[GAOS] Wise Men Co. Signet Ring

Wise Men Company works with IC13 Arms to make their Signet Rings. Somewhat like the Thyrm Swithback adds a ring to a flashlight, the Signet adds a ring to your Spyderco. The Signet Ring is a replacement for the backers of Spyderco Delica 4, Endura 4, and the Matriarch 2.

It is machined from aircraft billet aluminum and anodized black. It works great when used on a Spyderco knife with the Emerson Wave feature however the Zip Tie Spyderco Hack will accomplish the same goal.

For those not familiar with the Zip Tie mod, watch this video.


Depending on where you position the pocket clip you can draw the knife either hammer grip or karambit grip. As shown in the video below.


Installation is rather simple.


The signet ring retails at $30 for the Delica model and $35 for Endura or Matriarch. They are working on designs for the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 and while there are requests for the Kershaw Emerson line, they are not sure if people who buy such low cost knives will buy a $30+ accessory. If demand is high enough they will meet that demand.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • Edeco

    Eugh. I know few of you believe me that a ring around the finger is basically a lightning-rod for mechanical hazards. I admit I can’t point to knife-specific evidence, but for me no thanks.

    • Giolli Joker

      This is supposedly allowing “karambit style” manipulation for those who see value in it.

      • Edeco

        Noted; I don’t see much value in it, I mean, I haven’t read of someone getting hurt with one but nor have I read of a successful contemporary martial use that relied on it. I dunno, maybe real world users canoe their opponents afterward and don’t write articles.

        • AJ187

          Not a Karambit guy but all knives are fun to collect. I did read a story about a Brazilian Bope team that had a special grip made for their riifles and special Karambit paired with it so they could have it in hand when they did CQB. They’re no navy seals I guess though….

          • oamman

            Just due to their amount of experience and the level of their opponents, I would argue they are superior to navy seals in CQB inside structures. Bope fight veteran drugged up criminals probably with dozens of kills all the time. I had theorized the karambit was the best close in weapon, glad to have it confirmed.
            Having a knife at the ready with your rifle inside a structure is a no brainer, navy seals didn’t come up with that Bope did.

        • Giolli Joker

          There is no real world knife fighting/defence.
          There is:
          -real world getting suddenly stabbed/slashed by a knife;
          -real world running from a knife;
          -real world shooting a knife wielding assailant…

          All of these knife fighting tools and techniques may look cool and sell, nothing bad about it, but real world knife attacks are never like pictured by those who sell this stuff.

    • Haunted Puppeteer

      Broken finger is a better case scenario. Ring avulsion, and degloving are distinct possibilities. A consumer need only google either one of those terms in order to reach full nope capacity when it comes to products like this.

      • I think that many-if-not-most armchair ninjas are simply unaware of how likely a knife is to squirm around in the grip when it makes hard contact with a target, even if you have a gorilla fist hold on it. It doesn’t apply equally to all knives and all users, of course, but a knife is a very simple tool/weapon and doesn’t really need much in the way fancyin’ up to do its job.

        • manan

          Might have a point, the ring is a feature of the karambit, which is oval in shape, reducing twisting and the blade is designed for one direction cuts/slashes, not stabbing, meaning your never gonna use it for easy to get stuck in places like the rib cage.
          Nonetheless, unless your a seasoned knife fighter, much more likely than getting a pinky broken is dropping your knife, which is a rather obvious thing to the bad guy/s and that might cost you your life.
          Also the ring is a retention aid primarily, it would allow you to use two hands A big deal given the options we have nowadays, most importantly unarmed less lethal combat, tactical flashlight, pistol, smartphone, mace, taser, bible, crucifix, wand, can of red pepper.

          But your right, a way to prevent the ring from breaking your finger is making it out of a semi-flexible polymer or even rubber. It’s a retention aid, a vastly superior alternative to the lanyard, not a fighting aid. I don’t believe it’s a fighting aid feature in the karambit either, just people mistook it for one.

          • A flexible polymer or rubber retention ring would actually be a pretty good idea; even if you do lose the knife it’s more likely to drop right next to you instead of flying off into the sunset, and it’ll keep you from having an awesome Frodo Of The Nine Fingers story to tell if you survive the disagreement.

        • noob

          the western way is just to have a palm swell with finger grooves and a well defined pommel. probably easier to make too – just mold some krayton or stamp out some leather washers and you have a knife handle that doesn’t let your fingers slide onto the blade.

          you don’t have to drill a hole in a hugely wide tang, and then cut the tang down to the right width with a curve in it.

      • M-dasher

        How exactly would this resukt in a degloving?……you fighting heman for control of your knife?

        • Edeco

          If fighting an electric motor or hydraulic cylinder for control of the knife. Or some descending weight, or my own weight if I fell while using it.

        • peooed

          I think he confused this ring with his wedding ring.

          • Edeco

            It happens with jewelry rings. You might say that data doesn’t apply to a ring on a knife because one uses the knife ring for seconds, not constantly for months. Valid point, but jewelery rings are low profile, whereas a ring on a knife has the handle and blade to snag and act as a lever arm against the fingah.

  • derpmaster

    Nyet. Spyderco is fine.

  • john huscio

    They don’t make one for the manix, so I’m not in the market.

  • Maybe I’ve just had one too many handguard machetes try to turn around and crack my knuckles, but fighting knives with finger rings have always seemed to me to be a really excellent way to land one good strike and break your own finger in the process; I generally prefer to let my opponents be the ones having all the fun when it comes to disabling injuries.

  • Able_Dart

    A more useful ( and expensive) mod is the WilkinsGrip.

  • Wang Chung Tonight

    Ive been cut testing with the Delica signet since it came out. Hand positioning is certainly odd in the pakal (ice pick) grip. Saksak grip is better. But the angle on the finger ring is off and needs to come out and up more to truly be effective with a good grip. If you look at the brilliantly designed Hossom/Dionaldo Kerambit you can see what I am talking about as to a better finger ring positioning.