POTD: That’s A Lot Of Brass

Dave C. shared this photo of some brass he is processing. His son Cullen is helping him go through the approximate 88k rounds of once fired brass. Do you guys reload? Do you process this much brass?


  • Rooftop Voter

    (Envisions many barrels of case lube)

  • ? ? ?? ⒿⓈ

    Lol, you’d need a cement mixer to wash that much brass, and then it’s probably 16 loads at 2 hours, or more, each.

  • Linz

    OK- I’m impressed.
    Could we have some detail on his processing set up? Particularly length trimming/chamf/deburr which is my current bugaboo/logjam.

  • carlcasino

    Nothing like getting a little burnt powder under you fingernails at an early age. Instills that cordite lite aroma to the crib.

  • Charles Valenzuela

    Not a good idea to handle fired brass with bare hands. Especially small children who then put those lead and copper contaminated fingers in their mouth!