New Tubb Gun by David Tubb

David Tubb has released the new version of his famous precision bolt action rifle. The rifle is called “Dynamic Target Rifle”, but I bet the name Tubb Gun will stick to it, too. It’s been seventeen years since the introduction of the first Tubb Gun (TUBB 2000) back in 2000, and the new one has some interesting improvements and features.

David Tubb with the new Tubb Gun

The new rifle is a modular design. It allows changing calibers by replacing the barrel and bolt head and adjusting the magazine. Exactly, you are not changing the magazine, but tuning it to fit the desired cartridge. New magazines are machined ones, which makes them tuneable and more precise. The magazine capacity is 13 rounds for .308 Winchester and decreases with wider case body chamberings down to 6 rounds for .338 Norma.

Barrel changes don’t make any headspace issues, because barrels have barrel extensions much like what we see in the AR-10 design. The receiver itself is made of 70 series aluminum (I assume 7075) and has an integral top Picatinny rail. The action is claimed to be 175% stiffer than a comparable Remington action.

Another unique feature of the new Tubb Gun is what they call “Stable Bolt Technology”. This system allows to keep the bolt straight and aligned with the bore axis. That is achieved mainly due to the spring loaded centering bushing at the tail of the bolt. Locking lugs and sear geometry also aid the alignment of the bolt.

The Tubb Gun also has a Picatinny quad rail handguard with rounded rails. The rifle comes with a new Tubb bipod and has a folding stock. There are also a number of other features, which are common for such precision rifles: free floated barrel, adjustable stock etc.

Here is a video with David Tubb talking about his Dynamic Target Rifle:

Hrachya H

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  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    How much?

  • Vitor Roma

    It seems they make real upgrades to the bolt and barrel coupling. Expecting half-moa all day long with the right calibers.

    • iksnilol

      Wouldn’t pay 10 grand for half moa.

      quarter moa? I sure as all git would.

    • micmac80

      Considering how easy and repeatable the screw in barrel swap is i dont see this as an upgrade , first you are mating a reciever housing ,bcoupler nut, barrel extension and if that was not enough bolt and removable bolt head and then add a spring power pusher to center the bolt rear that should not have anything to do with the lockup at front.

      so in general terms we are talking about mating 5 or so parts instead of two.

  • ODgreen34

    I love the tubb rifles but they always seem to be vaporware. Hopefully production keeps up this time. 😉

  • GD Ajax

    Call me a cynic but I have a hard time caring about new bolt actions these days. The only real advantage bolt actions have over a Sub MOA semi auto is that they cost less.

    • Mark

      Well, in the defense of bolt actions I don’t think you’re going to get a semi that can be changed from .308 to .338 Norma without overcoming some tremendous technical challenges in regards to the gas system. Not to mention by the end of it all the gun would cost many times more.

    • iksnilol

      Eeeeeh, I’ve yet to see a quarter moa semi auto at all. And for sure not one that’s in production and acquirable.

    • m-dasher

      …..these rifle arent for you…..

      they are for highpower shooters……where generally semiautos are not permitted

      • GD Ajax

        Since .338 semi autos exist at the prototype stage, high power load exclusivity to bolt actions will be a thing of the past in the next ten years.

  • Sean

    So, if you shot this rifle a lot, would it be acceptable to say you were “Tubb Thumping?”

    • Tassiebush

      The gongs would get up again after you knocked them down

  • Tinkerer

    W-what! ? A quad rail that doesn’t shred your hand to ribbons like a weed whacker with cheese grater blades! ? What sorcery is this! ?

  • DanGoodShot

    Looks sweet. Great video. But how does it shoot??

  • Tassiebush

    That looks like a great design

  • mikee

    Why keep things simple when one can complicate things! Having used the original Tubb 2000, this doesn’t make any sense. Its all in the marketing!

  • CRab

    This is like a poorly engineered version of the new Q rifle, at four times the cost.