BREAKING: Leaked Photos Of New Wilson Combat X9 Pistol

We are still fresh into 2017 and it is shaping up to be the year of the pistol. An anonymous source has revealed that Wilson Combat will be releasing a new 4″ alloy 1911 that takes double stack magazines. Dubbed the EDC X9, the new model won’t use STI/SVI 2011 magazines. Instead Wilson’s new handgun will accept 18 round magazines similar to the MecGar’s for the Beretta 92.

The details stem from a listing at Shooters Connection and shows a base MSRP of $2,895.


Available Calibers: 9mm
Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds
Barrel Length: 4”
Overall Length: 7.4”
Sight Radius: 5.6”
Height: 5.25”
Width: 1.4”
Weight Empty: 29.09 oz
Weight Loaded: 35.04 oz
Accuracy Guarantee: 1.5” at 25 yds

Wilson Combat X9 Specifications:

  • High-Capacity Compact Size Aluminum X-Frame with Reliability Enhanced Frame Rails
  • Unique X-TAC Frontstrap/Mainspring Housing Treatment
  • Concealment Bullet Proof® Hammer
  • Bullet Proof® Thumb Safety
  • 3 ½# – 4 ½# Crisp Trigger Pull with Medium Length Pad
  • Bullet Proof® Magazine Release
  • Black G10 Aggressive Starburst Grips with Pewter Medallions
  • 4” Carbon Steel Tri-Top Slide with External Extractor
  • Unique X-TAC Rear & Front Cocking Serration Treatment on Slide
  • Heavy Machine Chamfer on Bottom of Slide
  • Elevation Adjustable Tactical Battlesight with Fiber Optic Front Sight with 4-40 Hex Head Cap Screw
  • 4” Stainless Cone Barrel with Reliability Enhancing Lock-up, Flush Cut Reverse Crown
  • Fluted Chamber
  • Fluted Barrel
  • 30 LPI Slide Top Serrations
  • 40 LPI Serrated Rear of Slide
  • Carry Cuts/Ball Endmill Cuts

Obviously Sig has dominated the firearms news cycle with their P320 contract awards to both the U.S. Army and the Department of Homeland Security. H&K dropped the news of their new VP9 variants. FN is rumored to have a M17 contract contender that will hopefully filter down to the civilian market. And of course Smith and Wesson released the M&P 2.0 that hit store shelves in January.

GLOCK, CZ, Springfield? You’re on deck.

Updated with additional images:


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  • MrFN

    I was gonna make a joke about it costing 3K.

    Nevermind, it actually costs 2,900 dollars. I get it, I get it, but come on, really, who cares. I’m fine with constant ARs because they cost 3,000 at the very most. Constant 1911s being 1200 at least is just dumb.

  • Sean

    A very nice 900 dollar gun. FOr 2900

  • Lee Woiteshek

    Looks like the Wilson answer to Nighthawk’s Hi Power. Wish it was in steel.

    • Jesse

      Nighthawk makes Hi Power frames and slides?

      • Richard

        Nighthawk offers a browning hi power with just about every single thing done to it that you could want.

  • hami

    No one cares because it costs 3k

  • Nolan

    Oh boy, a $2,900 dollar gun that takes proprietary magazines, weighs 35 ounces loaded, and is a 1911. This is a game changer, I say!

    • John

      A Desert Eagle starts at $2,000, takes proprietary magazines, weighs over or under 50 ounces loaded, and takes inspiration from the 1911.

      People still want and pay for them, 30 years from their invention.

      On the plus side, there won’t be people complaining about safety placement with this that they do on the Beretta 92.

      • Amanofdragons

        They tend to start around 1450. Brand new.

        • John

          And immediately get a markup by every shop that carries them, because it’s a Desert Eagle.

          Used, in Alaska, fifteen years ago, they were $1400 or less. Not anymore, and not around me.

          • RSG

            Thats because in Alaska they are in fact being used. In the rest of the country, they are primarily relegated to range use, BBQ’s or the back of the safe. Folks here can take em or leave em. Because there useful where you live, they get more of a premium. If I wanted one and lived by you, I’d search armslist and buy one from a dealer who could ship it to an FFL for a nominal fee. Fwiw

          • Amanofdragons

            I’ve regularly seen used ones around eastern Washington for 1000-1300 in shops.

      • Flounder

        They are pretty available used for around 1000. But they are totally ridiculous and super fun. Well… They can be fun. They can also hurt your wrist.

        There are also conversion kits for MORE FUN! And all the Deagles are magnums. .45acp is puny compared to 50AE and weak compared to .44 mag.

        The wilson just hurts your wallet.

        • Colonel K

          Yep, and it’s doubtful your DE will be confiscated and abused by the authorities when you kill a deer with it. The X9 is not a hunting or target pistol. It is intended for the self-defense market. I’ve never understood why anyone would carry a high dollar firearm for self-defense, knowing the risks of it being lost or stolen are greater than that of a safe queen, and with the certainty beforehand that it will be impounded if ever used in its intended role. Just buy a reliable, lightweight, and concealable handgun, and use the extra cash for ammo and target practice. That’s why Glocks are so popular. They don’t seem to suffer from time spent in an evidence locker. The resulting patina seems to add a certain aura and appeal instead.

          • RSG

            Well, $2900 to some people is like $500 to most of us. I remember some 25 years ago when I was making BIG money, and I’d think nothing of flying to Toronto (from NYC) and having custom suits made for $4000 each. And order half a dozen. I could’ve, I suppose, walking into any department store and bought suits for $500. But here’s the moral to my story. After all those years of making and spending money, I sure wish would’ve spent less, been more concerned about where and on what I spent it on, and saved much, much more. And because I didn’t do any of that, $2900 firearms aren’t on the menu for me. Im just happy that for $5-600 I can buy stuff that is both super durable and super reliable.

          • Colonel K

            I agree with you up to a point. You can enjoy your clothes, cars, and many other accoutrements. or your carsui

          • RSG

            Except it still ends up with a useless or inaccessible product. I bought suits, as an example, knowing a simple spill would leave it completely unsuasble. Cars are the same. Take it out and use it and come back with 10 grand in damage because a rock kicked up on my hood and then broke my windshield. All this is the same. You buy something with an expectation that you’ll have it to use. But through normal use, it could be rendered useless.

