EDC101 Artfully Puts WIRED.COM In Line With Facts

ECD101.com, a blog dedicated to the crap that lives in our pockets every day, artfully slaps WIRED.COM squarely across its face with facts. Bravo EDC101. Bravo

Like always, I want to point out that we are non-political here, but this fact checking article by Dave Estes is nothing short of a masterpiece. Far too often news outlets report on only a small section of data in order to give their story the legs that the person putting it together feels it needs.

The video in question highlighted a perceived “gun addiction” in America, if you care to watch it it is posted on WIRED.COM as The Numbers Don’t Lie: America’s Got a Gun Addiction.

Dave systematically looks up all of the data used in the video and finds that there is some selective reporting to drive home WIRED’s point. This is a personal annoyance for me and I love seeing people set the record straight. It is far too important to have the whole picture when making a decision or determination about anything, but finding good solid data has become rather hard for the general public not willing to spend the time digging into charts and graphs.

I strongly encourage you to read Dave’s post about America’s perceived gun problem on the EDC101 website, he does a wonderful job of keeping the politics light and sticking to easily found facts. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


  • Glenfilthie

    You boys need to change that.

    You may not be interested in politics, but politics is DEFINITELY interested in you. I live in Canada where we tried to be polite and courteous and respectful of anti-gun morons, and we have the asinine gun laws to show for it too.

    Just sayin’…

    • Jeff Smith

      There are plenty of other websites that deal with the politics of gun ownership and they do so well. It’s nice to have a website that’s neutral ground and can appeal to a considerably larger base.

      • Ron

        We cannot accuse the left of living its own world and than do the same by ignoring the fact that guns are politics.

        • Jeff Smith

          I think this site is proof that you can.

      • Glenfilthie

        What are you discussing here that you can’t elsewhere, Jeff? Just curios?

        It’s been my experience that antigun morons and similar leftists are the first to whine about having their free speech rights trampled while actively censoring others on their websites. If you are a gun owner these two rights are of vital interest.

        • Jeff Smith

          I’m not sure I fully understand your question. There’s nothing here that can’t be discussed elsewhere, but providing a neutral ground for firearms based news and information allows for a much wider base of support.

          There’s no violation of freedom of speech when an organization sets its own standards. They have the right to decide what content they want on their site. No one has attempted to censor anyone – the original comment was advocating for TFB to abandon their “guns not politics” rule and my comment was saying there are plenty of other sites that take that approach.

    • Wolfgar

      I shoot competitively with Canadians who comes down to Montana for our local matches. A very nice husband and wife and another large gentleman who immigrated from South Africa. You are absolutely correct about politics and guns. It is disgusting listening to the hoops they have to jump through to shoot down here in the states. The big gentlemen formerly from South Africa is a perfect case study why gun control kills.