Kurds to Receive Support from Canada, Germany

According to the National Post, the Canadian government will begin supplying elements of the Kurdish Peshmerga in Iraq with small arms and light weapons. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau previously announced Canadian material support for the Peshmerga a year ago, but only recently made good on the promise this month. Germany has a history of supplying small arms to the Kurds, but recently stopped according to the article, after German rifles were found for sale on the Iraqi black market. Both countries are currently providing much training and support through troops deployed to the region, but this is the first official announcement that Canada would be providing material. From the National Post-

Canada will provide long-range sniper rifles and anti-tank weapons to the Kurdish forces fighting the Islamic State (ISIL) in northern Iraq, the Department of National Defence said Wednesday.

The list included .50-calibre sniper rifles equipped with silencers, 60mm mortars, as well as Carl Gustav anti-tank systems. Details about the numbers of each type of equipment were withheld for security reasons.

Other gear includes grenade launchers, pistols, carbines, thermal binoculars, cameras, scopes and medical supplies.

“It should include weapons, military equipment and devices for the size of a battalion — everything, not including vehicles,” Brigadier General Hajar Ismail, director of coordination and relations at the Kurdish Ministry of Peshmerga told Rudaw, a Kurdish media outlet. “The paperwork is done, Baghdad has signed off.”

Germany’s latest shipment included 1,500 rifles, 1 million rounds of ammunition, three armoured vehicles and 100 MILAN guided missiles.

Within the past year, we have had reports from ARES that NEA (Canadian AR company) PDW CCS’ were sold to the Kurds, both in black and tan finishes. These wire stock, 7.5-inch barrel carbines have also turned up on the illegal markets in Iraq by the dozens. However, I can imagine that the original purchase order from NEA to the Kurds was in the good graces of the Canadian government, as a sort of, “We support you, but can’t provide actual material yet, so we’ll let this NEA order go through”. Another point to note here is that the Canadian government appears to be dealing through the Iraq government and directly with the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq, than the Peshmerga in eastern Turkey. The future political ramifications between Turkey and Canada could severely be jeopardized if this material was used against the Turkish armed forces by the PKK, something Canada wants to try and avoid.


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  • bnf

    Oh, isnt Canada a pacifist budist friend of all country?
    Canada support Kurds when the work is done, and suppoort them with some small arms.

    • Joshua

      You might wish to review some history,

  • EdgyTrumpet

    Let’s send more weapons to the Middle East, there is no way this could ever backfire! ???

    • Reality!

      Its for the Kurds who got saved by the US from a Genozid, and its in Iraq where the Goverment works with the US and Kurds, so whats your problem. Many Kurds have defended theyr LIVES with it. And the Milan as example had hold away the extremly dangerous improvised armored vehicles filled with a ton of explosive.

      • EdgyTrumpet

        Not an argument.

        • Reality!

          No it is, you just have no actual idea what youre talking about.

    • Juggernaut

      Get rid of Israel and 90% of problems in the MidEast will dry up overnight

      • Reality!

        So you openly promote Genozid?? are you kidding, without Israel the Middle East would have bombed each other already with Atomic Bombs, and shot some at the US, if Israel wouldnt had prevented the building of them SERVAL times.
        I will report you.

        • EdgyTrumpet

          Nice try IDF.

          • Reality!

            Reality doesnt change just because you dont like it.

          • May

            I like how you literally said you believe anti-Semitic conspiracy theories over reality.

      • Vhyrus

        Oh look, another Nazi. Heil, Nazi.

      • Joshua

        It will take more than the removal of Israel to stabilize the middle east, it’s going to take some serious reorganization of borders to even start to settle tensions.

  • xebat

    The Peshmerga don’t need any more weapons. Mosul is almost liberated.
    The YPG needs those weapons for the operations around Raqqa !!!

  • There’s a town in Germany called “Canada”?

    • roguetechie

      It’s down the road from kruppstahl

    • CS

      Remove the comma. The title should read: “Canada and Germany”

    • iksnilol

      Well, there’s a place called Germantown in Maryland.

      • jimmy craked corn

        There is a Germantown just north of Milwaukee WI.

  • Major Tom

    Whee, more weapons to people of questionable loyalties and competence.

    • roguetechie


      THIS is the group you’re going to choose to kvetch about?

      Yes, god forbid we give guns to the only f***ing group in the region that actually likes us!!!

      How stupid and silly can we be…

      • Major Tom

        The Middle East in a nutshell can be summed up as: Everyone in the region is of questionable loyalties and competence.

        Peshmerga, YPG, FSA, all of them. Even the national governments.

    • Reality!

      ? The Kurds are directly allied to the Iraqi Goverment and the US. They even got saved by the US from Genozid back in the day. They fight all day for us.

    • Tom

      The Kurds seem to be about the only group in the place who understand secular democracy. Sure they may be further to the left than we might like and some and maybe do not always do the best job at representing secular democracy but they are miles ahead of the rest.

  • Shaun Connery Oliver II

    Can someone please tell me that this is the most dangerous decision that any government will ever make, or am I an ignoramus for thinking that any government will strip any law-abiding citizen of their right to defend themselves while at the same time giving FIREARMS TO SUSPECTED TERRORISTS AND GETTING READY TO POSSIBLY CREATE ANOTHER BENGHAZI!!! The circumstances may be somewhat different, but the results are still the same! The Military Industrial Complex has ALWAYS been up to NO GOOD in throwing weapons to whoever so that they’ll find a really good reason to send our troops back to Iraq with almost, and I do mean almost, no idea of what their government was doing! Call me ” anti-military” all you want, but I will tell you this as a son of a twenty year Army veteran, if my dad were overseas right now, I’d be truly frightened for because of what our government is doing, alongside with their allies that just throw guns out to whoever after stripping them away from those who no intention to doing ANYONE harm. Remember that lawmaker in California that has pled guilty to weapons trafficking charges, I wish those types of charges stick but they don’t. Why? Because they think they have unlimited power, and it CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY!