          • Colonel K

            Don’t hate me ’cause I’m frugal 🙂

          • lapakkd

            Due to weapons tech going so slowly, this pistol would potentially serve you your entire lifetime if the weight is acceptable. You can even pass it down to your kids or give it as a gift to a nephew.

          • But the real question is, do you still have those custom suits?

      • hkryan

        What features on the Desert Eagle were inspired by the 1911?

        • Pumpkin King XXIII

          Yes, please tell us what on the desert eagle is inspired by the 1911.

      • MrFN

        Here’s the difference: The Desert Eagle (which I’ll be honest, is currently the handgun I’ve shot the most rounds thru, I love it) is actually unique enough to have a price like that, even though they go for 1000-1800 on GB. This WC safe queen does nothing different than any other high end 9mm 1911. It has no uniqueness except in the bad way of having a proprietary mag. The DE has a proprietary mag because it’s chambered for .50AE, .41, .44, and .357 magnum.

        Seriously man, think: 2900 is Steyr/FN FAL money!

      • valorius

        How does the gas operated Desert Eagle take inspiration from the 1911?

      • Juanito Ibañez

        Don’t like the safety placement on the Beretta 92 pistols? Go with the Taurus PT 92, 99, 100 or 101 then.

    • InternetRangeOfficer

      Agreed! I don’t need to spend $3k to get a gun with a proprietary mag. Glock, Beretta, Sig, Para, S&W, STI, & SVI, they all have proprietary double stack 9mm mags for a lot less! How dare Wilson try to charge more for that feature!

    • mcjagermech

      i can’t defend the price, but some people like heavy pistols, like me for example

      • Pumpkin King XXIII

        Ok, I partially defend the price.
        It’s still cheaper than a cabots 1911.

        • Dakota Raduenz

          And I know some carry those for self defense purposes!

          • I carry a Wilson Combat CQB stainless. It’s a fine pistol and accurate in the extreme. Yes I like a heavier pistol also. Mine is a full size.
            I saved a long time to get it and I’m not sorry I did.

            For those that love to take sides and ridicule those who carry a Glock or a 1911 depending on what side of the fence you might be on I’ll just ask why. Everyone has their likes and dislikes. Carry what you shoot best and are most familiar with.

            I also have a Glock with an RMR and other guns which are not 1911’s. There are a lot of guns I like.

            Once again the price tag means nothing it’s what you trust and shoot well.

    • Pierre Kerbage

      All well stated and true Nolan. But how about a Sig Sauer P226 X6 for around $6,000 (checkout gunbroker or any other site). Also takes proprietary magazines, weighs more, and is the best gun I have ever shot in my life. I realize you can buy a 1911 for $300 these days (or less). YOu can also buy a 1911 for $4,000. A car for $10K or a car for 300K+ – they will all be proprietary and they will all take you from point A to B. The difference is the ride. Quality costs money. Precision costs money. Great engineering costs money. My point is that, Wilson Combat puts out quality products at a price. There are plenty of choices in the sub $500 guns. I welcome choices that are quality priced, and positioned for some of us that are more discriminate when it comes to precision, engineering, and especially when your LIFE depends on it. You can also buy Scuba gear for $300 or for $30,000. At 70 meters, you will be glad you chose the quality product. 🙂

      • Ranger Rick

        You are absolutely correct regarding quality, a quality one can afford. My question is: does it have a better grip angle and pointing ability than a 1911?

        • Pierre Kerbage

          Your know Ranger Rick, you could ask that question to 3 people and you would get 4 different answers. In my humble opinion, nearly everything I have purchased from Wilson has had a better grip, higher too, and fit my hand better. To me, the pointing ability is as good as the sights installed. I do love the sights. Again, this is a subjective opinion. As for “afford”, that too is subjective. That is not a quantitative attribute – I look for (in this order): reliability, accuracy, speed of recovery and least travel of your hand(s) after a shot , the manufacturing quality, the reputation of the vendor and their ability to handle in and out of warranty claims with professionalism and speed, and finally, a made in the U.S.A. is always worth more to me. AT least 30% more. Notwithstanding patriotism, I believe the U.S. has better manufacturing standards in general. The reputation and consideration that Wilson has demonstrated for many years now does not disappoint. The experience has always been exemplary.

      • Kyle

        Not the best example. You can get a Glock for $500. You don’t really hear many complaints about their reliability and a hell of a lot of people trust their life to them.

        • MeaCulpa


          If my life depended on it I would chose the $500 Glock over the $2900 1911 knockoff 12 out of 10 times; the Glock has all the precision one will ever need in a life or death situation, a superior heritage as a fighting and field gun (this thing is not a 1911) and I’m willing to bet that it has fewer stoppages and can handle the hottest loads.

          • John

            True it can handle the HOTTEST loads….unless they’re reloaded….or you limp wrist it…or you use lead ammo…

          • billyoblivion

            Lead ammo works fine, for the first 100 rounds or so :), then you have to scrub the c*p out of the barrel with lead solvent.

            Reloads have always run fine in both my Glocks, but they were “factory reloads”, not something bubba built in the basement between buds (either kind).

            I’ve got north of 5k rounds on two of my Glocks (one probably north of 12) and they are *bone* stock. Never changed out anything.

            That said, Glocks, from the factory, are not the most precise handgun out there. They are designed for police and military use, and will shoot minute of face out to almost unreasonable distances (I suspect the limiting factor is eyesight with their sights. I know once you get a RDS on it hitting body sized targets at 100 yards is considered unremarkable)

          • Sean

            Agree 100%. All these people love to keep the 1911 thing going when it is incapable of competing with the modern offerings from Glock, Sig, HK, and others.

            Get a $500 1911 and a $500 Glock and the 1911 will fall apart when the Glock is just getting warmed up. You have to spend well over 3 times the price of a Glock to find a “reliable” 1911. Never have I seen so many malfunctions than I have with the 1911. The majority of them simply don’t work out of the box unless you get one from a solid brand like Wilson or modify/invest the hell out of them. The Kimbers that are coming out rival the quality of a Taurus.

