TFB TV Goes to the UK! British Shooting Explained

TFB TV pairs up with Callum from English Shooting, a British Channel devoted to discussing the shooting sports in the United Kingdom. Callum talks about the differences between a Firearms and Shotgun Certificate, the various options out there when it comes to semi-automatic, pump action shotguns in addition to all things .22 LR which is very popular in Britain due to the laws not covering the cartridge. In addition we receive some excellent information on the cap & ball firearms in the UK, which are also extremely popular.

But overall we learned that our friends across the pond have just as much enthusiasm and passion for firearms as in the United States, despite many of the politics and laws that they must abide by. We hope you find this episode entertaining and take back something that you didn’t know about the British civilian shooting scene!

Watch Callum here:

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  • PersonCommenting

    What about cased black powder for the revolver or paper wrapping for faster reloading?

    • Mr Mxyzptlk

      The weapon firing black powder is not the important part, it is whether they are muzzle loading of not. For this reason, cased black powder would be no go as it wouldn’t be muzzle loading. Paper cartridges would be fine as long as it was still muzzle loading however this doesn’t really work too well with revolvers, more commonly people used pre size compressed pellets of powder for faster and cleaner loading. Also, the vast majority of “black powder” shooting in the UK is not actually done with black powder as that is classed as an explosive and requires a separate license and storage requirements. Most people use substitutes like Pyrodex, or in the case of the modern conversions from centrefire guns you can use nitro powder as they are rated for it.

      • PersonCommenting

        Does the cylinder swing out on the UK models?

        • Mr Mxyzptlk

          Yes, but the cylinder is of entirely new manufacture and the gun has been modified so that the original factory cylinder can not be fitted again. The muzzle loading cylinders only have a small hole in the back that accepts a shotgun primer.

          • PersonCommenting

            Gotcha, curious how that worked. Very interesting. Hell I would like one of those here.

  • hikerguy

    Thank you, Miles, for the video. It cleared up some misconceptions I had about their laws. They have a little more freedom than I thought they had.

  • Ark

    Not quite as bad as I might have though, but it’s still an arbitrary, restrictive nightmare. You literally have to “justify” every single purchase to the police.

    • iksnilol

      That’s pretty normal around the world.

      • Ark

        Yeah, the world is basically the US and…places that don’t generally let you have guns.

        • iksnilol

          Meh, lets and lets is sorta…. weird. I mean, it’s easier for me to get an MG42 than it is for you.. sure, it is legal for you (after some hoops and a crap ton of money) to get one, but it is more plausible for me to get one (albeit illegally).

          And now somebody might chime in with “but the neat thing about having the aforementioned MG42 legally is being able to fire it at a range”. And that is a good point, but most ranges don’t let you fire machineguns all willy nilly. So you’ll most likely be relegated to semi auto or short firing at a legal range. But at a private property out in the boonies down a holler ? You can fire to your heart’s content… but you can do that with an illegal gun as well, just the same.

          TL;DR: Legality of guns isn’t that big of a deal, if you’re morally flexible a bit.

        • Tassiebush

          Rammstein were wrong on that particular aspect of the influence of America.

  • Ross

    My standard for firearms freedom is quite simple….. can you shoot someone in the face defending yourself or others? the UK has NO freedom when it comes firearms ownership period!!

    • The Forty ‘Twa

      You can quite legally shoot somebody in the face in defence of yourself in the UK, you just can’t put down “self defence” as a reason to own a firearm when you apply for one.

      By way of example, a gangster type was acquitted of attempted murder of an NCA officer with an illegal firearm a couple of years ago because it was held that he was defending himself. A man with a gun was running at him (no uniform as it was a surveillance op) and he used the firearm to defend himself. All he was convicted of was the firearms offences.

  • De Facto

    Those poor people..

  • Maxpwr

    If it pleases the Crown may I engage in a fundamental human right like armed self defense? No? Alright then. Cheerio! Poor limey bastards.

    • mannbd

      “The Crown must win, must always win”
      That’s some great propaganda. Also great line for the somewhat reluctant female.

  • FT_Ward

    As usual with laws designed to stop people who can and will go to the police for permission to have guns the British version won’t stand up to even a few seconds thought. No criminal would ever take the “stock” off his extra long pistol or put in a regular length barrel. No one could ever figure out how to make the bolt action AR self loading again. No one would ever put an extended mag on his “shotgun” thus making it a “firearm”.