    • Reality!

      What the heck are you talking about they IRAQI KURDS allied with the US and Irqi Goverment, not some militants! The Kurds got saved by the US from a Genozid, Many Kurds have defended theyr LIVES with it. And the Milan as example had hold away the extremly dangerous improvised armored vehicles filled with a ton of explosive.

      If you have no idea about what youre actually talking about STOP talking senceless things.

      • Anonymoose

        Kurds are cool. I like Kurds.

    • baserock love

      While i don’t want to call you an ignoramus, the fact that you are comparing the Peshmerga to the group that attacked the benghazi consulate and the fact that you’re invoking benghazi as a boogeyman at all leads me to believe you’re just ignorant on this subject.

      If there is ANY group of resistance fighters that are opposed to al qaeda and isis that have shown the capability and determination to effectively fight them it’s the peshmerga. The peshmerga….are fricking BADASSES, and while some bad actors within the peshmerga do on occasion engage in terrorist acts, they do them directed at the country of Turkey which while being an ally of ours, is also basically trying to wipe out the kurds and has been for a long time.

      Also benghazi lol. The tragic act that people only know the name of due to the fact that it was exploited for political gain as a completely manufactured scandal, while everybody who hand wrings about benghazi couldn’t care less about the 13 embassy attacks that caused many more deaths when the people they cheer lead for were in power.

      We should be arming the peshmerga and assisting them with intelligence and logistics to be conducting these raids like the complete disaster trump just conducted instead of wasting american and civilian lives on them. This is the peshmerga’s fight.

  • Friend of Tibet

    Well these Kurds are phucked then….

    Had an NEA 7.5 CCS PDW last year, bolt buffer part (special BCG) broken in half within 200 rds, Stock lost retention after 300 rds with release button bend……… The finishing is also extremely east to scratch off……I will never trust my life on NEA guns……

  • Alexandru Ianu

    They’ve both been supplying the Peshmerga for a couple of years now. The Kurds are saying, however, that their biggest issue is a lack of heavy weapons (ATGMs/artillery/armored vehicles). On the other hand, prices for guns in the region are still high at the moment.

    I don’t think continuing this practice is going to change Turkish – Canada/Germany relations much, as there haven’t been any direct deliveries to the SDF/YPJ.

  • FT_Ward

    The Canadian policy towards Iraq is typically confused and half hearted. It wants to get a seat at the table but not take casualties. It’s against ISIS but stopped bombing them. It’s for pushing ISIS out of Mosul but only wants to provide the Kurds with light weapons. It’s troops advise Kurds who are in combat but somehow they are not in combat. It says it wants a unified state but it’s SOF troops wear Kurdish flags on their uniforms. It’s providing weapons to the Kurds who say they want a separate state. The handful of weapons it provides will arrive just in time to be used in the next phase of the civil war; Kurds versus the central Iraqi Shia government.

    • Joshua

      It’s not really a surprise, like most of the west we don’t really know what to make of the whole thing, we believe the the Kurds are good, but that Assad is bad, we would like to see Assad step down, but are afraid of what happens if another government become unstable and falls, We are allied with Turkey, but the Kurds who we want to help are in active war with the Turks. In short, we want to help, but don’t want to rock the boat, and we have a brand new prime minister who campaigned on getting our servicemen out of harms way, and on not supporting tyrants, which we believe Assad to be. So while we might like to do more, Trudeau has to keep his promises and one of them was not to get involved in another Afghanistan.

  • Seth Hill

    Were do we sign up for obtaining material support?

  • John

    Of the various groups fighting in Iraq right now, the Kurds appear to be the most progressive. They understand human rights, let alone women’s rights.

    Things change by the day. Turkey is bordering on a dictatorship; Iran wants to be mature and moderate; Saudi Arabia is on the verge of genocide. Kurdistan appears to be consistent in their sanity.

  • Joshua

    Okay, a couple issues here, one, the way the title reads it sounds like Canada, Germany (a town in Gemany called Canada) is providing arms, from the body this is not the case, what is happening is that Canada, and Germany are providing arms, although from the article it states the Germany has recently cut off supply of arms, then later that they sent 1 500 rifles, which is it? did they cut off arms? or are they sending 1 500 rifles?
    “Another point to note here is that the Canadian government appears to be
    dealing through the Iraq government and directly with the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq, than the Peshmerga in eastern Turkey.”
    Which is it? is Canada sending the arms through the Iraq government, or are they dealing directly with the autonomous Kurdish government?

  • Abbasid Aleppo

    I hope Canada marks them all with the UN marking scheme, to make sure they don’t end up in the wrong place, like Canadian gun owners have to have done now..

  • gusto

    Kurds deserve all the support the get, against Turkey to

    the kurds were rightfully promised a country of their own almost a hundred years ago ):

    but realpolitik and oil got in the way.

  • Omerli

    Clueless aren’t you? The KRG and Turkey are close allies. Stick to guns and don’t embarrass yourself and this site