            I don’t know if it is because of nostalgia or the fact that the 1911 is an American, but its days are definitely numbered.

            Now watch some 60-year old say that I am not a real man because I made fun of his favorite handgun platform.

            My favorite 1911-fan quote is “If it don’t start with a 4 and end in a 5, it ain’t no good.” And proceed to call Glocks “eurotrash.”

            Comparing a 1911 to a Glock is like comparing a Pontiac G6 to a BMW M3

        • Pierre Kerbage

          I absolutely love the Glocks. The 19 with the RMR Trijicon and the Zev Trigger for around $1500 – is an awesome gun and you are right, never had a single issue with it (or any of my other Glocks). But again, it is a different position and a different firearm. The Glock 19 with the existing trigger was useless to me – I target shoot at 30 meters. So in order to get it there, you have to do a ton of customizing and pray that it works. Whereas something the Wilson Combat, our of the box, is extremely well designed (not stating Glocks are not). If my life depended on it – I would chose neither, I would chose the Legion P229 or the FN Five Seven that weighs nearly nothing, has 20 + 1 rounds, adjustable trigger, zero recoil and a straight load passage (no ramp), making it THE most reliable gun in the world – 50 rounds at about $18 (so a bit higher than quality 9mm rounds) and 2500 foot per second – A $1200 gun that I have put through HELL and back, an incredible trigger and with the 0 recoil, you can do 40 meters with incredible precision.
          So many choices. My point is that a Bentley too will take you from point a to b. THe ride may be a bit different. And here is the greatest thing about humanity: YOU GET TO MAKE EVERY CHOICE IN YOUR LIFE. 🙂

          • hANNABONE

            CZ 75B — there…fixed for life.!

          • Pierre Kerbage

            Not for me. The CZ trigger has waaaaay too much of a travel before you hit the wall. When you start depressing – the travel is from the U.S. to Central Asia and back twice. On a good day. If you are shooting for precision, this may be an issue to consider. After reliability, precision (which is affected by a good trigger) is a considerate factor. I have yet to see a CZ that has a descent trigger. I do like the manufacturing of the CZ, and I had to install the disconnector from Cajun Gun works. Otherwise, it was not my choice. The gun was never the same.

        • John

          Ooooh, gotta disagree with you a little on that. Yes you can buy a Glock for $500, and it is absolutely no frills and will have issues just like any other good quality gun. Most Glock owners say the same things “Once I swapped out the recoil spring and trigger, my Glock has been FLAWLESS!!!”
          All guns have issues and Glock is no exception. If you spend $3000 on a gun you will definitely get a better quality build than a Glock but almost nothing is perfect.

          A Hyundai will get you to the store just a fast as a Bentley, which one would you rather own?

          • Dan

            If i spend 3000 dollars on a gun it will probably have a better build quality. However it’s issues will be 3000 dollar issues. I would like to see a round for round test between a wilson combat and glock and see which one craps out first. If I’m buying a gun to bet my life on build quality means nothing if it doesn’t work. Also i’d rather have a Hyundai. If someone door dings my Hyundai in the parking lot I’m not going to freak out.

          • J.T.

            Probably the Hyundai. I don’t want to pay the insanely high maintenance and insurance prices that come with the Bentley.

          • John
          • J.T.

            I know the point you are trying to make. Not everyone wants to own overpriced status symbols that don’t get the job done any better than something a fraction of the price.

          • John

            Interesting, you know for a fact that this gun will not perform any better than a Glock. How?

      • Anon

        Wilson Combat devs get out.

      • valorius

        How bout i buy an old used HK P7 instead and shoot this thing under the table?

        • Pierre Kerbage

          LOOOVE the P7.

        • Sean

          The P7 is a marvel of engineering that is still relevant today

          I really wish H&K would revive it.

      • Dan

        2900 dollars and the accuracy of guarantee is 1.5″ at 25yds. I assume the “precision” is off because of the included handjob i’d better be getting at the range for spending that much money on quality and precision that is unmatched by….. wait almost everyone matches that and at quite the discount. The only people that justify 2900+ handgun are people who lie to themselves daily about the “investment” they made. If you have the money sure spend away. Just please don’t come here and tell us how great it is. Because it isn’t it just really is not. Drop 10 grand in my lap and i still wont consider this over anything else.

    • MeaCulpa

      Well it is a 1911 that looks like it’s made out of polymer for some reason. It’s one fugly gun without one single “line” lining up, a 0.2 lpi checkering and grips that looks like they came of a toy gun. And all of this glorious crap for just 3 grand… a

      • RSG

        Well, I happen to think it’s REALLY nice looking. Would I ever spend $2900 for it, though? Nope. Truth is, I wouldn’t spend $900 for it.

        • MeaCulpa

          Heck if you like the look go for it, If I where a betting man I’d bet that the all square look is waaaaay cheaper to manufacture than a conventional 1911. I get why a classic looking hand fitted and hand checkered frame cost a pretty penny because it’s labour intensive but this thing screams cheap CNC/low machine hours.

    • Colonel K

      Yeah, and it’s not even fitted with an ambi safety, so there goes 10-15% of your potential customers. I wonder how much the spare magazines cost.

    • nate

      good points, yet I still want one of these

    • richard kluesek

      Browning Hi Power says it all

    • Sean

      Wow the 1911 really is on life support.

      There is only so much that can be done to a 1911 to bring it to modern standards and be able to compete with the modern offerings from so many other companies.

      The $2,900 price tag is laughable but at least now they can say their 1911 has more than 7 rounds.

      Wilson needs to come up with something know or they will become the next Colt.

  • “GLOCK, CZ, Springfield? You’re on deck.”

    CZ actually released the new P10 this year at SHOT, which is the firms first striker fired pistol, and is considered to be pretty sweet.

    This new Wilson is gorgeous though.

    • USMC03Vet

      Springfield also released a bunch of new pistols as well. Glock as usual though.

      • If we see a single stack Glock 19 (8rd mag, 4″ barrel) in the next 5 years I’ll be happy.