    Somewhere in Britain are a bunch of cops and pols who think this sort of nonsense is reasonable. It’s not. First because it’s so easy to get around and secondly because it teaches a large group of people- shooters and collectors- who would normally be pro-police that the police are in fact idiots and the law foolish. Which would you rather have? Shooters with ARs that work or literally millions of people who disrespect the law?

    • iksnilol

      Yeah, but do you think that somebody who wants a gun for criminal purposes will get one legally and go through hoops and registration when they can buy/make one illegaly?

      • FT_Ward

        No they won’t which means there’s no reason to put idiotic restrictions on legal guns. You could fool yourself that having restrictions on what’s legal does something- think NFA barrel length rules- but you’re deluding yourself.

        • iksnilol


          • FT_Ward

            I think criminals get weapons illegally and that restrictions on what guns you can legally own is just security theatre.

          • iksnilol

            And where did I say that I didn’t agree with you?

    • Dan

      I don’t think it teaches any reasonable person the police are idiots. I don’t place blame on the police for having to enforce stupid laws they didn’t enact.

      • FT_Ward

        You should because all of the idiotic rules imposed by governments at each level have the support of the police. When was the last time you saw the head of the FBI not support a proposed federal law?

    • Mr Mxyzptlk

      I cannot remember an occasion where a long barrel pistol was ever illegally converted into a standard pistol and used in a crime. The thing is that unlike the USA where it is possible to buy a gun without it being linked to your name, these long barrelled pistols will be forever linked to you vie your firearm certificate, and they are tracked to new owners through any sale or trade onto their certificate. Pistols that are used in the UK for crimes are either illegally smuggled real guns or converted air guns and blank firers. The most common firearm used illegally in the UK is the Baikal IZH-79, a CS gas pistol that is converted to a real firearm by replacing the barrel in illegal machine shops in central Europe (normally a threaded barrel paired with a simple but moderately effective suppressor) before being smuggled into the UK.

      In general, the firearm licensing system in the UK means that it is much more likely that illegal firearms will be used in crimes than legal ones, as it makes people accountable for the firearms that they have purchased so it is much more difficult for them to be sold on to criminals, by nature of the background checks to get a certificate it tends to weed out criminals or people who are deemed unsuitable to own a firearm, the guns that are predominantly available in the UK are not particular suitable for most criminal use, and the police have the power to inspect your firearms at any point if they feel that they have a reason to check that you haven’t converted or illegally sold any of them.

      You can argue that “if illegal guns are the ones used in crimes then what is the point of restricting legal ones”, but I would argue that this being the case makes it easier to control the firearms that are used in crimes. You can attempt to stop their illegal importation with more border checks, and with illegal firearms it is a crime in and of itself to procure one so somebody can be arrested at this point, as opposed to if it is a legally held firearm where you need to wait for somebody to commit a crime with it before they can be arrested.

      • FT_Ward

        “In general, the firearm licensing system in the UK means that it is much
        more likely that illegal firearms will be used in crimes than legal

        That’s true everywhere including the US- but it doesn’t explain why you’d impose silly rules on the type of gun that can be legally owned- other than for pols to be seen to be “doing something”.

        When discussing gun crime anywhere it’s always helpful to view crime before and after additional restrictions are imposed. Britain has never had a lot of gun crime so explaining that it’s got XYZ laws and low gun crime isn’t very informative.

  • baserock love

    And to think, our right to keep and bear arms came from the english common law right to keep and bear arms.

    If i lived in england i would be dead twice over.

    Once when i came home in the middle of a burglary and was charged by a meth addict with a knife after i had unwittingly locked myself in my house with him. I was just lucky enough that i was right next to my bed, under the mattress of which was where my sig sp2340 was, the moment i presented that he dove out the window and hightailed it out of there. I doubt he would have been patient enough for me to open my safe to get it.

    The second time i was walking in my neighborhood at 3 am during finals in college to get smokes and a truck pulled up next to me and two guys with what looked like tire irons (it was nearly pitch black) surrounded me to try to force me into their truck, luckily i was carrying my p228, again, one glimpse of that and they couldn’t get back in and peel out fast enough.

    I was a white child of the suburbs, if it can happen to me it can happen to anyone. Fortunately for anti gunners, when somebody dies because they couldn’t defend themselves they can’t argue in favor of the right to self preservation.

