IWA: New Heckler & Koch Futuristic Concept Guns

The Heckler & Koch booth at IWA is always very busy and 2017 was no exception.

They only show their civilian firearms at IWA, “Sports and Security”. At EnforceTac it’s the Military and Law Enforcement product line.

I would say that the H&K handguns gets most of the attention at IWA, getting your hands on one requires some patience and waiting until it’s your turn. I’m more of an HK rifle person, but I’m far from alone with that as well.

One of the news of 2017 was that H&K had “painted” the outside of the booth with pictures of 10 new concept models, and people and distributors could vote which they liked most.

I would say that the concepts all looked like H&K are trying to comply to the very-soon-to-be-voted-about (March 16?) EU Firearms Directive (more known as the EU Gun Ban).

The designs are mostly a move away from pistol grips and large magazines into wood (albeit synthetic) and more politically correct looks.

The Grey was called Sportline. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the name of the wooden look.


The different concept looked as follows (sorry for a few doubles):

1 Halbautomat = Semi-automatic, on the basis of a HK SL2000 if I may guess.

2 Semi-auto on the basis of an MR308. Thumb stock. This design almost reminds me of a shotgun rather than a rifle.

3) Halbautomat = Semi-automatic, on the basis of a HK G3 “Civilian”.

4) Repetierer = Bolt-action

5) Bolt-action with thumb stock.

6) Semi-auto Sportline. This reminds me of the Benelli MR1.

7) Semi-auto on the basis of an MR308.

8) Halbautomat = Semi-automatic, on the basis of a HK G3 “Civilian”.

9 Bolt-action. Note the Picatinny scope mount. The sights remind me of Blaser.

10 Bolt-action with thumb stock. Note the Picatinny scope mount.

The concepts were printed on the walls and on the other side HK has backlit transparent versions.

Heckler & Koch have never managed to gather much popularity among hunters, could this be a turning point?

What do you think of these concepts?

Which one is your favorite?

In case you know which concept that got the most votes, please let us know.

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • KestrelBike

    Because their SL-8 (never below $2k) and USC ($1,700-$2k) did so damned well!

    • Tom

      I believe they did better in Europe where people are willing [forced] to pay more for firearms.

      • J Garcia Sampedro

        Not really, since 5’56/223 is illegal in some countries. It was just so they could pass the stupid German prohibition of “military looking” firearms. Someone recovered their sense and that prohibition was eliminated, but the new EU-wide gun-ban looming on the horizon could make this are the only way H&K could sell to civilians here.

        • KestrelBike

          Hey, we’re getting slaughtered in the streets by semi-trucks and AKs smuggled in from ineffective-enforcement areas of eastern Europe… Better completely disarm our civilians!

  • Hinermad

    I realize that artist’s renderings of concept products often lean more toward “rule of cool” rather than physical laws. But the angle of the buttplate on the Repetierer rifles looks like it’d slide right off your shoulder if you shot anything bigger than a .22.

    The #6 Halbautomat doesn’t look too bad. I’d own one.

  • Dickie

    Looks like the cqc hera stock

  • Andrew Benton

    I think they resemble some of the lower quality art from a sci-fi RPG game book.

  • Saint Stephen the Obvious

    The 80’s called and they want their designs back.

  • snmp

    HK SL2000 => Hanael SL2000 (caracal groupe)
    MR308 (base on HK417)

  • ozzallos .

    Looks like more concept art that will never make it to reality. Or be affordable by mortal men.

  • SP mclaughlin

    Reminds me of that one civilian Galil 308 that was on Forgotten Weapons recently.

  • allannon

    As someone with a guilty attraction to space guns, if they weren’t almost certain to come with an HK price tag, I’d consider one.

    But I just can’t bring myself to pay HK prices when Remington and Browning have served me just fine.

  • Looks more like retro 1994 to me.

    I do find it interesting how they used varying colors to make the stock lines look different than they really are. Fudd cammo.

    • Ebby123

      Best explanation I’ve ever heard…. “We need to make our guns look less gunly so people don’t hate them as much”

      • COL Bull-sigh

        Why don’t we just camo them–then they can’t SEE them!