    • derpmaster

      I’d wager that my $500 CZ PCR with a $50 trigger job would shoot just as well as this thing, and it’s nearly 10 years old and fairly beat. Wilson Combat is going to sell roughly three of these total and they are going to spend their days sitting in some neckbeard’s gun safe.

      EDC? More like every day fantasy.

      • There’s enough well heeled 1911 fans out there that I think they will easily make their money back.

        Even if they sold 100 of them, that’s $290,000. And I expect they will sell well more then that.

        What I’d love would be a polymer framed version of this pistol, built to high standards, for $1000.

      • RSG

        There are at least a thousand people in the US, out of 350 million, that will line up to buy this pistol. Just like there are a thousand people every year that line up to buy a $300,000 Ferrari. And then there will be the people who missed the boat on intital offering, who will pay more to the speculators on the secondary market.

      • valorius

        This post is spot on.

      • Juanito Ibañez

        Why carry a $2,895.00 double-stack, single-action 9mikemike when you can carry a double-stack, single-action .45 ACP for a LOT less money?

        ParaUSA Executive Carry alloy frame w/Trijicon® Night Sights — $1399.00

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Good call. I forgot about the P10. I even wrote about it in the CZ catalog story…

      • We also have a P-10 article coming shortly on TFBTV.

        • Looking forward to that.

        • Minuteman

          Niiiice, who will be doing it? I’m really looking forward to it. This year is really going to be the year of the pistol with so many interesting new guns out there: P10C, Stryk B, Rex Zero 1, H9. I was getting tired or all these rifles. Let’s focus on hand guns for now.

    • Moose

      The p-10 isn’t the first striker cz, check out the cz-100 and cz-110

  • Michigunner

    Honestly, who buys these things? Anybody? Do they carry them, shoot them, or do they buy them just to say “Look at this unbelievably impractical, obscenely expensive thing I just bought?”

    Someone could go from owning no firearms to owning a respectable carry pistol, full size pistol, shotgun, hunting rifle and modern sporting rifle plus ammo for all of the above for the price of one of these guns.

    • Jesse

      Right? I’ve never even heard of Wilson Combat. All these new companies getting into firearms. With outrageous prices like that they will be out of business in a year.

      • GnarlyNardHair

        Wilson Combat has been around for ages. Granted they only make obscenely high priced guns, so that may be why you’ve never heard of them, but they definitely are not a new company, nor will they be out of business any time soon.

        • Jesse

          I work at the largest pawn shop in the tri state area. We do a ton of high end gun business. Glock. Springfield. Even had a Kimber like John Wick today. If they have been around forever why haven’t I ever seen one?

          • Marc

            Because you work at a pawn shop.
            Wilson Combat and pawn shop have never been in the same universe, let alone same conversation; until now.

          • Marc

            Did you just mention high end gun business and Glock in the same sentence?

            Where’d I put my bourbon?

          • DwnRange

            That’s funny, because my only Wilson Combat handgun, a Beretta 92G Brigadier was bought brand spankin new for $1000 bucks (with extras in a fancy case at the same time they were sellin for over 2K on GB) at my local pawn shop.

          • Pete – TFB Writer

            How do you like it? If they offered one with a threaded barrel I would consider it.

          • DwnRange

            Terrific pistol, shoots excellent, came with the custom trigger work and the mag-well thingy IIRC the only 2 options available on that model and runs smooth as silk – I’ve been very impressed with it considering I’d have never paid the Wilson price. Thirty minutes after I got it home one (without the options) sold on GB for $2065 + shipping as I was checking to see if I paid too much for it as they went, I thought, for around $1300 but since Beretta had made their move to Tennessee appeared lack of availability sent the prices on new ones up considerably. I grinned like a mule eating briars…… : )

            Only complaint I have is it don’t fit any of the 92 holsters I already have.

          • Pete – TFB Writer

            Awesome. Thank you.

          • You can always get a Gemtech or SilencerCo barrel for them. I did.

          • Independent George

            I’m not in their market, and personally think spending $3,000 on a carry pistol is silly, but if you’ve honestly never heard of Wilson Combat, then you need to stop passing yourself off as an expert on high-end guns.

            Egad, Kimber really doesn’t belong in that category, let alone Glock or Springfield. Fine guns all of them, but they’re nowhere close to the same market niche.

          • Laserbait

            Perhaps it’s because you’re new to the gun world? If you’re equating “high end” to to Glock, Springfield & Kimber you’re a bit mistaken. They’re all midrange companies. There is a whole echelon of firearms companies out there that truly define High End.

          • kn1023

            Of course a pawn shop employee would think Kimber is high end.

          • m-dasher

            probably because the type of people who can afford a $3K gun are generally not the same people who need to go to a pawn shop…..

          • People who buy them tend to keep them.

    • DwnRange

      Ya might change your mind about Wilson Combat, Les Baer or other custom pistols once ya actually get your paws on one of ’em – for a lot of the time ya really do get what ya pay for and you are also forgetting that sometimes pistols “appreciate” far better than stocks and bonds.

      I still carry a Detonics Combat Master that cost less than $800 dollars back in the ’80s when bought that’s worth close to 3k today as they are simply no longer made. And the vast majority of compact 1911s on the market today ALL use innovations like coned barrel lock-up designs and others that were originated by the Detonics company and their Combat Master. One thing is for certain though you’ll never find another compact 1911 that has the cyclic speed, reliability and accuracy of an original.MK VI CM. My old CMs will spit out 7 45acp rounds faster than my $1800 dollar Les Baer can get 4 gone outta it, not even a Colt New Agent runs like my CMs and the NAs run pretty well as I have one. FWIW, Detonics were the inventors of stainless steel pistols that do “not” gall and if not for them and a process they developed, stainless semi pistols probably would have faded off the market decades ago, for back then “galling” was a big issue.

      The last best 1911 ever made that sold for less than $550 bucks I’m aware of (that needed absolutely no mods whatsoever outta the box) was a Klackamas Kimber Custom Classic – I sold my Colt Gold Cup after getting it cause it shot so much better and to be honest the Gold Cups were not too shabby in 70 series and cost way more than that Kimber.

