[GAOS] Keystone Sporting Arms Crickett Precision Rifle

Two months ago Keystone Sporting Arms posted a teaser picture of their Crickett Precision Rifle (CPR). Click here to read the article I posted.

Below is the photo I posted in that previous article.

As you can see, it is a scaled down Accuracy International style stock made to fit their Crickett rifle action and threaded barrel.

Unfortunately they were not at Shot Show 2017 but they told me back in December that they would be going to the Great American Outdoor Show.

The CPR is not quite ready for production just yet. They are finalizing the stock and possibly going to switch to a better trigger. But they are close to releasing them. The CPR will retail for $379.96. I believe that is just for the rifle and not with the scope, bipod or muzzle brake.

KSA posted this on Friday as a joke.

Finally found an optic that can stand up to the Crickett Precision Rifle #crickett #shootingisfun #nra #youthshooters #greatamericanoutdoorshow

Something else that is new is this 10/22 style action that they prototyped. At the moment there are only 6 of these and they are just getting an idea of market demand for such a product.


KSA is also offering up some new hydrographic dipped stocks. Below you can see a new camo pattern and a very patriotic stock with a collage of Old Glory.


Here is one that has the first 10 Amendments on the stock.

These new Crickett rifles and the CPR will have their new feed ramp to help make loading .22LR cartridges easier.

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  • HenryV

    Want one. I hope some make it here to the UK. My niece will be ready for one of these in a couple of years.

  • SPQR9

    I think those will be good sellers.

    • Anomanom

      Perfect to practice 360 noscoping moving targets. Or being the most tier-one squirrel hunter in the homeowners association.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Just looking at that cocking device makes my fingers hurt though. Had the same thing on my Chipmunk when I was 10. Used to stay out in the cold shooting until I was physically unable to pull it back anymore.

  • Gary Kirk

    Cough cough… Huuumm, Huummph.. My daughter needs this.. Well, not quite yet.. But will.. She already wants to use daddy’s Barrett..

  • M-dasher

    I wish they would make these avaliable in full sized stocks….that way i dont feel like a giant when shooting it.