    • ostiariusalpha

      “Fudd cammo.” (Sic)

      Anything that isn’t wood grain or hunter’s orange is just another abomination to the fudds. Besides, you can tell by the ejection ports that not a single one of these guns is a top loader, which means detachable mags: absolutely verboten.

    • J Garcia Sampedro

      With the possible EU Gun-Ban hanging over our heads, forbidding “military looking firearms” it’s probably a “plan B”, just in case. Just like what they did with the (hideous) SL8.

  • Sid Kias

    Looks like a mix of Shadowrun and Star Trek

    • Definitely gettin’ a ST:TNG Type II Phaser Rifle vibe from the grey models.

      • .45

        The movie ones. The series ones were, with a few exceptions in DS9 and Voyager, those stockless submachine like things.

      • Wyatt Earp

        “Phaser rifles”? Humph Useless.

        Ol’l Jean Luc would have been better off with a squad of men armed with .7.62×51 rifles, M240s or M249s. The Borg couldn’t “adapt” to the bullet’s frequency and render them harmless.

        If the Enterprise could withstand impact of a meteorite at several times light speed, it would stand impact from a relatively low velocity round like like .308 or 5.56mm

        Banging a nice IPSCA course on the holideck after a day of chasing space bandits and looking at Andorean fashion magazines would have been fun, too…

    • Young Freud

      I was thinking more RIFTS myself. That’s stuff straight out of the Wilk’s inventory.

  • Calavera

    Still waiting on my plasma rifle…

  • Maxpwr

    Those are so gaudy that they should be legal even under the assault weapons ban in Kalifornia. At least San Fran.

    • Cal.Bar

      Sadly, NO. Thumbhole stocks+ semi- auto center fire still = assault weapon in this ridiculous state.

    • COL Bull-sigh

      Yes! At least in Thanfranthithy!

  • Zundfolge


    To be fair the only thing HK could do at this point that would impress me is start making P7s again.

    • Clark Kent

      I was impressed when they quit making the P7.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I look forward to seeing these in the next COD game.

    • Moonman45

      battlefield 1 has these

      • TheNotoriousIUD


        • Moonman45
          • TheNotoriousIUD

            I should have suspected you were warming up to say something stupid.

          • Moonman45

            uploading a picture now counts as ‘saying something’ you truly are a cucked beta

          • FYI, unironic use of channerspeak like “cucked” and “beta” just makes you look like the most useless tool in the box to any actual grownups on the internet. It’s simply not how adults with valid opinions talk to each other.

          • A Fascist Corgi

            Says the beta cuck.

          • Thanks for playing– better luck next time.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            It’s my fault for giving the kid attention.

  • Scott Wagner

    Whole lotta nope right there.

  • Mmmtacos


  • Scott Tuttle

    part of their new ‘California’ line up

    • gunsandrockets

      Only a few of them. Semi-auto centerfire rifles with detachable magazine and a thumbhole stock are banned as “assault weapons” in Commiefornia.

  • gunsandrockets

    Meh. #6 I suppose.

  • TTDF

    H&K now try sell to the civilians more 90s style sh…et? They all seems remakes and SOROSfornia compliant, no thanks.When you start interesting about us or sell MP7s we will speak.

  • Juggernaut

    I never understood the fascination with handguns- HK or otherwise.

    • RocketScientist

      Am I reading this right? You don’t understand why handguns, the entire category of handguns, are popular?

      • ostiariusalpha

        That’s Juggernaut for you.

  • gusto

    I dig the lines on nr4
    and nr9

    Most of those semis for hunters are still not allowed in my country ):
    can’t have semis based on military actions

    when was the last time somebody put some bolt action out that didn’t adhere to the conventional look? even most straight pulls kinda look the same

    I am not counting chassis/tube guns they all look terrible

  • El Duderino

    Most hunters with a $3000 rifle budget would MUCH rather get something like a Dakota Arms than an HK that already looks dated. Sharp angles are soooo 2002.

  • Cal S.