      So just because folks never heard of Wilson (like the fella below) don’t mean that they are over priced, but men with “women-problems” happens all the time and being in the right place at the right time can land ya an exceptional weapon at a terrific price far below retail so one should never cop your attitude indicated above as you are liable to miss out on a truly fine firearm. In order to know a bargain ya need to know the history of firearms at times and what is rare and what’s not. A Wilson Combat handgun ts a firearm that will bring benefits in the shooting of it and will generally make money for your wallet decades down the road (if properly cared for)

      • The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang


    • I carry mine everyday. I went to the range yesterday and shot a 200 rounds or so. It’s a working gun Wilson or not.

  • Michigunner

    So, does EDC stand for every day carry? Yeah right. For 3k it should be called the NLS(Never Leaves the Safe)- X9.

    • Cameron

      Agreed. My dad has a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California. My best friend in high school wanted to ditch class and take it for a spin. I told him my dad never drives it, he just wipes it down with a baby diaper.

      • KestrelBike

        Some guys just have too much time on their hands lol….

      • schizuki

        Did your friend suggest that you could just raise the rear afterwards, put it in reverse, and roll the miles back off of the odometer? And did he want you to help him get Sloane out of class?

      • Bill

        Whats the point in that? That’s like marrying a supermodel and never touching her boobies.

      • RSG

        Ferris, is that you?!?!?!?

      • valorius

        No way i’d ever take that risk…god only knows what a couple of valet parking guys would do with it when you stopped at a ritzy restaurant to have lunch.

    • M1911

      I used my Wilson 1911 as my competition gun in IDPA and USPSA. I spent many hours practicing my draws out of a kydex holster, so the finish shows a lot of wear. I’ve put at least ten thousand rounds through it.

      I’m shooting different guns these days, but my Wilson was never a safe queen. It was a working gun.

    • M-dasher

      ….my precision .308 is right around $3k……and i have no problem dragging that through the mud, getting it dirty, and shooting it…..

      I mean, wdc pistols arent really THAT abused…..they sit in a holster 90% of the time……they may get a knivk or an occasioal scuff…..but hardle any actual wear

      • valorius

        I had a $1800 custom HK P7 built that i would absolutely not carry because i didn’t want to get so much as a scratch on it. And because no way in hell i wanted the Philly PD to get their grubby mitts on it if I ever had to use it in self defense.

        It was a work of art, I wouldn’t carry that any more than i’d put a Rembrandt in my wallet.

  • oajjdld

    Do you have a poor mans version? Made by filipinos perhaps? Nice thing is you would think twice about shooting someone, since police will confiscate it. opposite of a Saturday night special

    • roguetechie

      I think RIA might have a small version of their double stack, mine was a 15 round capacity 1911a1 clone that ran quite nicely!

      If RIA does have a compact and assuming it’s under a grand you could just buy 3 and New Yawk reload!!

      • manndn

        Also how am I supposed to deputize someone to help me out, if I give them a pistol, they’ll just run off with the gun if it looks this expensive.

        • roguetechie

          Silly guy,

          The new York reload has nothing to do with handing out spare guns…

          You just grab a new gun from a different holster and keep going… At least that’s the theory the way I heard it.

        • valorius


      • Pumpkin King XXIII

        I could get behind a RIA double stack commanders with 22tc.

  • oajjdld

    So are the magazines compatible with p92 or not, cause it sounds like they are.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      I’m not 100% certain…

      • The magazines are definitely adapted from a different pistol design. Note the Wilson’s magazine is single-side only, yet the magazine tube has a cut for a reversible magazine catch.

  • DT

    holy cow, $2,900 is stupid. But hot damn that thing is pretty.

  • roguetechie

    You had my heart at 18 rounds…

    I then hit $2895 MSRP and DIED!!!

    I’m going to haunt you Pete

    • Suppressed

      It actually only holds 15 rounds, if that helps you feel any better.

      • Pete – TFB Writer

        I think there’s an 18 round optional mag.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      If you squint it becomes $289.50

      • Major Tom

        A Wilson Combat for under 300 bucks? You either crazy or you’re selling me an inoperable, non-functioning pile of scraps.

        • Brick

          Nah, 289.50 is the price of a mag.

      • roguetechie

        I’ve actually got quite a few pretty nice pistols for $289.50 or so.

        Then again I also started buying AK parts kits when you could get them for $79!

        I passed up Swedish BAR parts kits one time because “$500 each? Who would be stupid enough to pay this for a parts kit!!!”

  • Porty1119

    Cool…I guess? I love 1911s, but can’t help but be put off by WC’s price point. Proprietary magazines? Yuck.

    • They’re not proprietary mags, they’re Walther PPQ mags.

    • Minuteman

      What worries me most is that double stacking a 1911 is a no-go. What were the good folks at WC thinking??

  • Wang Chung Tonight
    • Laserbait

      That’s a $290 dollar feeling.

    • nabbad

      The blessing by a more powerful god ain’t cheap.

    • Minuteman

      I absolutely agree. There is nothing wrong with the LH9. If it weren’t for my big hands I’d carry it. This pistol is made for Asians and petite framed women with small hands though. Quality-wise it is a superb gun, I cannot say anything bad about it.

      • Juanito Ibañez

        A 15-round triple-action 9mm for $615 (msrp): what’s not to like? 🙂

        • Minuteman

          Exactly! And given the 1440 frame, 1450 slide, match grade barrel, all tool steel parts, extremely high quality machining, fit & finish and smooth action. This gun is a beauty and right up there with Wilson Combat and Beretta quality-wise, and underpriced if you ask me. SIG can stuff their way over 1k turds where the sun don’t shine because Lionheart beats them in each and every area. HK isn’t on par either. I would love to own the LH9N MKII, if it weren’t for my big hands. The gun is simply too small for me. The grip is too short (which could be compensated for with 17-round magazines that are designed to extend the grip flush) and I would rather have a large, rectangular trigger guard for better use with gloves. I would give the gun an overall rating of 5. CS gets a 4. I need to knock one star off for frequent parts and accessories unavailability and the fact that Lionheart doesn’t offer life time warranty like Springfield and S&W do. But you’ll never need it anyway, the gun is that good. This gun is really cool, ‘different’ and sexy. It’s like that rare, exotic girl on your arm.

