Patriot Ballistics FLAK .45 Ammunition

Patriot Ballistics is a new company (established in 2016) located in Analomink, PA. They load pretty unique ammunition called FLAK .45. That cartridge (or rather load) is essentially a .45ACP with a special projectile. The projectile consists of a Sierra hollow point bullet (185 gr) sitting on a sort of fine birdshot. That shot is what actually called FLAK. It is a  proprietary Italian-made material, which is denser than lead. The FLAK shot is separated from powder by a gas check. The latter also has a terminal effect on the target. Here is the diagram of the cartridge from Patriot Ballistics website:

Right now they have the .45 ACP offering only, but more calibers will come in future. According to the manufacturer, these loads are designed for defensive use. The overall weight of this projectile is 233.6 grains and it achieves a muzzle velocity of 1050 fps. The other components used in this ammunition are as follows: Starline .45ACP +P brass, CCI primers and +P powder by Vihtavuori. Because of high density, the FLAK shot is capable of penetrating 6.5″-7.9″ of ballistic gelatin. Here is a slow motion video of FLAK .45 projectile during its flight and when hitting a paper target:

The FLAK .45 ammunition comes in three different size packages two of which are … jars! Each package has even its own name. Here are the names, quantities and prices of those packages:

  • “GI Pouches” – 6 rounds – MSRP $17.99. (does not come in a jar).
  • “Threat Mitigation” jar – 150 rounds – MSRP $375
  • “Shock and Awe” jar – 1200 rounds – MSRP $2399

So the cost per round varies from $1.99 to $2.99 depending on the purchased quantity.

What I like the most in this cartridge is the new material. Not very often we see a new material appearing in the ammunition designs, do we?

It would be also interesting to see how FLAK would perform in shotgun loads and in case if the entire bullet (or core) was made of it.


UPDATE: Because of misconceptions concerning the FLAK alloy, I am updating this post with the actual explanation from the manufacturer, which I’ll quote:

The .45 FLAK alloy is denser by cubic centimeter than conventional bullet alloy. There is no space age element implemented or carcinogenic materials present in our flack alloy, other than lead. The ratio in our flak alloy is our trade secret. Our rounds were designed with the highest quality materials available. The Flak .45 was designed to be the +1. It’s designed to increase your odds of initial contact with the assailant/perpetrator especially while under duress. Consider this, In 1990, NYPD officer hit potential was only 19%. That means 81% of the rounds they fired at criminals missed. At less than three yards, they hit only 38% of the time. From 3-7 yards, 11.5% and from 7-15 yards, only 9.4%.


Facebook Page: Patriot Ballistics

Hrachya H

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. His knowledge of Russian allows him to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
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  • DIR911911 .

    what’s the point of the shot? it’s barely going to break skin and is a risk if any bystanders are nearby.

    • nate

      because sometimes you need to shoot down flocks of birds in self defense, or just in case you have to fight antman and you need to shoot him

    • it’s just Boris

      I live in snake country, both 0- and 2-legged variety. (drug smugglers for the latter.) This might work nicely as a dual purpose load. Hollow point for the 2-legged variety, and the shot covers the other.

      • Drew Coleman

        That’s very expensive ammo for shooting snakes.

        • it’s just Boris

          Yes. However, 10 .45acp CCI shotshells from Midway runs $15 if they’re in stock. So the price differential isn’t that great.

        • supergun

          Most expensive if you get bit by the wrong one.

      • Madcap_Magician

        I hate to advocate the Taurus Judge, but if my primary concern was snakes, and I was only considering shotshells out of a handgun, .410 shotshells are a lot cheaper.

        • it’s just Boris

          Quite true. A S&W Governor would also fit that bill. However, a .45 ACP doublestack has more internal capacity, faster reloads, and for me is easier to carry. And of course a gun in one’s hand is worth two in the showcase, or something like that….

          • Madcap_Magician

            I wonder if the shot is even necessary- if the dispersal is a meaningful addition to the 185-gr. bullet on top of the shot anyway. I.E. suppose you miss slightly with the bullet… does the fraction of the shot load of very tiny shot that does hit the snake actually carry enough power to kill it?

          • Bill

            I’m not into shooting snakes and think that they are way overblown as a threat, particularly the venomous ones. The snakes that might be considered aggressive under certain circumstances, like water moccasins and timber rattlers, tend to be thick, muscular snakes and I doubt that a sprinkling of tiny shot would be enough to stop them from striking if they really wanted to.

