Colt Promotions for 2017

Colt is running a pair of promotions to encourage you to buy its guns. One is centered on the Expanse rifle while the other is for some of its 1911-style pistols.

Expand Your Expanse

The marketing titled “Expand Your Expanse” promotion gives you a TruGlo TG8030DB and a single Magpul PMAG if you purchase a Colt Expanse rifle. The TruGlo sight is a red dot style tube light that is swappable between red and green 5 MOA reticles. It sells for about $50 at Amazon. It is not clear which PMAG is being included in this offer.

This offer is good only on the following Colt Expanse models:

  • CE2000
  • CE2000-HB
  • CE2000HB-FDE
  • CE2000HB-ODG
  • CE2000HB-TSG

A couple of things to note: first the rifle has to be purchased from a Colt stocking dealer and only one promotional kit for each household.

Range Ready with Colt

The second promotion requires you to purchase a Competition Series pistol, Gold Cup pistol or Delta Elite pistol. If you do, Colt will send you a range kit that includes a branded range bag, ear muffs and eye pro. These are the gun models that apply:

  • O1980CCS
  • O1982CCS
  • O1983CCS
  • O1080CCS
  • O1082CCS
  • O1083CCS
  • O5070X
  • O5070XE
  • O5072XE
  • O5870A1
  • O2020
  • O2020XE
  • O2020RG
  • O2020FDE

As with the Expanse offer, the Colt gun purchase must be made through a stocking dealer to qualify. Click here to read more about the offers.

Richard Johnson

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  • noob
    • Ebby123


  • GR Arnold
  • B-Sabre

    A P-Mag and a $50 red-dot sight?!?!?!?
    Sign me up!

    • Trotro

      Only 40 bucks on Amazon right now. They could really amp this promo up if they threw in a sticker and a granola bar too…

      • B-Sabre

        Whoa…now hold on there partner…let’s not get too crazy.

  • Rick O’Shay

    Wow. Those promos are practically an insult.

  • Ebby123
  • J.T.

    Oh boy! I can get a crappy optic to go with my fake Colt rifle!

    • Cedar_92

      How is it fake?

      • Ebby123

        See videos posted below.

        • rennsport4.4TV8

          There are plenty of things outdated or factually wrong in that video. The main point being that there are plenty of Colt Expanse rifles with Colt manufactured upper and lower recievers. Considering a lot of people out there replace the other stuff they are not “fake” colts.There are Colt Expanse rifles with “LE” designations and have C markings and “M4” on the front of the upper receiver. Either his rifle is really old or he just happened to get one without Colt made receivers. They also make them with ejection port covers and forwards assists.

          • Ebby123

            Personally I think the whole thing is silly – I don’t really have a dog in the fight.

            There’s nothing special about “genuine” Colt AR-15s. They have a small cult following because years ago they used to be “the Army’s rifle”… they no longer are, and for good reason.

            Now they’re just another overpriced black rifle company cutting any corner they can to try and be competitive in a completely saturated market…. a market that’s plunging into recession now that Trump has won and firearms sales have dropped off.

          • rennsport4.4TV8

            I agree that there is nothing special about them, but people keep posting that outdated video passing out misinformation. They are not doing it intentionally, but it is annoying and I had to correct people the last time that video was posted on here as a full article. Most of that guys complaints are not valid for all Expanse rifles and not valid in the current market.

  • JT303

    ‘Comes with a pmag and $50 optic’. So you buy the rifle and they ship a pmag for a G36?

  • UWOTM8

    Why aren’t they out of business yet?

  • Jay

    let me guess, they made another ground breaking 1911…..

    God. this guys are pathetic.
    they’ve been on government life support for the last 100 years.

    Colt. please. just die already.

  • Nick

    Come on, even Springfield Armory gives you 4 mags if they somehow convince you to buy one of their XD’s and they’re a fraction of the price of those 1911’s.