POTD: That’s A Lot Of Brass

Dave C. shared this photo of some brass he is processing. His son Cullen is helping him go through the approximate 88k rounds of once fired brass. Do you guys reload? Do you process this much brass?


  • Jack Morris

    Woah! The most I’ve ever processed at once is 5,000. This is some commercial grade level reloading!

  • Phillip Cooper

    I hope he starts using some PPE on the kid..

  • Phillip Cooper

    Must be a new feature of the Firearm Blog… “We can’t come up with decent content, so we’ll post the same article 4 and 5 times”

    It’s happened to three or 4 different articles just today, apparently.

  • Some Guy

    Letting a little kid touch fired cases that are likely covered in microscopic lead deposits is a deeply, deeply stupid thing to do.

    • Holdfast_II


      That’s straight-up irresponsible. Even adults should wear gloves. And at that volume, some sort of breathing protection wouldn’t be amiss either.

      Also, with that volume of brass, the volume of unburnt powder becomes, in the aggregate, material – and a potential safety hazard if not handled correctly.

  • FLdeepdiver

    Please list your sources.