  • Don Ward

    “TFB TV Goes to the UK! British Shooting Explained”

    “British Shooting Explained”

    I thought this video was going to be about ACTUALLY shooting British. Was hoping to see some Charleville musket and Pennsylvania long rifle action going on.
    So disappointed.

  • Ed Ward

    This is both a very interesting as well as very illuminating video at that same time…Interesting in that it answers some questions I’ve had for some time regarding our British Allies across ‘The Pond’ but procrastinated about in terms researching U.K. firearms laws. Illuminating in that such illustrates the extreme dichotomy still in existence today between these two Great Nations, namely, lingering substantial philosophical differences concerning the very freedoms of which precipitated our revolution some 240 years or so ago…History is incredibly enlightening and in this particular case illustrates how even after two and a half centuries some things never change such as Man’s quest for his innate God given FREEDOMS as in The Second Amendment to The United States Constitution. God Bless America and Her allies.

  • GordonTrenchard

    Have no doubts about it many of the leftist control freaks would love those kinds of laws here.

  • Edeco

    How weird. Maybe it’s because they speak American, thus creating a false presumption of similarity, but stuff in England seems gratuitousely strange and whimsical. I knew about the long pistols, but BP Smith 686, lol!

    Hey where do those barrels for the pistols come from? I’d like one for a Buckmark.

    • Graham2

      “Maybe it’s because they speak American”, that’s so funny! I’ll let everyone here in England know what language we speak.

      • Edeco

        XD awesome, that’ll help get everyone on the right page.

  • Alexander Unterberg

    TOTALLY messed up. My heart goes out to all the Brits.

    • Y-man

      Imagine what it is for us in Nigeria! [And NO! I don’t want your money! LOL…]

  • USMC03Vet

    Meanwhile bad boy yardies……

    • iksnilol

      How bad can they be? Nowadays Western gangsters aren’t what they used to be, at least not in Europe. The days of crazy guys like the Crays is long gone, especially in the UK.

      • USMC03Vet

        True the Muslim gangs run the show now. In Germany almost all organized crime is controlled by Asian migrants. I guess I should be saying bad boy Mohamed.

        • iksnilol

          Nah, Yardie is correct to some extent, it’s Jamaicans its’ referring to.

          I just feel criminals aren’t what they used to be. Eastern Europe (and criminals from there) is still repping and I can respect that, biker gangs to some extent as well. But otherwise they’re just sad, I mean, Danish gangsters were caught stealing pizza ingredients (no, that isn’t slang, literally cheese and toppings).

          Like, what has come of the underworld when pizza topping is what you steal? No respect nowadays.

  • Tassiebush

    That was a really good outlining of the laws in Britain.

  • USAlover

    In some countries ( Kingdoms and post dictatorial countries) The government fears its own people and a small elite has the monopoly of force,denying people the right to self-defense and therefore being the owners of their destiny.That’s why i love america,USA has always been the dream of those who seek freedom by fleeing great governments that control everything and the lives of the subjects.

    There are two types of immigrants, the Schwarzenegger type, who go to the USA in their own words, fleeing from totalitarian governments in search of freedom, when they get integrated and value american history, american way of life, language …. ..and those who go for economic reasons but do not love the american too much and they or their sons allow themselves the insult of burning flags, being more faithful to their country of origin than to that dream of freedom that welcomed them.

    USA is the only and first great country in history whose main reason for creation is freedom and therefore has the first two amendments, the first that regulates freedom and the second that gives the means to the population to overthrow their own government if this becomes tyranny, no country around the planet can say that. The constitutions of other countries are more focused on controlling the population and maintaining the stablishment.

    I am european, and it seems that you do not value freedom very much until you take it off.

    • phuzz

      Schwarzenegger moved to the US from Austria in 1968, and it really wasn’t a totalitarian government then, just a lot less prosperous than the US, as with most of Europe at that time.

  • Graham2

    It’s interesting that Miles (a US citizen) was allowed to shoot at Bisley.

    I’d love to take my mates down for a shoot but as they’re from England and don’t have a Firearm Certificate and are not members of the UK NRA, they’re not allowed. He must have friends in high places…

  • Cal.Bar

    How cute. The English THINK they can own firearms. LOL

  • Roderick

    Judging from the comments yanks are chronically frightenend and insecure, and do not know how to fight like real men. With bare hands (or in England, with knives) you beat each other, he who stands wins. Why do you need a gun to defend yourself in England? Even a shopkeeper would just use a blackjack. All those weird angsty projections…..