SilencerCo Offers $200 Tax Rebate Program

I had the unfortunate responsibility of reporting SilencerCo’s workforce layoffs a few weeks ago. The firearms industry as a whole is in rapid transition – eight years of panic buy cycles and stockpiling for an alternate election result has a way of throwing companies into turmoil. In an effort to quell stagnation, SiCo is offering a $200 rebate for anyone who buys a Silencer between February 1st an April 30th of this year.


Unfortunately, the deal is slightly misleading. SilencerCo is not offering a rebate, they are offering a $200 credit through their online store. Which means if you buy a SilencerCo silencer, you can buy accessories at full MSRP using the $200 in store credit. The “rebate” also cannot be combined wit other offers or sales.

A true $200 rebate may have stimulated me enough to buy a 3-lug capable Omega 9K. Even so, if all you could do was offer a store credit on full-priced items – just say it. Don’t attempt a bait and switch campaign by luring people in with the hopes of a $200 actual rebate. As one forum poster mentioned, ‘until I can pay for my tax stamp with brakes, mounts and end caps, this store credit isn’t that great a deal’. And I have to agree; this discount leaves something to be desired.

I am not trying to be negative. This is a company who has helped to shape and expand modern Silencer ownership in more ways than one. And I guess we should all be happy that SilencerCo are trying to energize consumer buying. I just expected more in terms of truth in advertising.

If you were planning on buying one of their silencers anyway, go ahead and take advantage of the store credit. Just please don’t spend it all on hipster, flat brimmed SiCo hats.

(Ok, fine, I’ll probably still buy Omega 9K)

Purchase one of our silencers through a SilencerCo Dealer any time between February 1, 2017 and April 30, 2017 then click the link below to register your product and upload your proof of purchase.

You’ll then receive a custom code via email within 72 hours that’s good for up to $200 worth of free gear on SilencerCo’s web store – accessories, merchandise – you name it.


SilencerCo Rebate Program


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  • Keiichi

    I’m sorry, SilencerCo, but my photo and fingerprints going into a federal database are what is preventing me from buying your product. Passage of the HPA, or possibly elimination of the NFA in its entirety, is the only way I might become your customer.

    • temper

      You act like they don’t already have that, weeb.

      • plamma

        Very true, high def digital cctv cameras mean pretty much everyone has your photo.
        As for your fingerprints, unless they also have your sebum/oil with your dna on it, any fingerprint planted would not be valid as evidence. (in theory)
        So if you really want to be safe it’s time to marry a muslim and start wearing a burka.

        • Josh Barnhardt

          There is not a single case where prints were excluded due to lack of DNA from sebum or other sources.

          What fantasy land does this theory come from?

    • Big Kat

      So I take it your dont have a concealed carry license then?

      • Keiichi

        I am responsible for my own self preservation – carrying a concealed pistol is the best way to do that. In the state where I live, a CCW permit is required. As such, I don’t have a choice but to get a permit.

        I would prefer that my state had constitutional carry instead, and I am involved in my state’s political process to work toward that.

        That is, of course, beside the point – CCW permits are a state level requirement, not a Federal one.

    • jake

      I have owned machine guns suppressors and destructive devices for many many years and am an FFL dealer. I have never had the government harass me about anything. Not even an inspection which for dealers on average is once every 20 years although they can annually, so I am not sure if your fear is rational. Just saying

  • Complains about bait and switch…writes article using the same bait and switch….

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      I guess if you only read the headlines…

  • Joseph Goins

    If HPA passes, it would really be like a $400 rebate since the actual cost of the tax stamp would be given back to you by the government. (I’m quite surprised that SilencerCo didn’t do one of those tax rebate cheat scams where you forward the government check later in exchange for good now. That would be easy to set up.)

    Trump is bad for the industry because he represents a “bust” in the “boom and bust” business theory. This is one industry that is prone to cyclical purchasing. It impacts new and previously small-scale manufactures the most. They tend to go overboard in order to capture the available market while ignoring general business sense used to organically grow companies that don’t have to worry about politics.

    This is likely to hurt SilencerCo in the long run. The credit will only hurt their bottom line when they can’t really afford it. They have to be heavily in debt after the Maxim 9 project in order to do fundraising. I wager to say that they will go bankrupt by July 2017 if HPA isn’t passed.