          • Juanito Ibañez

            Lionheart has upgraded them with genuine Novak sights (including Tritium Day & Night Sights).

            One “downside” is extra magazines: $39/ea.

          • Minuteman

            Personally, I don’t care for Novak sights as I prefer the XS Tritium Express sights . I wish they made them for the LH9 series and will release them for the P10C, Stryk B, H9 and Rex Zero 1 as well. What LH needs to do is team up with Mec-Gar to develop a flush grip extension 17 or 18-rounder for it. This would appeal to folks with bigger hands who are used to 92’s and 226’s etc and would make the LH9 a viable option for that crowd. It makes sense from a marketing perspective. Right now, it’s a gun for Asian people and petite framed women with small hands. That grip is probably the main thing that puts me off. They’ll need to come up with a magazine that remedies this to win me over. That, and XS Express sights. I can live with the relatively small trigger guard. The other two issues could and should be solved with ease because they don’t require a design of the platform itself but are an accessory/after market thing. They also need to work on parts and mags availability as support is non-existent. Do all that, and I will gladly give LH my business.

  • GnarlyNardHair

    Why does nobody make a reasonably priced, higher quality than RIA double stack 1911/2011? Ever since Remington bought ought Para and stopped making their double stack, there is nothing in the ~$1k range other than the Metro Arms guns which seem to be pretty rare – I can find them on sale online but very very few reviews of people that actually own them. I don’t understand why there isn’t a Sig or Springfield option in that similar price range. I’d love to have an STI or SVI but don’t really want to spend that kind of money, but if there was a reputable manufacturer making a double stack 1911 gun between $1000-1500 I’d have ordered one already.

    • Holdfast_II

      The Israeli Bul M-5 is a polymer frame gun, but runs really well. Takes Kimber .45 double-stack mags which are available genetic from Greg Cotes online.

  • Polaritypictures Ken

    pfft. This is why Colt is going bankrupt, again. limited market. Drag the cost down to $500 and you’ll sell a crap load.

    • InternetRangeOfficer

      Didn’t Colt try that? It seems like the “Colt Competition” line at $1k MSRP didn’t save them.

      If you want imported garbage with MIM small parts there is always Remington & RIA.

      • Laserbait

        Remington isn’t imported.

  • Carl

    All those beautiful over priced 1911’s look nice behind the fancy glass cases for all of us average shooters that can’t afford them. Be real people. Make them all affordable so we can enjoy them to. IJS

  • Ex-fishing vest user

    I wonder if there is an IDPA rules change on the way to accommodate this pistol?

  • DanGoodShot

    Me like a lot

  • Geoff Timm

    Way too much money for a 9mm 1911. Why carry such a big slide for such a tiny round? Geoff Who wonders how it compares to a customer job on the Browning High Power short slide model?

  • Josh

    Nothing more predictable on TFB than constant comment whining in response to anything that costs more than the most basic firearm. Some people like a little higher quality. Or just something different. And they’re prepared to pay. Hate to break it to you but for some people 3 grand is play money. Get over your insecurities and move on….

  • Bradley

    You guys can cry all you want it’s awesome as hell. I would never buy it in a million years, but I’m glad they made it so I can look at one.

    • Timbo

      Well stated Bradley!
      My thoughts exactly!

  • JumpIf NotZero

    “Breaking” AND “Leaked”… you’ve outdone yourselves.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      I’ve missed you sooo much.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Is it my fault this post is neither of those things?

        There are 5 “breaking” post’s on the front page right now and “leaked” photos don’t come directly from the offering company’s studio with cheesy 90s school picture-day backgrounds. But hey, whatever, maybe the title should bring clicks in and not the content.

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          Why do you even bother coming here if you are going to be negative all the time. You must be exhausted. Maybe it’s the long cold winters.

          If you aren’t here to add to the conversation or are going to continue to troll, you won’t be allowed back. I believe you’ve had several warnings.

          Love the pistol, hate the pistol. I don’t care. But at least discuss the topic at hand.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            Looking over all the “breaking” posts, it’s definitely only me that’s pointing it out.

            It’s okay buddy, I’ll lay off ya. You know, you could assume I mean the worst; or you could maybe take it as me seeing something and saying something. But, if you insist it’s all negative, that’s fine, I’ll try to not offend you.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Add “EXCLUSIVE” just to make him blow his o-ring even harder.

            Believe me, nobody else cares.

        • They are a leak. This wasn’t supposed to be announced till the 13th according to Bill Wilson. Combat Handgun magazine shipped out their issue too early.

  • T Rex

    A new $3K Wilson 9mm pistol? About as practical as a $90K Lincoln pickup truck or one of those pretty $5K case hardened steel, wood stock AR’a from Turnbull.

  • Patrick K Martin

    Let me think;
    Buy the Wilson for $2895


    Buy a CZ999 with a holster and half dozen magazines for $495
    Buy $400 worth of ammo
    Get $1000 worth of training
    Keep $1000 for other things


    • Dakota Raduenz

      I’ve looked at those, but maybe a little too cheap. I mean, you have a $300 gun and $50 per mag IF you can find them.

      Lots of other options that work out better infrastructure wise.

      But if we leave out the same old Glock 19 EVERYONE has, I do tend to agree because 3K is not play money for me. And I own and carry a G19, it’s just because it was A) from the wife, and 2) $300 from a buddy used (which means I know exactly what the history is)

  • The Stig

    What kind of alloy will it be made out of? Steel? Aluminum?

  • Charlie Victor Alpha

    Look’s like a fantastic successor to the Spec Ops 9.

  • babbdd

    What we need is a rolex but in pistol form.

    • Charlie Victor Alpha

      We have it, check out Cabot Guns.

  • I can’t believe there are actually people stupid enough to buy a $3000 version of an obsolete pistol. Sure, 1911s are competitive in racegun competition, but this ain’t a racegun it’s a carry piece. At least they brought the magazine capacity into the 21st century, but it’s still an SAO pistol which gives you all the disadvantage of a striker and none of the advantages besides a moderately nicer trigger.