          • nicholsda

            That’s why the S&W Governor gets the PDX rounds in .410. Not some tiny shot like is in these rounds. And in my case, the snakes I would be worrying about are Copperheads. And West Virginians. 😉

            Water Mocs are are just plain mean during mating season and you better make sure you kill it or you better be able to run fast.

          • lol

            Just in case you’re trapped in a hostage rescue against dozens of armed and dangerous snakes!

          • Anonymoose

            What if you are a snake on a hostage rescue mission? Snakes on hostage rescue missions seem to prefer 1911s from what I’ve seen.

          • Brett

            I have no words for what I am seeing here….

          • AHill

            Actually the only armed snake you need to watch out for is the Wesson Cobra, which prefers a luger for some unknown reason (maybe herpetologists aren’t gun guys (or gals!))

          • Anonymoose

            Are you sure that’s not a Luger Python?

        • Dumdum

          Shot shell doesn’t have velocity even close to this cartridge and they typically will not cycle a compact

        • Zebra Dun

          Nine of ten snakes is a non poisonous snake.
          Seems a bit expensive just to plug and old Hog nose.

        • jonp

          Try 45ACP shotshells or 357Mag shotshells or even 22 shotshells. All work fine. I do have a Judge and like it but it’s heavy

      • Wolfgar

        A walking stick or shovel works great on snakes.

        • supergun

          I would rather have the gun and bullets.

          • Zebra Dun

            Carry a gun in a National State or City park then shoot a snake, see what happens LOL

          • supergun

            Time and place for everything.

      • Zebra Dun

        My dear old Aunt Nell’s favorite anti snake device was a True Temper Hoe.
        Yes, she hoe’ed them to death.

    • iksnilol

      It seems like it could cause some good superficial damage. Skin is like 10 cm, so it going an additional 5-10 cm should bring the hurt.

      I know we like to say FBI standard but the standard is in regards to being guaranteed to reach vitals (if for instance arms get in the way).

      So the “flak” itself should cause some damage whilst the bullet sails toward the heart and lungs.

      • Blake

        you mean 10mm…

        • iksnilol

          No, they said “6.5″-7.9″” of penetration from flak shot. Which is about 2-4 inches after going through skin.

          • Blake

            Indeed, so it does.

            I guess it just didn’t seem to me that something with the sectional density of breakfast cereal would go through more than 1cm or so of meat…

          • iksnilol

            Ground unicorn horn, flies like a bat outta perdition.

          • Dumdum

            Skin is from .5 mm to 4.0 mm from eyelid to heal if yours is 10 mm then you need some lotion or something

          • iksnilol

            Skin stretches.

          • Zebra Dun

            OMG, I must resist….ah the hell with it, Jesus once tied his ass to a tree and walk five miles to Jerusalem.

          • Zebra Dun

            If the shot hits an eyelid then it doesn’t matter because the .45 slug is hitting the head.

          • Dumdum

            Not only that they claim to penetrate 8 inches that over 200 millimeters

    • nate

      just figured it out, the shot is radioactive uranium, and the goal is to shoot the bad guy and just in case the bad guy lives from the bullet hole, then he will get cancer and die a slow painful death

    • Dumdum

      8 inch penetration is more then break the skin would you say

    • supergun

      There are many ifs in life. But only one life.

  • Marc

    Seems like a very short range defensive round.

    • GaryOlson

      I’d kinda like to see what happens with a 16″ barreled PCC. I may have to buy some of this to try it.

  • Bradley

    I highly doubt they actually created a new material. I mean did they discover a new element or create some advanced alloy for the cartridges? My guess is its tungsten.

    • it’s just Boris

      There are many elements denser than least. Tungsten is one; tantalum is another bet. Probably not gold, and also probably not one of the trans-uranics…

      • George

        I hope it’s either Tantalum or Gold; tungsten fragments are carcinogenic in rats (US Army study; disclaimer – it may be trace nickel in the tungsten that’s the actual carcinogen; studies to resolve that were inconclusive last I checked). Tantalum is used for medical implants, and safe. Gold isn’t used that way but also felt/understood to be safe.

    • Hrachya H

      Well, certainly not a new element, but an alloy. I am not too good in chemistry, but I am sure that alloys can possibly perform better than pure elements for a certain task. That’s pretty much what the company claims.

      • Phillip Cooper

        “Heavier than lead”… they say so in their documentation.

        • it’s just Boris

          The imprecision is annoying. A pound of helium is heavier than an ounce of lead.

          Presumably they mean denser than lead, of which there are ample options as both pure elements or alloys, and a few of which might actually be practical. Tungsten, for instance, as in the OP above, would suit the bill. So would palladium or gold, but both are likely too expensive. And of course uranium.

