I stumbled across this picture of an odd 1911 drum magazine. It looks like is made of multiple 1911 magazines in a rotary style setup.

It sort of reminds me of the X-Rail for shotguns or the Nerf Pyragon where you have small internal magazines arranged in a circle and the assembly rotates as the first magazine is emptied.

Obviously this design did not catch on and now we have conventional snail drums.



  • Bill

    That’d be a magazine magazine.

    • Phillip Cooper

      so, s subscription??

      • Hamma Hamma

        No, that’s if you get a magazine about magazine magazines.

        • Phillip Cooper

          Pretty sure that would be a compendium….

    • noob

      sup dawg?

      • Blake

        ya beat me to it

  • Bucho4Prez

    A man can be driven to do some crazy things to compensate for a lack of firepower.

    • Blake

      firepower… Riiiight…

  • Johnsmyname

    …and his friends with Thompson’s laughed until their sides hurt.

    • .45

      But he didn’t have to carry around a ten pound submachine gun…

      • Tinkerer

        You mean ten pounds of AWESOME! !1!!

        …but yeah, you’re right, it’s damn heavy.

      • Paul White

        they can give it to me if it gets heavy 🙁

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Doubles as a martini mixer.

  • I had no idea there were modern snail drums for 1911s. O_O Suddenly there’s a new universe of opportunity for PCCs that don’t use Glock mags!

  • Don Ward

    I guess that contraption doubles as a workout device, holding it one-handed and outstretched like that.

    • roguetechie

      Still nowhere near as homoerotic as the “shake weight”


  • Gary Kirk

    And we’ve finally figured out where Calico first got started..

    • Jonathan Ferguson

      That would be with the Evans repeater…

  • iksnilol

    We need a modern version of this with doublestack 9mm mags.

    • Blake

      full-retard mode would be with quad-stack AR15 casket mags 🙂

    • Nicholas C

      Why limit yourself? You are thinking too small. Spectre Coffin Mags are quad stack 9mm mags. Go big or go home lol

      • iksnilol

        I like the way you think.

        5x 50 rounders would bel ike 250 rounds. That’s waaay past LMG territory.

      • Amplified Heat

        Suomi did it, and probably better than anyone that tried to make a coffin mag thereafter (or drum, for that matter)

  • Blake

    …rotates roughly at the speed of John M. Browning spinning in his grave…

    • Johnsmyname

      Lmfao!! Well played sir.

  • Bigg Bunyon

    This will go perfectly with my concealed carry AR-15 walking cane/beer can picker-upper.

  • Mystick

    I don’t know why, but I still want one. Finally, “full capacity”.

  • LazyReader

    A magazine or a magazine rack….

  • AD

    That’s very interesting. I wonder if it rotated automatically or if it had to be rotated manually? Also, I assume it would rotate/be rotated when there was no more ammunition in a “reservoir”, but still ammunition in the grip; in that case, how would it push the last seven-ish rounds up to feed? Perhaps first few reservoirs had springs/followers that stopped when they reached the base of the grip, but the last one did not and would push all the way up to fully feed the last of the ammo? Does that make sense?

  • JamesDrouin

    It appears to be an adaptation of the Thompson machine gun’s drum-style magazine, and that was rejected by the US and British militaries in WWII due to it’s propensity to jam.

  • spiff1

    I remember seeing picture of a world War 1 airman armed with a Colt 1911 equipped with an extended single stack magazine and a “cage” around the ejection port. The cage was to keep the hot ejected cases from setting the glue reinforced aircraft fabric on fire….