    • mcjagermech

      what makes strikers superior to hammers?

      • Gambler X

        hes the guy at the range that walks down the line talking trash about other peoples firearms and sums up each evaluation with “shoulda bought a Glock”

        • mcjagermech

          i hear that all too often. it’s one of the reasons why i didn’t buy a Glock

    • Bill

      Is someone forcing you to buy one? If I had the commensurate income I’d buy one in a heartbeat.

      Are stupid people allowed to use words like “commensurate” in your world?

    • Sean

      The nice trigger is the only thing a 1911 has going for it.

      Everything from its weight, to its redundant safeties, low capacity, complicated take-down, and questionable reliability just screams early 20th century

  • Bill

    Given the choice between a Ducati bike or Ferrari I guess I should choose a Honda because they move around on roads, are reliable, and cost less. What a dull life some must lead.

    And I drive a Honda, and would drive an Audi R8 and carry a Wilson if I wasn’t Appalachian white trash making lower-middle-class money.

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    Looks like a Gucci Hi Power to me.

  • Bill

    Why do people choose their carry gun on the basis of what *might* happen to it if it’s used in a shooting? The odds of it being used in a shooting are infinitesimal, the testing that will be done is non-destructive, I have to testify that the gun displayed in court is the same gun in the same condition that I recovered at the scene, and agencies have had to pay for stuff damaged in storage due to neglect or negligence.

    Yeah “everybody knows somebody” whose gun got rusty in an evidence room, and I’ve audited evidence rooms from hell, but its a largely illusory problem that wouldn’t bother me a bit.

    • Holdfast_II

      If you ever have to use a gun to defend yourself, that $2900 will be a rounding error on your lawyer’s bill.

      But you’ll be alive, which is presumably the point.

      • Bill

        Indeed, sort of. The legitimate, clear-cut self defense shootings I’m aware of never passed the grand jury. That includes one that I thought was VERY sketchy, but it was politically expedient for the prosecutor not to indict.

        One case was resolved and the gun returned before the lab even had a chance to test it.

        I helped restore, for lack of a better term, an evidence room in which every single gun had either been used in the commission of a crime, recovered but unclaimed, or was a suicide gun. Some were in very rough shape, but I couldn’t tell if that was a result of being in the evidence room or the way they were coming in. We cleaned up at least a hundred guns. The average agency does everything possible to clear out all evidence ASAP, to make space and reduce the potential for audit problems,

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          Good info, thanks.

      • kollana

        This is true. If your serious, 2k isn’t much at all considering the stakes. Really the only argument that can be admitted is the weight.
        A weapon is much more personal than a car, yet people are unwilling to spend much money on them. People are just posers.

      • valorius

        If it’s a righteous shooting that’s doubtful. Possible- yes. But doubtful.

  • Juice

    Wilson Combat: We made a 2900 dollar 1911. Again. We’re not planning on stopping.

  • RSG

    It’s a handsome looking pistol and would make any self respecting, law abiding citizen feel good after a fatal, lawful shooting in defense of their life and the lives of their family.

  • Uniform223

    I couldn’t buy that gun because it’s too damn expensive for me. However that doesn’t mean I don’t want it.
    I see a lot of comments bashing on the price and rightly so (somewhat). Over 2k for a 1911? Albeit a very very well made and beautiful 1911.
    I tend to make the analogy of cars. Let’s most of us use the car to get from point a to point b and sometimes other destinations and activities. If we’re just using it to get point a to point b and absolutely NOTHING else then we should all be driving a Smart car or a Prius. Let’s face it, we do more then that and WANT MORE THEN THAT. If you had the the money who here wouldn’t want a Ford Raptor SVT over a Smart car? Who here wouldn’t want a Corvette Stingray Grand prix over a Prius? Who here wouldn’t want a Subaru Imprezza STI over a Honda Civic?

  • gordon

    Am I supposed to be getting a little thrill down my leg over this? Also, is this a “leak” or a publicity campaign?

  • Gregory

    When are they going to produce a firearm that the normal working class can afford?

    • Sean

      Never. Not their market. That is like saying “When is Porsche going to produce a sportscar that normal working class can afford?”

      • Gary Kirk

        You want a “working class” Porsche?.. Wait a couple years, and pick up the one of your call.. Most “high end” cars don’t hold value worth a Damn.. The people that want them, want brand new ones.. So you can pick up slightly used ones at a pretty steep discount.. Guns however, tend to retain their value, if not increase their value..

        • Sean

          “Guns however, tend to retain their value”

          This varies greatly on the brands, H&K sure they really retain their value.

          S&W or Ruger on the other hand nosedive as soon as you walk out of the gun store.

    • TheNotoriousIUD


  • valorius

    Don’t like.

  • Dickie

    This is sexy. And 3k is reasonably priced for a wilson

  • Gary Kirk

    Just wondering, where in the Hell is Wilson getting their design ideas?.. Cause, that is one ugly pistol.. I’ve always hated those “burst” grips, and that B.S. “checkering”?.. Just wondering where they milled the “GRIP ZONE”??

  • FOC Ewe

    Cool story Bro.

    “GLOCK, CZ, Springfield? You’re on deck.”

    Not even close to the same marketing demographic as W/C. I have less in my CCF/G24 range toy and all of my other Glocks combined.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Yes Glock buyers are different than Wilson buyers.

  • Bigg Bunyon

    Mine is on layaway! My intention is for it to be the replacement for my current truck gun: a Hi-point 9mm. I really do have a truck too, a 1999 Ford 150 -198,742 miles. Should add some real class to my old pickup.

  • Mmmtacos

    People complaining about price… yeesh. I don’t know about y’all but I still think it’s cool. I also watch Top gear/GT cause the cars are awesome but I don’t plan on getting a Lambo.

    Anyway, I’m interested to see how this gun operates and if they kept the linking barrel or not. Also wondering why they put a fluted chamber in it when generally you only see that on delayed blowback guns which I highly doubt this is.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Rock Island are cheap and actually work. See gun nuts 2000 round testing vids.