          • Depleted Uranium, maybe they thing it will cause the bad buy’s head pop off like an Iraqi tank in the Operation Desert Storm.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      It is possible that they created a new molecule of high density. High density and low abrasion is ideal for a firearm projectile and im sure there are still a number of undiscovered chemical compositions that fit that bill.

    • Hoplopfheil

      The same stuff HeviShot is made from?

    • Zebra Dun

      D. U. ?

  • Kyle

    Birdshot form an 12g shotgun is considered to be a dubious defensive round that’s better than nothing but certainly not ideal. So what possible use could this be? Sounds like a complete waste of whatever material that shot is made from.

    • Sianmink

      ” So what possible use could this be?”

      Separating gullible consumers from their cash.


    Gimmick brand, gimmick brand.
    Does what ever a gimmick brand can.
    Does it work, who can say?
    I wont buy it anyway.
    Look out, here comes a gimmick brand!

    • Dumdum

      It’s awesome the brand has been around longer then you just this product line is new

      • supergun

        Some people on this page are liberals. That is why we see the stupid comments that we read. I would live to have some of these bullets,,,,not shot by some of these bullets.


          It is sad to see people agreeing with a liberal firearmblog troll. It always amazes me that people are not smart enough to see through the politics and media. This is exactly what the President was talking about the other day. And here we are with a bunch of uneducated people following some guy that spreads hate all over this blog(Read his old posts!). By agreeing with him you fall into the leftist propoganda.

          • supergun

            Who am I agreeing with?

    • Kurt Akemann


    • supergun

      Those that said the Earth was round was thought of as a gimmick brand.

      • ORCON

        Said with all the coherence of a drunken hobo. Well played.

        • supergun

          No Brag,,,Just Facts!


          LOL… Says the guy that ‘looks’ like the drunken hobo and raps like one. Well played.

          • supergun

            Spoken like a true liberal.

    • Colonel K

      Sung to the old Spiderman tune, I presume. 🙂

  • mrpotatocat

    This seems…unnecessary.

    • Marcus D.

      It’s worse than that. The dispersal pattern shown is so large (even in slow mo it is over two inches just outside the muzzle) as to be entirely useless. Money for nothing and your “tricks” for free.

  • Twice the price of a quality tested duty load, with dubious utility. SIGN ME UP!

  • JT303

    If the shot charge had been packed in a copper shell, like a miniature glaser slug, I might see a point. You’d have a hollow point plus the glaser type thing. If you’re not keeping the shot together until impact, it just seems as if you’re reducing the effectiveness on a target and presenting a danger of collateral damage. Either way, it just looks like a gimmick. What problem is this solving that a Speer GD or HST isn’t? Anthropomorphic snakes?

  • Saint Stephen the Obvious

    “A fool and his money are soon parted”


  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I prefer to have more bullet in my bullets instead of bullet dust.

  • Mystick

    At that price? No.

  • Hoplopfheil

    Might as well make an expensive bullet fitted with a drogue chute.

    This might actually be dumber than HPR Back Ops.

  • PersonCommenting

    Is working in leather goods equivalent to working in sanitation in New Jersey?

    Great article, I look forward to seeing more. How are Armenian gun laws?
    Also I have a few of your Bullion coins. Great silver over there!

  • PersonCommenting

    Is someone urinating on the table?

  • Nathan Alred

    Denser than lead? Platinum group metals? Tungsten?

    Wait! Thallium! Heavier than lead, and acts like rat poison when absorbed into the body. But I would still rather have thallium buckshot.

  • USMC03Vet

    I’ll be sticking with 9mm and pocket sand thank you very much.

  • Blake

    I’ll stick with depleted uranium, thanks.

  • Blake

    I know that both are alloyed when used in commonly-available metals & bullets, but for the record,

    Tungsten (W) = 74
    Lead (Pb) = 82

    • Nathan Alred

      But atomic weight doesn’t matter, density does. Tungsten (19.25 g/cubic cm) is almost 70% denser than lead (11.34 g / cubic cm).

      • Blake

        interesting… thanks.

  • Blake

    BTW CCI just announced their popular pistol shotshells in 9mm Parabellum 🙂

    Available w/your choice of #12 or #4 shot:

  • Anonymoose

    6 rounds? They better come already moonclipped!

  • Michael Lubrecht

    I can see it now, perpetrator gets shot.
    Ouch! That bullet hurts!
    Owww! That stings!
    Now, gimme your money.

