High Tower Armory’s HiPoint Carbine Bullpup Stock Teaser

High Tower Armory is known for making bullpup stock kits for the 10-22. They make a P90 styled kit to drop in a 10-22 barrels action and making it into a bullpup.

Well now they are working on a bullpup kit for the HiPoint Carbine. Third stock kit is called the MBS 95. Not exactly a name that rolls off the tongue and not exactly flashy but that does not detract from the appeal of a bullpup HiPoint Carbine.

As posted before by Nathan S., the bullpup kit is a simple drop in design. It will use any magazine for the HiPoint Carbine. They have designed the magwell to be wider to accept double stack magazines however at this time they have not found any magazines that work. So while you will be stuck using single stack extended magazines for now, they are looking into making a double stack magazine of their own design later down the road.

The stock is packed with a lot of features. It has CNC top and bottom picatinny rails. They added MLOK slots to the rear of the stock so you can use MLOK QD sling mounts while also including traditional slots in the back, middle and front of the stock to use a sling. The pistol grip has a knuckle protector that is removable and comes with plugs to cover up the gaps left by the knuckle guard.

They are projecting to have these available by late spring or early summer and will be available in black, OD Green, Desert Tan, and FDE. The price is expected for be around $200-$300. Also, this stock kit will work for any of the Hi Point carbines regardless of caliber


Nicholas C

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  • Bull

    Why is it so damn long?!? They should have gone with a retractable stock and made it much shorter…

  • Caffeinated

    There must be some issue with making them glock mag compatible. There’s no way to keep them in stock if they can do that.

    • Nicks87

      It’s the only thing holding me back from buying one. I just don’t trust hi-point’s flimsy ass mags.

      • valorius

        my nephew has a 995. The factory 9mm mags work well. They just recently came out with a 20rd model that has gotten pretty rave reviews from hi point peeps.

  • valorius

    Too boque $.

  • Cymond

    The triple post glitch strikes AGAIN!

    Also on the classic Colt post.