    What, are we back to the pencil & paper days? At least render those drawings properly…

    Looks like that NCStar plasma rifle kit isn’t looking too bad after all?

  • Kristoff

    I get so sick of H&K acting like they’re gracing the non-military peasantry with neutered versions of their overrated rifles.

    • iksnilol

      Meh, they have to. German export laws are weird.

    • Concerned Third Party

      That is the most sour grapes sounding statement I’ve ever read here lol.

  • valorius

    “Heckler and Koch. Because we hate you.”
    -HK Marketing slogan 🙂

    • iksnilol


      What people who don’t know anything about German export laws say to sound edgy.

      • valorius

        I love HK’s man. But you’re missing the fact that what i wrote is a long running inside joke.

        • iksnilol

          It’s a really bad joke. Like, the horse is dead, please stop beating it

          • Zachary marrs

            It belongs in the corner with all the “french are cowards” jokes

          • Klaus Von Schmitto

            That’s true. It’s actually the Dutch. Srebrenica.

          • valorius

            No. And now i hate you too. 😀

    • COL Bull-sigh

      They are poking fun at us. They’re laughing because WE think they LOST WW2!

  • Nick

    Who did they hire to design these, some old Hyperion lacky? Some are even in Hyperion Yellow.

    Guess it makes sense. Both companies see their customers roughly the same way.

    • Blake

      Haha are you really comparing H&K to Handsome Jack’s Hyperion?

    • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader

      Yep. Someone had to make a Borderlands reference eventually

  • it’s just Boris

    In other news, the prop collection from Galactica 1980 was recently discovered….

  • mcjagermech

    i think i’m going to be sick, these are terrible

  • Bierstadt54

    HK: “We have prepared the black bread for the peasants. Actually I think someone found some drawings in some old filing cabinet and just added on some ugly colors. Anyway, let’s go and watch the peasants worship upon our altar because this poll shows “how much we care.” Remember, you have to fake caring more now that our government has banned us from selling to most of the world.”
    US Market: “Umm, how are these worth 2000 dollars? And why would I buy one? Have you seen all the other guns I can get for 2000 dollars???”
    HK Fan: “HK is so wonderful, everything they make is gold, oh they are still so sooo innovative despite not really making anything new and these designs are amazing! I have never seen anything like them!!! Take my money, glorious HK overlords!!!”
    1990’s: “Hello. We’d like our styling back.”

  • guest

    “futuristic” as in same-old in new furniture

  • .45

    Right at home in Master Chief’s hands or the hands of the latest Call of Duty Advanced Super Ultra Space Combat Warfare’s Not-Very-Memorable Hero.

  • Spade

    I didn’t think they even made the G3 anymore. So they’re going to make a civilian gun of a military gun they don’t make anymore, rather than follow FN’s lead and make civilian guns out of cool guns they do make.

  • c4v3man

    I love me some HK, but I can’t see the point of these rifles. The bolt rifle with thumbhole stock (#5) looks interesting though. Would be interesting to see what HK could do to compete in the precision rifle segment.

  • Audie Bakerson
  • Charles Chad Baldassano

    H&K fundamentally misunderstands the US market. Just make a civilian legal variants of ALL their Military stuff with no apologies.

  • Ramjam

    As long as they make it to the US…

  • Arie Heath

    I just threw up a little…

  • mig1nc
    • Ben Warren

      Is that the… Does that gun have an NES controller integrated into the side?

      • It’s a surprisingly accurate cartoon model of the XMLR-3A laser rifle included with the 3 3/4″ Snow Job action figure, which was released in the US two years before the 8 bit NES.

  • electrozity8

    The Sportline ones look cool at least.

  • These are very cool lookin’ spaceguns of a bygone era, from a kinder and gentler time before things like “accessory rails” and “adjustable stocks” were discovered. I would be all over one of those grey thumbhole stock MR 308 models.

  • Ryfyle

    Looks like We got the guns bleeding into Video games again. Looks like ol’ H&K Engineer’s decided to play themselves some Timesplitters.

  • David G

    “Let’s take a G3 and have IKEA design the furniture for it.”