    Kidding aside, this is a bit reminiscent of the old Glaser Safety Slugs – but that shot was bonded so it fragmented once it hit a body. The main safety advantage was to prevent barrier penetration, particularly for use by Sky Marshalls in aircraft. It was known for creating nasty surface wounds, without much penetration to vitals.

    Of course, the base concept for this is the Buck and Ball loads from the civil war, or even earlier.

    If you wanted to duplicate this, just load alternating Glasers or shot shells, with FMJs. You’re going to shoot a threat more than once anyway, right? Unless they fall down on the first shot.

  • Hydeit

    I’m glad this is getting attention I actually bought some in pa at a gun show. I was skeptical at first I’ll admit but after bringing it to the range and seeing what it does I fell in love. It creates a cloud of flak that gives you a spread greater then a foot at the distance I was shooting and really tears up the targets when you consider that law enforcement misses 7 out of 10 shots in a high stress environment as per a 25 year doj study it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ensure contact with the intruder. Pretty accurate too

    • Nathan Alred

      “really tears up the targets” Perfect when you’re assaulted by paper tigers.

  • Hydeit

    Wow 8 inches that’s more then I can penetrate!

  • Kirk Newsted

    How is peppering some guy with what is basically <12 shot supposed to increased lethality? Seems to me it doesn't anything more than make the surgeon's life hell trying to clean up the wound channel.

    Gimmick ammo is gimmicky.

    • Bill

      Trauma docs hate birdshot injuries, and frequently leave pellets behind.

  • clampdown

    I just read an article today about an A-26 crew in Vietnam finding abunch of .45ACP bullets stuck in their plane’s fuselage, so I guess that a .45 can “technically” be considered a FLAK gun…

    • junior

      What where the gooks doing with .45 ammo?

      • clampdown

        Plenty of Thompsons and Grease Guns were floating around SE Asia in those days.

  • William M Durham

    To what end? Just a little bit of over kill don’t you think. just me asking an I am no expert,just an old soldier

    • Andrea Goldstein

      With a pistol, even a .45ACP, there is no such thing as “overkill”. (Only 5.4% of civilians shot actually die.) Now, being shot by a rifle is a COMPLETELY different story…

  • Michael Rice

    FLAK.45, for when you want to add insult to a more than likely fatal injury.

  • Bill

    Dump out cartridges
    Break jar
    Stab attacker with shards of glass.

  • Goody

    “That shot is what actually called FLAK.”

  • mazkact

    Vote for Pedro and all your wildest dreams will come true.

  • junior

    I have not read all the comments so this may already been mentioned. You shoot bad guy which we know can bring legal woes… “flack” hits an innocent bystander and takes an eye out – double your legal woes. Scary thought.

  • jonp

    I never knew there was such a thing as “+P Powder”

    • Kefefs

      There isn’t. Then again the company’s actual statements say this FLAK material is “heavier” than lead, not denser. Sounds like a whole lot of pseudo-science and people peddling stuff they don’t really understand. I highly doubt these bunch are geniuses who just made a major scientific breakthrough in ammunition.

      • jonp

        I wouldn’t be that hard on them. They are introducing a new product so they get some credit for trying something new. Just don’t try and tell reloaders there is a “+P” powder. That’s bunk

  • Tinkerer

    I just KNOW that someone’s grandma’s gonna take these jars and make some yummy .45 ACP preserves with them.

  • steve

    what a great way to get sued by the innocent bystander you blind after shooting your attacker.

  • Doom

    Ok, so it is a light .45 bullet at +P speeds on a baby sized birdshot load for 3 dollars a round. Sad part is im sure plenty of genius’s will run out and spend that kind of money on this gimmick. Christ, carry one of those stupid judge or governor revolvers if you want a shotgun for a handgun, at least you can load larger and much more shot into that. And the ammo will cost you 1/3 as much per round or less as well.

  • Dirty_Old_Madman

    Wouldn’t that defeat the knock down power of a 230 grain hollow point? CCI primers seem to be the only good thing about this gimmick.

  • Justin Low

    Why does this sound like a lawsuit waiting to happen? One of those BBs hits an innocent bystander and you can kiss that life savings away (if not the freedom you currently enjoy).

  • Brian

    Does it concern anyone that the 2 projectiles impact so far apart from each other?

  • Zebra Dun

    What’s the point? If you did your part the .45 projectile will do it’s part the shot basically is just malice at worst, making a surgeons job harder.

  • Hrachya H

    Please see the update of this article with the explanation from Patriot Ballistics.