  • Wolfgar

    I find it humorous the people lambasting the beautiful Wilson Combat EDC X9. Is it for the average Joe? Hell no! I will never own a custom John Rigby double hunting rifle or need one for my hunting needs but it sure would be nice if I could and sure wont criticize those that can. Need has nothing to do with it.

  • YZAS

    Woo hoo, only 35 ounces loaded. Perfect for EDC! Might have to skip my next few high-priced hooker visits and save up!

  • Ghost930

    CZ P07, 17 rounds, DA/SA, De-cocker or cocked and locked safety, Omega Trigger, Life time guarantee, $460.00 – Hi price spread? Kriss Sphinx, 16 rounds, Aluminum & Polymer frame, DA/SA, De-cocker, Swiss watch construction, life time guarantee, $850.00. Just my two carry examples, others here have added more. To Wilson, Night Hawk, Baer, and others, I say try making a quality firearm that Joe Regular can actually afford, without taking out a small business loan for it. It’s actually pretty easy to design a pistol with all of these features and looks at that price point. Trying doing it for an affordable price. This is one of the reasons that Chinese clone knives are starting to hurt custom makers here in the US a little. Nearly same quality knife in some instances, same look, but a fifth the price. Like it or not, money matters if you want to up your sales. If you want to stay in the niche high end market great, but expect to have a very finite sales number at the end of the year. With a glut on the market right now due to overproduction Hillary scare, trying to move Bentley handguns is going to be problematic for these folks for a couple of years I would think.

  • derfelcadarn

    Professional photo spreads hardly qualify as leaks.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I put my name in the hat for a raffle at the range the other day. On the prize table was a WC 9mm, a big Yeti cooler and a Glock t-shirt.

    For the first time in my life I won a raffle.

    Guess wtf I won?

  • Anonymoose

    I would totally buy this if it took regular Beretta 92 mags (and I had a ton of money to blow).

  • Doak Davis

    Well ….. if I had 6 extra guns laying around not doing anything , and a good store to sell them .! Yes I would trade in 6 guns for one Wilson.!!!!!!

  • L. Roger Rich

    OMG it is beautiful!

  • Stijn Van Damn

    it’s an ugly , expensive, fat, 9mm, 1911

  • SteveK

    Sure is a “Looker”. I’d love to own it!

  • survivor50

    WOW !!! Another 1911…and it’s only $3000.00 !!!
    Sure it’s “pretty”, but I think I’ll buy 3 more SIGS…or Springfields…

  • uffdaphil

    Gaudy comes to mind. My Sar K2 is better looking than this tart.

  • Juanito Ibañez

    Great sidearm 🙂 — until you get to the “$2,895” part. 🙁

  • Lee M Attinger

    Not that I could ever afford it but I do like the styling.

  • Hunter Carr

    Sooooo perrrrty! Now all I need is a winning lottery ticket.

  • Kryptek9

    Why must every discussion come back to several Glock comparisons.You guys all sound like the loser in the 83 Chevy S-10 trying to convince himself and others that the Ferrari that drove by gets you from A to B just like his rig but hes not dumb enough to buy one.Yes Glocks work but we dont all want to drive 30 year old S-10s

  • JDC

    Since Wilson has been on a PR blitz…Bill Wilson’s Carry II, this Combat X9, et al, I took a look at their website. This is what I found about their products-

    “NO WRITTEN WARRANTY: Due to the complexities of complying with the Federal warranty law, Wilson’s Gun Shop, Inc. does not offer a written warranty. We continue to stand behind our products and services, and to care for our customers, but we cannot make guarantees or warranties of any kind. This general statement of policies and disclaimers is effective July 1, 1985, and no prior statements or promises shall be of any effect for transactions after July 1, 1985.”

    I guess if you can afford their guns, you don’t worry about it if they break. Perhaps they don’t break, but I doubt the average one sees enough use to worry about that.

    They sure are Gucci guns though.

    • Sean

      Even though I am not a 1911 fan, Wilsons are one of the most reliable 1911 brands so reliablity with them will not be a concern even though their pricing is ridiculous. I would rather get a Benelli M4 or HK MR556, not some souped up Model T.

      Funny how they don’t have an expressed warranty considering their price. But in the gun world, warranties don’t mean much. H&K and Hi-Point have lifetime warranties only difference is that you will have to use the Hi-Point’s warranty.

      Glock has no expressed warranty either even though in the box, there is paperwork for a one-year warranty but they basically have a lifetime warranty having serviced guns from the 80s, original owners and third owners. Their CS is top notch though.

      • JDC

        Good point. I have 3-4,000 rounds through each of two different 1911’s a Colt and Kimber) and nary a hiccup. Bought them used, neither one looked like they had much use. I could buy them both again, and still have a bunch of cash left over for repairs, more spares, more shells.

        Can’t say I’m a 1911 guy…I just like to shoot. Just got back from the range and broke in a new Honor Guard 9mm concealed carry, and sighted in a S&W Victory and shot a wheel gun in .22. The 1911’s stayed in the safe.

        I totally concur with you RE spending that cash on something more practical like a long gun.

        Never want to bad mouth any gun manufacturer…as a 2nd amendment fan, as far as I’m concerned the Wilsons have their place and there might always be folks with the cash and desire to buy them…and their CS should be excellent…and if a Hi-point gets someone into shooting sports, they have their place too! Even Kahr and Kel-tec went through their “break and fix” period. Some might say one of those is still in it.

        Shot at a couple of Glock matches. If you ever get the chance to go to a Glock Shooting Sports Foundation meet, they are a lot of fun. They have a Glock factory guy there who will inspect/repair any gun brought in for free. That indeed is good CS.

        Be well, sir. Thanks for your comment and concur.

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    With guns, like most products, you hit a price point after which you are not getting that much more for your money. I have found that with 1911’s, it is around $1200-$1500. After that, the bells and whistles that are offered are not much use to me and the difference in accuracy/reliability is negligible.

  • Dakota Raduenz

    That link doesn’t allow for purchase.
    I’d love a 999, just can’t actually find the mags in stock, and private resellers charge $50 a mag.

    I may have been a bit confusing- but I’d rather have a 999 than a G19.