Review: Bravo Concealment OWB Kydex Holster Combo

Bravo Concealment reached out to Phil at the start of December to see if we wanted to put one of their Kydex outside the waistband holsters to the test. As the Senior Breaker-Of-Things, I was elected as the most likely to break or damage the holster during what I consider “normal” use and was sent one of Bravo Concealment’s BCA holster combos. Thankfully Bravo allowed me to configure the holster as I wanted to match my Glock …. or what it is on a journey to becoming.

The BCA holster combo comes with your choice of holster configuration and either a double magazine pouch or two single pouches. Since I wanted something simple to put on a belt, I opted for the double mag pouch with the 1.5″ belt loops to mate up with the Magpul El Original Tejas Belt (You can read my review by clicking on the previous link) that I wear every day.

As far as options I went with just about everything that I could throw at it. The outside the waistband holster will accept a Glock 19 with a Surefire X300 Ultra light, a Trijicon RMR, and a threaded barrel equipped Glock. Since my Glock is slowly becoming a Rolland Special, I figured this was the safest configuration to go with. The only option that I wish was available that wasn’t? The ability to get a holster that accepts popular compensated barrels like the Texas Black Rifle Company micro comp or the KKM 4-port compensated barrel.

Other than that small oversight that frankly won’t affect more than a couple of dozen people, the options that are available are nothing short of staggering. Heck, they have so many variations of the holster that you can’t just scroll through the drop down on the ordering page, you need to search it.

Bravo Concealment BCA Holster Combo

The overall finish on the holster is nothing short of world class. The lines are clean and crisp while still looking like I expect a Kydex holster to look.

Bravo Concealment BCA Holster Bravo Concealment BCA Light Bearing Holster

While my Glock isn’t equipped with an RMR quite yet, it is coming soon, so I optioned the holster to accommodate one. In a few weeks, I will be sending the slide off for ATEi’s Rolland Special treatment.

Bravo Concealment BCA Holster RMR Cut

Retention on the holster is accomplished by a friction lock using the light that is attached. Not a big deal since I just about always run a light and this method of retention is the standard, but some users might not like that.

Bravo Concealment BCA Light Bearing Holster for Threaded Barrel

Now if you have used a cheaply made Kydex rig, you might have had a hard time concealing with it. Bravo included their own belt loops in the 1.5″ size to match my belt, and they are nothing short of awesome.

Bravo Concealment BCA Holster on Magpul El Original Tejas Belt Bravo Concealment Belt Loops on BCA HolsterBravo Concealment BCA Holster Fits TightBravo Concealment BCA Holster Fits Tight

The attention to detail on this holster is outstanding! They even molded the holster to accept what appears to be either the Ghost Inc. style of extended slide stop or the factory extended unit. It works just fine with the factory flat one as well.

Now, this photo highlights my one and only gripe with the holster, the sweat guard isn’t quite tall enough to cover the rear sight and can be uncomfortable sometimes with a pointy corner digging into the skin a bit.

Bravo Concealment Slide Stop Molding

So what about the included mag pouches? I really like them for concealing and have no issue tucking them under a t-shirt without printing. I haven’t really felt the need to adjust retention on the pouch even though there is the provision to do so, it was set just about perfect from the factory.

Bravo Concealment Double Magazine Pouch Bravo Concealment Mag Pouch Adjustment

I have to say, Bravo really knows how to put out a clean and simple holster. The rivets are all uniform and look perfect just like the mold lines.

Bravo Concealment Rivets

Again, the outstanding belt loops that are included with the OWB holster combo do a great job of keeping both the mags and the gun nice and tight.

Bravo Concealment Mag Pouch On Magpul El Original Tejas Belt Bravo Concealment Fits Tight To The Body Bravo Concealment Mag Pouch Fits Tight to the Body

Taking a look at the Kydex holster and mag pouch combo with the gun and mags removed it is easy to see how much quality is built into them. I have to say, they are rather well thought out.

Bravo Concealment BCA Light Bearing Holster Bravo Concealment Mag Pouch

Before I attended the handgun class with Apex’s trainers Steve and Bryan I took the Bravo rig out to the range to give it a shakedown and get some photos, I knew that during the class there wouldn’t be time to set up the camera, so the below photos will have to suffice.

