The new Spuhr G3/MP5/HK33/53 Stock Assembly

The long awaited Spuhr stock assembly for the G3/MP5/HK33/53 is now finally available.

I tried a fully working prototype during the summer, mounted to the AK4 (HK G3), including the Spuhr hand guard and an Aimpoint. It made the G3 very controllable.

Photo by Eric Hsueh

The part number is R-410 and it can be found in the Spuhr webshop:

The price is €260.

Beware that they may not ship to all countries from that webshop, but there may be local distributors.

The Spuhr stock is a 6-position stock assembly, with a replaceable cheek piece allowing for different sight solutions.

Photo by Eric Hsueh

Below: The Spuhr stock assembly collapsed

The Spuhr stock assembly extended. The length, measured from the rear of the back plate, is between 180-260 mm or 7.09″-10.24″.

Swedish AK4 (HK G3) with Spuhr hand guard and stock assembly. Atlas bipod, unknown main optics in Spuhr mount and side mounted Aimpoint Micro.

Below: The Spuhr stock mounted on a HK MP5 with Aimpoint. Note the MP5/HK53 Forend as well, made from billet aluminum.

Pictures of the prototype mounted on an AK4 (HK G3).

A picture of a 3D printed prototype (3D Systems SLS) I took last summer, fully functional during testing and after several 1000 shots.

Note that some of the pictures has the Swedish Armed Forces markings. The commercial model does not have these military markings.

To install, you have to remove the factory stock from the metal back plate and attach the Spuhr stock adapter using the factory fasteners and the included washer or buffer collet (depending on buffer assembly).

The stock will fit the Heckler & Koch G3, MP5, HK33 and HK53 provided the firearm has a metal back plate.

Note the Swedish Armed Forces markings. The commercial model does not have these military markings.

The weight of the stock assembly is 385 g or 13.6 oz.

Below: Another picture I took last summer of the Spuhr parts (prototype). With the Spuhr stock you get a very good line of sight with the Aimpoint and excellent recoil control. Having tried this setup I have to say I feel these upgrades as “must haves”, at least the stock will give you a great advantage, but you cannot run the open sights with this solution.

Luckily we got permission to use Eric Hsueh‘s excellent pictures for this article. Thanks very much, they really look great.

That Schmidt & Bender really suits the HK G3 really well.

The G3 in Eric Hsueh’s pictures has the Spuhr slim profile aluminum forend for the HK G3 (and clones).

It’s made from a single billet of 7075 T651 and very lightweight at 190 grams, which is actually lower that the original plastic.

The forend comes with Spuhr Interfaces on the bottom and the sides for attaching accessories.

For more information also check the Spuhr HK G3 upgrade page.

Again thanks to Eric Hsueh for letting us use his pictures.

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • CS

    “Again thanks to Eric Hsueh for letting him use his pictures.”

  • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

    I understand that Spuhr makes some of the highest quality products but i have no urge to ever buy them


    Unknown main optics??
    Bro, that’s a Schmidt and Bender variable.

    • Micheal Unrau

      I came here just to point this out lol

  • koolhed

    Want, not need… but damn! That’s dead sex-eee.

  • DrewN

    I always far preferred the HK fixed stock on MP5s myself. Handled and balanced alot better for me than any of the adjustables or folders I tried.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      I like the PDW stock myself.

      • ostiariusalpha

        Screw the comfortable cheekweld, I love that stock.

  • valorius

    Sexy girl…

  • Joby

    Man that thing’s ugly on a G3. It looks effective for their goal (recoil control) but I’d rather see a cheaper simpler looking fixed stock.

    • FulMetlJakit

      Agreed, for the extra 12oz and intended use, I think I’ll stick with a Magpul PRS.
      But options are always nice.
      Their mounts are “meow” though.

  • thmsmgnm

    That looks like a mangled baboon’s ass.

    • Sgt. Stedenko

      The wood stock and fore grip for a G3 looks 10x better than this mall ninja abortion and costs 10x less.

  • Noishkel

    Well honestly I’d rather see new production telescoping HK stocks instead of just another AR-15 stuck stuck to the end of whatever rifle.

    And honestly, when the HELL did POS AR-15 collapsing stocks become the ‘standard’? Not everything needs to be an AR-15 guys anymore than everything needs to be a damn Glock.

    • Kopsik

      If you want to use the factory buffer you need the AR-15 style stock because of the tube.

      • DIR911911 .

        hk doesn’t use a buffer only ar

        • eirik andreas

          HK uses a buffer and it extends into the original stock.

          • Noishkel

            Uhh, no. No it doesn’t. They use a Roller locked type of action.

          • Håkan Spuhr

            They have a buffer that slows down bolt, depending on variation buffer is betwen 3-5″ long

          • John

            Uh, yes. Yes it does. Anything else you want to be wrong about?

          • Wow!

            H&K abandoned the roller lock mechanism in favor of the traditional rotating multi lug AR style. Roller locks are still used for guns that had them, but no new firearms utilize it anymore.

    • Håkan Spuhr

      This is not an AR stock, this have both cheekpiece and buttplate one inch higher to get good straight recoil and decent cheekweld.

      There is 1000’S of avaible HK stocks on second hand market so if you want them there is plenty of them availible.

      But for those who want an ergonomical solution on G3 they have finally a solution.

      • Noishkel

        What, you think an AR-15 stock is ergonomic? They’re terrible.

        And even so I’d rather have the HK stock than any AR-15 stock. But even then, it could use improvement. But no one want’s to make that given that everyone’s got an AR-15 so far up their a*s they they never look beyond that.

        And FYI I DID put one of those stocks on my CETME. And even thought it took a while to get the kinks out of it I take it over any other rifle I’ve got now.

        • Håkan Spuhr

          Is it really that difficult to understand it’s not an AR15 stock.
          There is no way it would work on an AR15

      • Shiller Tiller

        “Cheek weld, trigger reset, recoil from a 308…” hahaha

  • eirik andreas
  • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

    Ok but doesn’t this seem like the perfect use for the ACR stock

  • Tierlieb

    “but you cannot run the open sights with this solution.” – this is actually awesome because it tells us that the Swedes (home of Aimpoint after all) have finally managed to have proper optics for everyone.
    Good thing for the military. As a private citizen with a lot more guns to chose from, I see no point in a G3 or MP5, but streamlining military guns is nice.

    • Shiller Tiller

      Try a G-3 with a retractable stock and MLOK and it is just as light as a Sig 716. The G-3 was the lightest and shortest of all the 308 battle rifles. And modular as hell. It was way ahead of its time and is still current once you get past a derp cheek weld and derp bolt hold open, you realize that the G-3 was the perfect combination of Eastern bloc reliability and Western precision.

      • Håkan Spuhr

        Eastern block? what is eastern block with G3?
        So far you havent really wrote anything that is even close to accurate….

        • Shiller Tiller

          What I meant is that the G-3 has features that combine the reliability of an ak and the accuracy of an ar-15. That is not accurate?

  • Ben

    Kill it with fire

  • Wow!

    Yeah, if I am going to pay that much on a stock I would fit on an ACR stock. Probably nicer. This thing is like a cheap poor mans copy of magpuls UBR stock.

  • Shiller Tiller

    The retractable HK stock with several positions available is probably the best stock I’ve ever tried. It’s at HK Parts. This stock is ugly but very functional and expensive. The G-3 is still a great option. AR stocks are atrocious. It’s the weakest stock available and doesn’t fold nor provide storage.