Troy Expands Retro Line with MK12 Mod1 and M16A2 SFOD-D AR-15s

Troy industries was the first company to recognize the growing “retro” trend in AR-15s, the kind of folks that do not necessarily want the latest M4gery or newest blaster from the most tactical manufacturer. Retro types want to own or build a gun like they carried back-in-the-day, or maybe they want a rifle like dad used in the ‘Nam. Troy recognized this market and brought us the XM177E2 and GAU-5/A/A retro rifles.

Now troy has expanded the retro offerings with the MK12 Mod 1 and the M16A2 SFOD-D Carbine. Both rifles, like the XM177E2 and GAU-5/A/A, are available exclusively from

The MK12 Mod 0 and Mark 1, or Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) has long been a darling of and remains popular enough that folks pay a hefty premium for some of the original parts to build a clone this rifle. Recently other companies have started offering versions of the MK12 Mod 0, but the Mk12 Mod 1 SPR version and most parts, have been very difficult to find. No More. The new offering from Troy, now available for pre-order here, finally offers a one stop shop for the SPR that you do not have to attend selection to get to shoot. The Troy MK12 Mod 1 has all the things that make it a MK12 Mod 1; 18″ Stainless barrel with the correct profile, muzzle device, scope mount, Mod 1 aluminum quad rail, Ergo pistol grip, and A2 stock. The Troy MK12 Mod 1 SPR will even ship with a Harris bipod, sling mounts and a two point sling.

The Troy M16A2 SFOD-D Carbine harkens back to the earliest days of the pre-M4 M16A2 carbine that was in use with the cool guys in places like Somalia. Commonly referred to as a “Gothic Serpent” carbine in the retro community the early version of this carbine still remains popular. Popular enough for Troy to start making one! The Troy M16A2 SFOD-D Carbine features all the correct things; forged A1 upper, a 14.9″ barrel with a permanently attached A2 flash hider, CAR stock, CAR handguards, scope mount, and 2.5″ rail section for a light. The lower features Safe / Semi / Auto marking for replica purposes only as it is semi capable only. The M16A2 ships with a 2 Point Adjustable Sling. You can see more at

Troy M16A2 SFOD-D Carbine

Troy M16A2 SFOD-D Carbine

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  • Mr Mxyzptlk

    For the pedantic folks out there, the carbine is technically a Colt Model 723, a later model one with the barrel from the 720/XM4.

    • Jeff Smith

      You. I like you.

  • Jeff Smith

    I love this concept. Next – make a braces pistol version of the Colt R0633 DOE.

  • Nola

    Oh hey, something kinda interesting for an ar! Depending on the price this could be a real winner.

    • Not Gersh Kuntzman

      $2,600 on their website. Which is still way too much since the scope rings do not appear to be A.R.M.S. #22 high rings, the rail does not appear to be the proper KAC rail (probably a Troy copy), does not have the right charging handle (PRI M84 Gas Buster w/ big military latch is “right”) and lacks the proper front and rear KAC irons.

      • These Troy rifles are not marketed to retro builders or people that want museum quality replicas. I think that they are a good value considering what you get in the box for one price.

        And consider the correct rail is well over $500 if you can find one.

        • Not Gersh Kuntzman

          I got a BCM Mk12 Mod 1R upper for my SOPMOD Block I clone kit. It came with the correct KAC rail, a 1:8 SS410 barrel that is free floating, and BCM’s versions of the Mk12 low-profile gas block and the Mk12 brake and collar, which is compatible with the AEM5 suppressor.

          Ran me about $1,400.

  • guns2317

    Bravo Company has been offering MK 12 uppers for several years now. I have a MK 12 Mod 0 from them that I love.

    Just curious as to how a MK 12 can be considered a “retro” gun, the concept isn’t all that old. Or, am I getting that old now?

    • CommonSense23

      The MK12s are pretty much dead now in military service. The MK20s unfortunately saw to that. You will occasionally see some around these days in random places but its rare.

      • Anonymoose

        SOCOM officially replaced them with the SCAR. It would seem that they’d find a good home being passed down to regular Army and Marine grunts needing a DMR, though. Did they just scrap them or break them up for parts?

        • CommonSense23

          I can’t speak to what happened to all the guns. One you go on deployment and see random weapons that you thought were gone still being passed on. We had two dudes put on gloves for a MK11 that was at our site instead of using their 20s. And then individual fiefdoms in Socom have weird ways they control their weapons.
          Interestingly enough I know NSW has started issuing its snipers free floated M4A1s with a 25 power optic to fill the gap the MK12s left that the 20s couldn’t fill. Do to findings out that the rifles are more than capable out to 800 yards with MK262.

  • FOC Ewe

    Excellent strategy hoping we’re lonely and senile already. Marketing to dude’s who cut their teeth for this country while they employ a murderer….

    The first SPR I fired was a bastard Colt M16A1 parts gun handed down to ODA 2016 so a shiny new one with correct parts and Troy markings is far from correct.

    • Daniel

      Yep. DO NOT BUY TROY PRODUCTS. At some point I’d think the firearm blog would give half a damn about the political aspects of the gun world. But alas- anytime Troy throws out a new product they would gladly murder you or any member of your family with- while holding a baby or not- TFB trumpets it to the interwebs. Oh well. At least I get to post that no true American should buy a Troy product.

      • Phillip Cooper

        When you guys get done foaming at the mouth, you want to try explaining your issues with Troy in a coherent manner?

        Some of us don’t know everything about the gun community. Sorry.

        • FOC Ewe

          Trust but verify 😉

  • HSR47

    Yeah, the MK12 Mod 1 is probably too recent to really be “retro” given that it still appears to be a current-issue product that is less than a 15 years old.

    Perhaps “military clone/tribute” is more correct for this line of rifles than “retro” even though every other rifle on the menu is old enough for “retro” to apply.