Crimson Trace Upgrades Their 1911 Laser Offering With The Master Series

The most common Crimson Trace laser grips out in the wild are for the 1911, most often found on Kimbers as well as other manufacturers’ pistols. The laser grips have become part of a daily carry for many 1911 guys to include many of the guys I know that carry a 1911 every day. Since being acquired by Smith & Wesson there have not been many changes made to the Crimson Trace product lineup with the new Master Series laser grips being the first refreshed offering.

I spoke with a Crimson Trace rep at an event not long ago and asked about the new relationship with Smith & Wesson, he assured me that they have allowed Crimson Trace to continue operations as normal and will not be rebranding. I imagine that companies like Kimber wouldn’t be OK with putting a set of laser grips on their guns that had Smith & Wesson marking on it.

The new Master Series 1911 laser grips will be available in Rosewood, Walnut, Cocobolo Diamond, G10 Black, G10 Green, G10 Gray, and Black in full or compact sizes. They are even going to offer them in a bobtail style grip for those that have a 1911 with a rounded butt.

MSRP appears to start at $399 and goes on up to near $500 depending on model. You can learn more about them on the Crimson Trace website.

Patrick R

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  • Tim

    ‘New price’, right?

  • TechnoTriticale

    For Springfield Armory fans, the only change for EMP is that the LG-912/G pages now admit that these don’t fit the EMP4 (and frankly, I see that as SA’s problem).

    LG-912G (green) still out of stock. No sign of an EMP(3) or EMP4 lasergrip in cocobolo.