  • Joe Schmo

    What do people want from HK? Lots of things that they already make, but they’re trying to make new things that no one asked for.

  • Goody

    At first I thought those iron sights are set too low to be useful, but then it’s good that this guy can finally get a decent cheek weld https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/95d4710d931b158c1a00ef1e251f5e5691986571bd01c081076834f98d313516.png

  • Michael Griebling

    Same old guns with a bit of window dressing. Nothing very futuristic here. Still have bolt actions and shooting bullets!?

  • TGM

    When I see these pictures I am thinking how can these weapons be made into or returned to a configuration of military utility.

    • Dietrich

      Apex Gun Parts was the first thing that came to my mind.

  • I think that since the EU Gun Ban, even if approved in the current form, would NOT ban civilian sales and ownership of modern sporting firearms (a.k.a. “military-style”), the new product line is an attempt by Heckler & Koch to use the misunderstanding that many still have about the EU Gun Ban to exit the civilian market.
    The reason I can think of is that they may be under pressure by the German government to discontinue the sales of military-lookalike products to civilians, which is basically what happened to Walther when they were forced to stop selling their tactical-lookalike rimfire rifles, lest their guns no longer be purchased by German Police forces.

    • J Garcia Sampedro

      Or perhaps had these ready in case the prohibition was enforced at the dates they tried to.
      Germany already had a law forbidding “military looking rifles”, and H&K answer was the grey thing…, I mean, the (hideous and expensive) SL8.

  • LazyReader

    Same gun different wrapper. I admit the futuristic appeal of plastic wrapped firearms. IT’S NERF OR NOTHING

  • Bigg Bunyon

    So H&K think future guns will look like an F-117 with lipstick?

  • Michael Rice

    I’ll take a number 3. Looks like something an Evil Genius would do to differentiate his Minion’s G3s from all the other G3s and match their uniforms. Does it come in Crimson with Gold trim?

  • COL Bull-sigh

    I like #4–the one that looks like my first car, a ’57 Plymouth.

  • Militant Triangle

    Industrial design SHOULD be something all firearm makers should be looking at. Many new model long guns are quite retro in terms of design. Both ergonomics and form (how the thing looks). How many butt ugly firearms do you see brought to market? You know, from smaller outfits that might have the know how to make a good firearm mechanically but it looks fugly.

    The only question is if folks will turn their noses at something that looks different. Frankly the only big guys that really embrace industrial design in the firearms world seem to be guys like magpul and sometimes Beretta. But if it ends up feeling good in the hands and looks good taking photos of the thing on the shooting bench you might have something.

    Although HK there went a bit to far out in color patterns. Do such a design with wood and modern materials It might end up neat looking and less out there. Assuming your going after more conservative “hunters”. These things might be a hit as is with game monkey suburban 20 somethings perhaps. Sure would end up in every sci-fi movie…

    I would not say NO to #7 there on looks. On HK prices, ya.

    • Wyatt Earp

      Glock sells a lot of ‘butt ugly’ firearms. I dislike the looks of the whole Springfrield XD line and everything Sig Sauer makes.

      So, I guess “butt ugly” is in the eye of the beholder. LOL

      To me, they are all BUTT UGLY and will be H&K over priced

  • jack daugherty

    The VEPR Pioneer and a G3 had a love child….

  • Concerned Third Party

    but can’t be hidden in a waist band when you’re out for a jog.

    • iksnilol

      Only if you’re a pansy that overheats if jogging in a jacket.

  • Capn Jack

    WOW! Looks like the Art Department has taken over Marketing.
    Enough of this Ginger bread BS!!
    How well do they work and how accurate are they?

  • Dietrich

    Get rid of that damn Brady/Schumer thumbhole abortion and do it now.

  • AHill

    Seems like a great excuse to bring back the SL6/SL7…

  • Sasquatch

    If they look like this they better be rail guns.

  • alex archuleta

    They look like 90’s futuristic. Their all horrible, there’s no soul plus it looks like it was designed by a gaggle of lawyers and possibly by people who’ve never actually held a gun? Are we even sure beyond what HK has said that these things actually fire real cartridges?