CRKT Expands Line of Ruger Products


Ruger teamed up with Columbia River Knife & Tool a few years back to produce a line of Ruger branded knives and tools. It seems that line has been successful, and the two companies have further expanded the line this year. The new products include a fixed blade knife called the Muzzle-Brake and a pair of writing instruments: Bolt-Action Pen and Bolt-Action Pencil.


The Muzzle-Brake is a large fixed blade knife designed by Ken Onion. It is a Bowie style knife that has a 7.5″ blade and full tang. The blade has a clip point and a plain edge. It is made of 8Cr13MoV steel with a 58-59 HRC. CRKT gives the blade a black powder coat finish.

The 11.1 ounce survival knife has an overall length of 12″ and comes with a injection molded nylon sheath. The sheath is adjustable for multiple carry positions. A Ruger emblem is molded into the flass filled nylon handle. This new knife will carry a MSRP of $99.99.

Writing Tools


bolt action pencilThey say that a harsh word can cut deeper than a knife. If so, CRKT has you covered with a pair of new writing tools that have a bit of firearms flavor. Both the pen and pencil version of these instruments use a rifle-like handle to deploy the writing tip.

bolt action pen

The pen uses Fisher Space Pen refills while the pencil uses the Schmidt Pencil System. These sell individually for $49.99. I suppose these would go well with your bolt action flashlight.

Richard Johnson

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  • Badwolf

    To the people who throw hissy fits over a pop tart, the pen is gona give them a heart attack.

    • Swarf

      I don’t see the problem.

  • nate

    that muzzle brake knife is a little interesting, I like ken onion designed blades (I have a little Kershaw he designed for edc and love it)

  • TheNotoriousIUD
    • Swarf

      “I don’t feel tactical.”

  • valorius

    Do these knives suck, or are they worthy of every day carry use?

    • Swarf

      I can’t speak to these knives specifically, but CRKT is a company I like to buy from. Their knives, like Ruger’s guns, hits a balance on price, quality, and looks that works for me.

      I just bought an Ignitor, actually. Those Veff serrations are serious business. If you can get past the dumb name.

      Their CS, in my one experience with them, was also top notch. I mangled one of the pocket clips on a knife and was looking for a replacement. They said that the knife was out of production and the no longer had parts for it, but offered me something cool instead. No idea if they’d want me talking about it, but suffice it to say, they made me happy.

      • valorius

        I love Ruger firearms, own three and have owned probably a dozen in my lifetime- more than any other manufacturer. It would be cool to have a matching EDC ruger knife, but i’ve seen S&W and HK labeled knives that were total junk, and not worth a dollar.

        • Swarf

          Ahh, now I get where you’re coming from.

          Yeah, I’ve seen those S&W and HK and Jeep crap knives too (and Hummer, but that’s less of a surprise), and I personally wouldn’t have that concern with CRKT, Ruger, or Ken Onion and their willingness or not about what they’ll put their name on.

          Again, I haven’t personally seen any of the Ruger knives, but I feel pretty confident that they will all be many steps above the “screenprinted and shipped from China by the 55 gallon barrel full” quality you’re referring to.

          Put it this way: A big part of my professional life is rigging, and my EDC is a CRKT.

          • valorius

            OK, thanks for the info. 🙂

        • I handled these at SHOT and they’re well made. A good balance of quality and affordability. Not the S&W junk. These are designed by some top notch knife makers. Some don’t fit my fancy, but I wouldn’t worry with quality from any of them.

        • Bill

          CRKT is light years ahead of the Taylor rebranded crap that everyone from S&W to Harley Davidson hawks. It’s a for real knife company. Note that Benchmade produces knives for H&K which seem to be at a lower price point than normal, but Benchmade is a respectable company. CRKT may not be Spyderco/Benchmade advanced in tech or materials, but any difference is unnoticeable and the price point is a lot more reasonable.

          I’ve been entirely satisfied with my CRKTs and will be looking for the Bowie, though its a little large for my needs.

          • valorius

            Thanks for the eval Bill.

      • SpartacusKhan

        I also have an Ignitor, carry it all the time, and I agree the Veff serrations are awesome. So awesome, in fact, that they have ruined me for all other brands as I can only get those serrations on CRKT, as far as I know. I also love the blade shape, just wish it was a little bigger, like the M21 (which is great as well but doesn’t come in an assisted opener).

  • Phillip Cooper

    Nice pen, but they lost me at Fisher Space Pen refills. They don’t seem to be what they used to be.

  • Hoplopfheil

    The Ruger knives look cool, but they’re kind of chunky.


    $50 pen…. andddd……… I lose it within a week.