Another of Keith’s gems in his machine shop. A target pistol Beretta Mod 102. It still has the original box and papers.

The barrel stay stationary and only the slide cycles rearward. It reminds me of the Neos and 87 Target. This is the predecessor.

The large checkered button is the magazine release.


  • 1LT Homer

    Beautiful. Beretta would do well to go back to basics, rather than the Neos/9000S/Nano/etc. In a world dominated by plastic, an alloyed homage to the Beretta 70/71 built for the modern shooter would be awesome .

    • GordonTrenchard

      I had a Neos and it is a superb pistol for the price. If they reissued this gun I would get one. But I wonder how much it would be?

      • Blake

        I really liked mine too. Unfortunately the decision to make the chamber loose enough to fire stingers is a detriment to accuracy, so I sold it. If they made one with a Bentz chamber I’d pick it up in a minute.

        • Is that why mine never seemed to live up to the accuracy it should have had? Between that and the not-at-all-match trigger, my Neos just never seemed to perform to expectations vis a vis accuracy, which was a shame given the otherwise-good design of it.

          • Blake

            If you seek out a few of the Youtube tutorials on the Neos, you can make it significantly nicer by:

            – applying a thin bead of white nail polish to the business edges of the front & rear sights with a toothpick, so that they are more distinctive.

            – take the trigger group apart, polish all the components, & put it back together.

            You can also get a handy little tool from e.g. Brownell’s, MidwayUSA, etc. that helps load Woodsman-style 22LR mags so that you don’t have a big dent in your thumb after you’ve loaded 3 or 4 of them.

          • I wound up selling mine. I have a Beretta 71 and a few 22lr conversion kits I use when I feel the need for rimfire plinking. The Neos was a great first pistol for my new-shooter self, but I outgrew it.

    • mazkact

      Agreed. I’ve shot a Neos but I had to avert my eyes until all I saw was the sight picture.

  • crackedlenses


  • dP

    Also known as the model 76. A standard 70-series frame with a new slide/barrel sub-assembly and larger grips.

    • The Beretta 71 is an AMAZING pistol. I got one of those Israeli-surplus 71s with the fake suppressor (removed!), and it’s easily one of the best combat-style .22 pistols I’ve ever shot.

  • Noishkel

    Heh. That style of action reminds me a lot of the 10mm pistol from Fallout 4, with the way the slide works.

  • The Argentinean “MACS” 22lr conversion for the BHP also uses that style of action. A little funky to charge, but not a big deal.