    • Rick O’Shay

      Regarding the “good….” I take exception to anyone calling any of what Silencerco is offering, or the HPA promises to refund, a rebate. If HPA passes and they do in fact give you your money back, it will in all likelihood come back as a tax credit against your return. Even if they DO cut you a $200 check, it’s not a rebate, it’s a refund. The other $200 from Silencerco doesn’t put $200 back in your pocket, rebate- or refund-wise. It just gives you $200 of retail product, which, assuming typical retail markup, is actually only costing Silencerco $150 (if they’re lucky). So the “good” in your statement really isn’t even good. It’s just spinning all of this will-they-won’t-they in hopes of reviving the market.

  • I guess it’s a good deal if you’re the sort of person who’s likely to buy multiple silencers at a time, but that sort of person doesn’t exactly need this kind of deal and would probably be buying those silencers anyway. This is money that would be better spent on a campaign to convince people to write their congressbeasts and demand that they move the HPA forward.

  • TheUnspoken

    This is pretty much the same as the AAC “Damn the man” rebate that was offered a couple years back. Though it doesn’t pay your tax stamp, you can buy mounts or pistons, which unless you are getting a single gun can, this can be handy as the mounts and pistons add up super quick. For a Hybrid or Octane 45 you can cover a couple guns or calibers. For a first buy, multi caliber can this would make a pretty good deal.

    • David Smith

      Exactly. With the exception of rimfire cans, most consumers are buying a can that will require at least a couple mounts or adapters to fit multiple guns. That $200 would be easy to spend – and you ARE going to spend it. So use your cash for the tax stamp and the rebate for the accessories you were going to buy anyway. Same same.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Good point.

  • Keiichi

    It’s not paranoia, and I’m not at all interested in being a Luddite. Rather, it is my own little protest in opposition to the ridiculous suppressor regulations.

    If the NSA really cares enough about what I do to gather info from my online activity, so be it. However, I believe it is wrong for the Federal government to capture and retain personal information of law abiding American citizens (if that is truely what they are doing), and I will not volunteer such information when I have a choice.

    • TheUnspoken

      I don’t think the government is feeling the hurt of your protest. They aren’t forcing you to buy title 2/nfa reg items. Quite the opposite, they fully intended for people to NOT buy them. Just a step down from total ban. If everyone boycotts or is unwilling to pay the tax for legal machine guns, grenade launchers, suppressors, SBR/SBS and aow weapons… Then there is no market, and thus no one to care or lobby for them to be deregulated. Control wins.

      If people get them, support companies that make them, do their own form 1s, let their friends try them, tell people how it is legal but still annoying, then people might be willing to fight for it. I think the surge in use and companies making them is why people are even talking of repealing the nfa and the HPA.

      • Keiichi

        I disagree. If you’re willing to tolerate the regulations as they are, and jump through the hoops, then what’s the point of removing the regulations? That’s when control wins.

        The fact is that there is a market for suppressors, but the regulations are onerous; businesses that sell (or would like to sell) suppressors have a vested interest, and potential customers have a purchase interest, in working to get the regulations removed.

        • G B

          No, control wins when you don’t have a silencer. Which you don’t. Unless of course your “own little protest” is actually a legitimate protest and you own them illegally. And then comment about the subject on an online firearm blog.

          • Keiichi

            Again, I disagree. I guess you and I have differ on what a legitimate protest of the regulations looks like.

            For me, having suppressors would be nice, but it’s certainly not a need. It’s not me who is “harmed” by the regulation preventing me from purchasing them, but the companies who make them and want my business. I have emailed several manufacturers of suppressors that I would like, and explained my position. I have also contacted my representatives and encouraged them to support the HPA.

            They (the companies) have the primary interest in working to change the regulations, and much greater lobbying ability than me as an individual.

            By going through the process of purchasing a suppressor now, I would undermine the motivation of the companies to drive changes that would allow me to be their customer.

  • gusto

    Still if you have a mate who needs something from that webstore

    offer him 75cents on the dollar and you both get more for less

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Time to get my trust written up.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Kydex holsters for suppressed pistols!

  • gopurdue02

    I love SilencerCo products: but they seriously need to get back on board with silencershop if they want to get sales. I bought three new suppressors this week because the price was right and at this stage of the game I will only use silcernshop because of the connivance factor once you get all your information to them. Other then the extremely long wait times it is like buying a firearms online and shipping it to a FFL.