 illegal stamp on it. I know you know all of this, but it is fun commenting about the stupid illegal gun laws out there.

      • TennTexan

        “Considered a pistol, not a shot gun.”

        No, it’s not a pistol because it doesn’t meet the statutory definition of that term. Weapons such as this and the Mossberg 500 “Shockwave” are classified as “firearms.”

        • supergun

          You are right. Mine was shipped “other weapon” on 4473, which did not require any stamp. That was the mossberg shorty 14 in barrel 26 in overall length with special grip. The 10 inch is considered AOW which requires $5 stamp.

  • Don Ward

    And has been pointed out numerous times, these bird’s head grips are less maneuverable than a standard shotgun, harder to aim, harder to control and are more expensive than just a plain jane shotgun with a stock.

    About the only things these are useful for is if you are part of a biker gang and need to use it to intimidate a meth dealer down at the trailer park.

    • FOC Ewe

      As a DV with limited use of his arms, a “stakeout” sized PGO has several non-white trash uses. Less lethal for neighborhood dogs and 00 Buck for big game/defense.

      Just because you have no use for something does not render it useless ?

      • Phillip Cooper

        Shoot my neighborhood dog you’ll be having a serious problem, don’t care if you’re a vet or not.

        In actuality, discharging the weapon in the neighborhood at all ought to be enough to get into serious trouble.

        • FOC Ewe

          I don’t live in the burbs so if a “neighborhood dog” comes on to my property and harasses me or my service dog, rubber buck is being polite ?

  • FOC Ewe

    Um, a PGO 870 is under $400 at most retailers so cutting/porting and a 3rd party grip doubles the price? Suarez isn’t Scattergun Tech by a longshot.

    • Gabe Suarez

      Really? I should think not. LOL

      • FOC Ewe

        Bravo for having the balls to actually put out an 870 PGO but the juice does not require so much effort to get one.

  • Nicks87

    I’ve been tempted to do this to a pardner pump protector. Yeah it’s totally pointless but it’s a sub $200 shotgun and it would look bad ass. I would mostly just carry it around with me while I’m doing work around the homestead. Maybe load it with birdshot for snakes and rabbits and such.

    • tazman66gt

      Just be careful, if it left the factory with a stock it is forever a shotgun and has to have an 18 1/2″ barrel. If you shorten the barrel it becomes an NFA item, even if you put a pistol grip on it.

  • Kivaari

    The hand burning and cutting porting is exceptionally stupid.

  • gatorbait

    Not all of us are Bad To The Bone by birth, we have to work at it. This brutal sawed off fightin’ fetish is just what we need, just thinking about it I’m starting to feel a little b-b-b-Baad…

  • Gabriel Owens

    Bring me the gun of Rambo

  • Thinker-1

    Nice finger shredder feature.