This photo is by @6pennies. I’ve heard of pencil barrels but now pencil ammo?  I did not know #2 pencils could be so deadly. Just think, they can probably pass through most metal detectors and they can be found at any school. Think of the children! Ok that’s enough of that. I find it amusing that pencils fit in an AK magazine. I wonder if they chamber?


  • USMC03Vet

    Not the strangest thing put into the chamber.

    Source: Garand penis

    • Wolfgar

      Sounds like he had a grudge against his Garand, or is it the other way around?

    • SP mclaughlin

      Seen the SKS peen yet?

    • Paul White


  • yodamiles

    The pen is mightier than the gun when there are a bunch of guns backing it.

  • Some Guy

    > I did not know #2 pencils could be so deadly

    Spot the guy who hasn’t seen John Wick

    • MrFN

      “Who does that?”

    • Or Batman Begins. “let me show you a magic trick…”

      • Jan Moszczuk

        That was Dark Knight

    • Chris

      Once in a bar I saw him kill 3 men with a pencil ..,a fu##ing pencil !

    • carlcasino

      Now I will throw one that 90% here will not catch–target is Big Chief?

  • “The pen is mightier than the sword… but only if you throw it real hard.”

    This should absolutely be in John Wick 3: Clearing The Table; an AK bolt weighs about 500lbs and requires a V8 engine to lift, it probably has enough megatonnage of force behind it to chuck a shorty pencil a pretty good distance if you “lock” it back and slap the receiver.

  • Joshua

    > I did not know #2 pencils could be so deadly

    “Watch closely as I make this pencil disappear”

  • Badwolf

    slow day?

  • jerry young

    Hiding pencils for when they try to illegalize or tax them

  • lolwat

    Well John Wick once killed three men with a “penzel” or so I’ve been told multiple times now.

    • anonymous

      I heard he killed three men in a bar with a pretzel. A ****ing pretzel!

  • Mystick

    Banned in Maryland, New York, and California.

  • Tassiebush

    This is like one of the scenes in my crappy dreams where I’m arriving half a day late for work I’m in my undies. The steering wheel came off on the way there. Now some scary bad guy is rampaging around. I’ve found an AK but it has pencils in it’s magazine…

  • David B

    Is this going to turn out like the Lego heads, loading pencils into a primed case to see if they shoot?

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    I have a friend who is a mechanical engineer. When in college, he used Legos and rubber bands to make a device that shot a standard #2 pencil through an interior wall (two sheets of drywall). Lethal AF. #EvilGenius

  • Norm Glitz

    If you push too hard and break off the pencil point inside the wood, would that be a hollow point pencil? Or just pointless?

  • I know.

    Remains a lead slinger…

  • John McPherson

    When serving in the Army in the late 60s we would hear thumps on the wall from the office next door. That office belonged to the cyrpto man who always kept a 45 in the office. Out of boredom he would put pencils in the barrel and shoot the wall (and I assume a target of some kind) using the firing pin to propel the pencil, resulting in a small thump against the wall. All day long, thump, thump, thump. No one could go in his office without his permission so he was safe.