You can see how easily the holster conceals under a light fleece pullover. I had similar results with a T-shirt thanks to how close the holster sits to my body.

Bravo Concealment BCA HolsterBravo Concealment BCA Holster

Drawing the gun is pretty smooth and fast as well. Once the Surefire X300U-A clears the part of the holster that retains the gun, my Glock slides right out without any hangups.

Bravo Concealment BCA HolsterBravo Concealment BCA Holster

Reloads with the double magazine weren’t as fast as some of my other mag pouches that are geared more towards competition of duty, but as far as a concealed carry mag pouch I found it to be accessible and predictable in its placement allowing me to properly index the mag in my hand.

Bravo Concealment BCA HolsterBravo Concealment BCA Holster Bravo Concealment BCA Holster

Like always I am going to answer that ever important question, would I buy one of these? Yes. In fact, I plan on ordering one of the non-light bearing holsters for my Walther PPS M1 or the Glock 43 (I haven’t decided what gun quite yet) for every day carry in the summer. An OWB holster is far more comfortable than an IWB holster, and if I can get away with it, you bet I am going that route.

The Bravo Concealment BCA quick ship holster combos start at $86.99 and are often on sale, you can find them HERE. If you need a holster set up for suppressor height sights and a threaded barrel or if your gun/light combo isn’t listed you will need the BCA custom holster combo found HERE, these start at $119.98, the holster tested as optioned has an MSRP of $124.98.


  • Paul O.

    Thanks for the review. It’s definitely on my pick one up list.

  • nova3930

    Love my Bravo OWB combo. Have shot several classes with it. Was secure and comfortable all day….

  • Mmmtacos

    I happened into Collectors in Houston on a Saturday (I don’t live in Houston, but family does so I am there every couple of months or so). They were apparently having their first sale in the history of the store; 15% of anything and everything.

    Having recently acquired an SR1911 w/ a rail and owning a Surefire X300 I was wanting a nice new holster. I always heard about how great Bravo Company Holsters were, and being from Edinburgh, Texas is always a plus (well, not so much being from the valley, but being from Texas). They happened to have an OWB rig for a Sig 1911 w/ X300, but it was 15% off and I figured it ought to fit. I had already looked around for Bravo holsters and I could never find them sold under their MSRP, so this seemed like a good opportunity.

    Got it, tried it out immediately (I happened to have my new SR1911 with me to show it to my dad) and a perfect fit and excellent retention. Unfortunately the Kydex still has a slight impression of the iconic Sig lightening cut that runs the length of the slide but it’s not too noticeable what with being a black holster anyway.

    The price is a bit much to bear but now that I’ve personally tried one I won’t hesitate to pick up another when I’m inclined to.

  • “Since my Glock is slowly becoming a Rolland Special, I figured this was
    the safest configuration to go with. The only option that I wish was
    available that wasn’t? The ability to get a holster that accepts popular compensated barrels like the Texas Black Rifle Company micro comp or the KKM 4-port compensated barrel.”

    A true Roland Special should fit in a Glock 34 holster.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      That is correct, I wasn’t sure if it would work with a Glock 34 Bravo holster though.

  • William Johnson

    Link at the bottom of the article returns 404

  • I have a Bravo Concealment holster for a CZ P01 with a Surefire XC1. As you mentioned, the sweat guard could be higher, but all in all it’s great, particularly after replacing the belt loops with the pancake-style belt “wings”.

  • Ed Ward

    I have had my on order since Christmas…

  • seancaseytx

    I carried my M&P full sized with a Viridian X5L and three single mag pouches for two years in a gray Bravo rig (had to wait about three weeks back then) and was so pleased that when I went back to the Glock 19 Gen 3 (still with X5L and now in FDE) I ordered another set-up. Still waiting as of January BUT know it is worth it. Excellent value, excellent retention and concealability and now my local has the holsters and mag holders on the rack.

  • Marcus D.

    Kydex holsters are too ugly to be worn outside the waist band.

  • RetroG

    I was going to order one of their holsters, but the gun I own has disappeared from their gun list entirely. Why remove a model you obviously have a blue gun to mold the holster? Unless they never had it in the first place.

  • Jonn Doe

    Frankly, All kydex holsters look the same, nothing special about them most anyone could start making them In their garage tomorrow